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Easy Sudoku for 9/October/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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09/Oct/10 1:25 PM
HalT - I'll have a go at anything! Well, most things, anyway.
09/Oct/10 1:37 PM
Beautiful vibrant flowers! Worth taking time to work the puzzle just to see the flowers.
We are enjoying the cooler fall weather and the unbelievably low humidity here. It is EVERYONE's favorite time of year right now. Of course, there are burn ban signs up and down the More...
09/Oct/10 2:01 PM
Enjoyed the jokes, Anne.
Plum, glad Little Plum is better, but sorry you are coming down with it. Take care of yourself, too.
Jane, hope you enjoy your outing.
We are still dealing with the Kindle. It was great for a couple of days. Now, my trouble shooting only partially keeps it More...
09/Oct/10 2:15 PM
Good night people of the world.
09/Oct/10 2:28 PM
oops, that's macular degeneration.

Sirens are going crazy here. Can only imagine
what tragedy has taken place at this time of night.
Sounded like Ambulance sirens, not fire trucks.

Oh, Karen, that is sad about Thing I's fish. I guess, you won't be eating it this weekend. More...
09/Oct/10 2:37 PM
Hi all, lovely flowers in the pic today.
Plum, hope things have improved in your household by now.
Not looking good weather wise for the wedding tomorrow , I have my golf umbrella in the car just in case.
09/Oct/10 2:53 PM
and your golf clubs, Amelia?
09/Oct/10 2:59 PM
09/Oct/10 3:07 PM
Good Maen All. Great jokes Anne, espescially the first one (I like a lad that can prioritise).lol
09/Oct/10 4:15 PM
09/Oct/10 4:21 PM
You do realise if you work it out I may need to kill you!!!
09/Oct/10 4:22 PM
I like just lurking - although I seem to have been doing much more than that lately!!!
09/Oct/10 4:23 PM
Oh, please, Lurker, no!
09/Oct/10 4:28 PM
Never fear, Anne, who has been waxing lyrical today. I am but a timid creature from the Black Lagoon - I really would just swear her to secrecy, but please don't tell her that! Thanks for the smiles today - loved your jokes.
09/Oct/10 4:49 PM
It's not just CynB I'm worried about, Lurker!
I remember the movie, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and that's one place I wouldn't like to be. Splash!
09/Oct/10 5:06 PM
Going out soon with my sister to try a new café in town for afternoon tea. A healthy one of course, as I've been told it's a healthy eating place.
09/Oct/10 5:06 PM
Hmmm! So lurker doesn't want to be friends with me on FB! I can take a hint.
09/Oct/10 5:18 PM
Well, Cyn, it's either that or be exterminated, I think was the other choice.
09/Oct/10 5:24 PM
Hi Daplap,

COUNTRY & WESTERN: When you play it backwards, you get your dog, truck, wife, house and job back.
09/Oct/10 5:24 PM
C'mon now Cyn! You asked "are we" not "can we "!!!!
09/Oct/10 5:36 PM
Ok then Lurker, can we please be friends on FB?? Mind you I will NOT accept a friend request from someone called 'lurker' because, you know, you have to be careful of stalkers on FB!
09/Oct/10 9:19 PM
Hi everyone.
I have no idea who the lurker is at all.
Another wet day here. We have had enough.
09/Oct/10 9:24 PM
Better do the Easy.
Have been lounging around outside in front of the outdoor wood stove.
Doing a bit of reading, very nice it was too.
09/Oct/10 9:28 PM
Pretty yellow flowers.
09/Oct/10 9:33 PM
Yes, the answer to the universe really is 42

Charles Arthur Science Editor

Friday, 8 November 1996
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09/Oct/10 9:45 PM
Message to Shannon (and any other interested parties),

Something went wrong there - my copy and paste copied the whole page, instead of just the bits I intended to copy. So I will try again:


10-10-10 (well, to be strictly correct 101010) is binary for decimal More...
09/Oct/10 10:01 PM
LOL Anne, and no I don't have the golf clubs in the car though on second thought we could take a club and some old balls and hit them into the water to fill in time if the bride is running late. hehehe
09/Oct/10 10:04 PM

Today in summary....

Easy – Alaskan flowers.

Chris – Starts the race.

Plum/John/Shiela – Follow along behind.

Lots of the ‘F’ word being tossed about.

Anne – Brings a little sanity back and just admires the More...
09/Oct/10 10:05 PM

Today in summary.... continued

Vivacious Viv – Apparently damp in Port Macquarie and she’s had enough.

Neil – Whaaaaaat? Well, if you can get through the bumf there’s a message there in answer to Shannon’s request for some theme ideas for Honey’s birthday.

Until tomorrow.....
09/Oct/10 10:06 PM
Phantom, sorry for interupting you, will try my hardest not to let it happen again.LOL
09/Oct/10 10:11 PM
Hmmm!! Peter huh.....a little slip up on your part.hehehehe
09/Oct/10 10:15 PM
Neil, If tomorrow is 42 then the next day is 58, very confusing.
The Phantom, low 30's here in paradise.Just another....
09/Oct/10 10:17 PM
Now - all we need is for the lurker to slip up!
09/Oct/10 10:46 PM
09/Oct/10 11:01 PM
Now that word always makes me think of New Zealand !
09/Oct/10 11:04 PM
Do you own a Toyota Phantom?
09/Oct/10 11:15 PM
Hi GannieMo.
09/Oct/10 11:15 PM
Keep going V.V. You can do it.
09/Oct/10 11:16 PM
Next one?
09/Oct/10 11:16 PM
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