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Easy Sudoku for 8/July/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Glad to be here.
08/Jul/15 12:10 AM
08/Jul/15 12:12 AM
Top 'o the mornin' to ua, Wolf & Hal.
08/Jul/15 12:22 AM
Girl's soccer is the best!
08/Jul/15 12:33 AM
Those kids must have very tough feet!
08/Jul/15 12:33 AM
Good morning to all! It sure looks like they're having fun!
08/Jul/15 1:31 AM
A smile maybe?

The bride had carefully packed a long white silk nightgown for her honeymoon, but her sister secretly replaced it with a sexy little pink number she thought better suited to a couple’s first night together. In the hotel, she went into the bathroom to change leaving her new More...
08/Jul/15 1:32 AM
08/Jul/15 2:08 AM
Had jump in to get my fav post!!!
Now my manners ~
08/Jul/15 2:09 AM
, y'all - just turned 'Afternoon' here!
08/Jul/15 2:16 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Oh my, CG!
08/Jul/15 2:25 AM
I didn't get on at all yesterday: busy at work, and afterwards did some major grocery shopping. I'm doing a 5-day clean eating challenge and had to get stuff for that plan.
08/Jul/15 2:26 AM
To my surprise (a mild surprise since I changed to better cooking last year), I'm already fixing fairly clean dinners, but the menu does give me ideas for better breakfasts and lunches with more variety.
08/Jul/15 2:28 AM
Now for the Answers to the 3 Centuries, 3 Americans, 3 Cryptograms poozle posted on Saturday. All great quotes for the free world:

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. Thomas Paine

Those who deny freedom to others More...
08/Jul/15 2:30 AM
Another smile maybe?

A beautiful young woman was about to undergo a minor operation. Her gurney was moved into the corridor by a nurse who then went into the operating room to check if everything was ready. A man in a white coat approached, lifted the sheet, and examined her naked body. He More...
08/Jul/15 2:32 AM
SOCCER! Great game, and these kids are having fun,and are good at it, too
08/Jul/15 4:01 AM
Great potential future soccer players! Great sport!!
08/Jul/15 5:10 AM
1:40. Good morning everyone.
08/Jul/15 5:44 AM
For those who know about these things - the battle for the Ashes starts today.
For those who don't, there is still hope.
08/Jul/15 5:45 AM
Thanks Ian. Do you mean that when we watch TV the male member of the household will have the remote control flipping back and forwards to the cricket!
08/Jul/15 5:58 AM
Yes - presumably. Depends, doesn't it.
08/Jul/15 6:30 AM
Let the games begin! I must admit I'll only get to watch highlights on the news.
08/Jul/15 6:58 AM
-2*C here this morning and when the sun rises it will be colder, but a brilliant day will follow.
08/Jul/15 7:00 AM
June, my former colleagues would die laughing if they saw the wishy-washy answer I gave you. I think I was just being cautious in case 'Herself' spotted it and confiscated the remote.
08/Jul/15 7:17 AM
Morning all,plenty of action in that photo.
June and Ian, in this house it is the female that has the remote when the cricket is on.
08/Jul/15 7:21 AM
Oh Anne, did you see Ian's comment ?😃
08/Jul/15 7:23 AM
Must fly now to put on a 'trackie', brush the ice off the car and spend 45 minutes running around like a 40 year old pretending that I'm getting fit. The saving grace is a lovely hot, creamy cup of coffee afterwards just to undo any good we might have done. Seeya.
08/Jul/15 7:23 AM
Thanks Greg, certainly brought a smile to my face.👍😆
08/Jul/15 7:25 AM
I used to think that watching baseball was boring.
Then I saw a cricket match on the telly.
08/Jul/15 7:31 AM
HalT, my son plays baseball but never took up cricket. Hubby has been involved with baseball since he was 14. My 13 year old grandson also plays.For me it depends who is playing baseball and I admit a 'pitcher's' game with very few runs can be boring.(unless my son was pitching)
08/Jul/15 8:26 AM
Why are you watching cricket when the final of the state of Origin is on tonight?
Go the Maroons. QUEENSLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08/Jul/15 9:01 AM
CP I'm so sorry to hear that you are in hospital. I hope you didn't break anything (apart from your bike). Get well soon.
08/Jul/15 9:03 AM
Ah Hal, that is all part of being a Yank..........you just don't understand.

♩Come on ♪ Aussie, Come on, come on! ♫
♩Come on ♪ Aussie, Come on! ♫
08/Jul/15 9:15 AM
Damn, I could have had a beer then.....Ba Mui Ba + 1
08/Jul/15 9:17 AM
I would not be watching the State of Origin either Victoria. We are going to the 'Gang Show' tonight to watch our grand daughter.
08/Jul/15 9:18 AM
Last thing I watched live was the FIFA Women's Soccer Championship on Sunday .
08/Jul/15 9:23 AM
Thought I'd share what I've made for dinner these past two night on the 5-day clean eating challenge I'm in. Last night we had honey Dijon grilled chicken with broccoli; tonight we dined on teriyaki salmon (also grilled) with ginger rice and bok choy. The eating's been wonderful, and surprisingly not too far removed from the types of dinners I already make. Good to know I'm doing something right!
08/Jul/15 9:24 AM
Don't turn sideways Silvergal, we won't be able to see you!
08/Jul/15 9:40 AM
Unlike Keith or myself...
08/Jul/15 9:42 AM
Whoever turns the page is a monkey's uncle!
08/Jul/15 9:43 AM
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