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Easy Sudoku for 8/September/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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all fine Linda, kids back to school at last! Did I tell you, your wine was very good! Very very good - ask Mamacita!!
08/Sep/09 12:53 AM
I have my doudts Jamie. His best man reminded him a few time, too. Thanks.

I have come to the conclusion I am allergic to clean. Did the rearranging of dust bunnies last night and this morning I have been sneezing away. But when I go into the room that was not touched I can breath just fine.
08/Sep/09 12:54 AM
I am glad you liked it
08/Sep/09 12:54 AM
After 40 years, my husband and I don't fret if someone forgets an anniversary ... we're just glad that we can still recognize each other's faces!
08/Sep/09 12:55 AM
piece of advice to anyone who is lucky enough to be offered some of Linda's wine - take it, drink it and ask for more! You won't regret it the next day I promise.
08/Sep/09 12:55 AM
in the US, be safe everyone.
08/Sep/09 12:56 AM
good grief Judy - that's his excuse for forgetting to buy you a fat ruby last time?
08/Sep/09 12:57 AM
Karen, twenty is a wonderful number
08/Sep/09 12:59 AM
I'm going to get a new car ... will that do, Fiona?
08/Sep/09 1:00 AM
well, alright then. I just hope it's a nice little energy saving/low on gas number!
08/Sep/09 1:01 AM
Um ... uh ... well ... gee ...
08/Sep/09 1:03 AM
shame on you! Anyway what's with the new car? Arthritis in the wings or something? Or has your broomstick finally snapped?
08/Sep/09 1:05 AM
The car comes with a broomstick rack on the roof!
08/Sep/09 1:10 AM
bet she's got a second-hand batmobile!
08/Sep/09 1:13 AM
Funny, Minney-sota Maiden and Feisty Fiona, real funny! Actually, there IS a rack ... and a sun roof ... neither of which I have ever used! We're selling the car to our daughter-in-law ... so I get a new one! Neener-neener! And, yes ... the new one will be somewhat greener ...
08/Sep/09 1:14 AM
well don't forget to give it a good clean before you pass it on to DIL - bat droppings are so last century.
08/Sep/09 1:17 AM
Off to reduce the population of fish in the Mammoth Lakes Basin ... you can disembowel someone else now!
08/Sep/09 1:17 AM
Ahhh geeeee, it is great to be loved!
08/Sep/09 1:18 AM
I only hope she doesn't put the fish in the car - do I pity that DIL!!
08/Sep/09 1:19 AM

Judy, do you bait your own hook and clean the fish too? Good luck!
08/Sep/09 1:19 AM
Baloney! She's not getting a new car! Same old mode of transport....
08/Sep/09 1:21 AM
why bother with all that Linda? - I bet she just flings herself into the lake.
08/Sep/09 1:21 AM
With her mouth wide open!
08/Sep/09 1:22 AM
now go on her page and look at that posh photo of her...and just imagine!! Brilliant! How many do you think she gets at a time?
08/Sep/09 1:24 AM
Enough to feed all of Sudokuland, me thinks!
08/Sep/09 1:28 AM
I have found the perfect transportation for Judy!
VERY eco-friendly!
08/Sep/09 1:34 AM
Is it safe to have a little sympathy for Judy?
08/Sep/09 1:36 AM
I have proven my theory a fact. I am allergic to cleanliness. Tackled another room and more sneezing.
Darn the luck, now I can never clean again. This revelation could upset me.
08/Sep/09 1:38 AM
Judy knows I love her!
08/Sep/09 1:39 AM
Well, stop it immediately, Karen! Your health is of monumental importance. An allergy is nothing to be sneezed at!
08/Sep/09 1:41 AM
I feel it Linda. There is no doubt in my mind of the feelings that can run very deep for that woman.
08/Sep/09 1:41 AM
Sympathy for Judy?? You must be joking, Karen, don't let her occasional sweet offering on here convince you that she's actually nice - it's all a smokescreen, every last bit of it. Kathy will second me on this, won't you Kathy?!! (You'd better Kathy!!)
08/Sep/09 1:42 AM
I have made the sacrifice Kathy. The vow to never rearrange the dust bunnies has been made.

May they have a long happy life where they grow.
08/Sep/09 1:44 AM
Of course I'll back you up Fiona! I have been on the receiving end of those stupid wiener sticks enough to know her true colors!
08/Sep/09 1:47 AM
Off to lunch with friends!
08/Sep/09 1:53 AM
I'm going to go have a date with my hubby. Eating out at a lunch buffet at an Indian restaurant in Kalamazoo. Yes, I'm taking tissue so I can surreptitiously wipe my nose as the spices attack my sinuses. I LOVE Indian food!
08/Sep/09 1:56 AM
Oh, Plum, how nice to go out to lunch with your hubby on September 7th. How wonderful that your husband is taking you out on this day for lunch. That is just so wonderful, so, so wonderful.

I envy you.

Have fun.
08/Sep/09 2:00 AM
OHHHH Stop....I can't stop laughing!!!!.
Karen, you and Mr. Karen will have a blast....he's given you two great gifts already....and you want more???? Already???
Kathy, Fiona, Linda and Judy....my sides hurt from all of the noise...and I haven't had any wine in a while, in fact since I left More...
08/Sep/09 2:01 AM
Today I also celebrate this date because I became a mom for this first time...hope my baby girl, who has grown into a wonderful woman has a very special day filled with all that she could hope to have. To those who share this date with her...here's hoping you too have a most wonderful, fulfilling day.
08/Sep/09 2:07 AM
Oh, Mamacita, I hope you girl has the best day too.

BTW, I am not asking for anything but rememberance. I have a blessed life and could not possibly ask for anything more. My two girls are the best things that have happened to us and there is nothing that could top them.
I am just having More...
08/Sep/09 2:16 AM
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