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Easy Sudoku for 9/November/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
09/Nov/17 12:00 AM
Morning all I’ve been mia for a while it is good to be back, although I was very slow
09/Nov/17 12:16 AM
2:06 Hello Margaret, long time, no see. Nice to see you back on the site.
09/Nov/17 12:17 AM
Hi all,
I have been lurking with the ECCO poozle from yesterday
09/Nov/17 12:25 AM
Well, Margo, myself and Mo. We only need Rolanda on here and it's like yesterday!! Well, a year or so ago.
09/Nov/17 12:28 AM
Sorry Wolf, didn't mean to ignore you. Good evening to you!
09/Nov/17 12:28 AM
09/Nov/17 12:57 AM
Sunny, but c-ch-chilly!
My Gingko leaves will probably fall today.
(Gingko leaves usually fall all in one day after a hard frost.)
09/Nov/17 1:38 AM
(Snagged #8 for you, Shosho!)
09/Nov/17 1:38 AM
Good morning to all! I think everyone needs more harmony in their lives.
09/Nov/17 1:45 AM
Question: Recently my Internet provider updated to a new version. At the exact same day this happened I had to start logging in every time I wanted to get on the Sudoku site. My internet company claims it is our Sudoku site that made this change. So... do all of you have to log in (every time) in order to get on the site now???
09/Nov/17 1:46 AM
A Ginkgo tree should certainly ''remember'' when to drop its leaves ...
09/Nov/17 2:18 AM
09/Nov/17 2:29 AM
09/Nov/17 2:36 AM
Sheila -- No. But I'm not sure why. (I THINK Firefox
retains the sign-on info)

09/Nov/17 3:07 AM
I don't either, Shiela. Look in your browser settings to see if erase cookies or delete history got activated.
09/Nov/17 3:37 AM
Hello - off to consider gathering some leaves; probably will wait for the BIG FALL similar to Shiela's Gingko... our hard frost will be tonight, then our leaves just give up!
09/Nov/17 4:08 AM
I believe that Harmony Crystal would be fascinating in the wind, rain, from a distance, reflecting sunlight... wish there were a distance shot as well - anew garden ornament for me!
09/Nov/17 4:10 AM
Sheila, in my Internet Explorer I want to delete cookies and browser history but not delete passwords. If you have Internet Explorer let me know and I'll tell you how to do that.
09/Nov/17 4:15 AM
09/Nov/17 4:34 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!!!
09/Nov/17 4:35 AM
Shiela, I haven't had that problem either. I don't use Firefox though, so hopefully someone else can help you out.
09/Nov/17 5:24 AM
Morning all, our harmony crystal was hanging from a wind spinner that had a picture of a cat on it, it sent ray's of colour when the sun hit it of a morning.
09/Nov/17 6:40 AM
09/Nov/17 6:45 AM
Harmony is a great thing to have in life.
09/Nov/17 6:47 AM
Hello, all - I also haven't been around much the last year or so. BUSY time in the classroom. I can't seem to get caught up.
09/Nov/17 6:54 AM

A doctor tells a woman she can no longer touch anything alcoholic. So she gets a divorce.

That one liner 'i'm not drinking too much tonight' never goes as planned...

What's the difference between men and pigs? Pigs don't turn into men when they drink.

My dream woman More...
09/Nov/17 8:07 AM
O oh, I thought you meant more comedy in our lives CG, oh well I hope someone gets a laugh
09/Nov/17 8:21 AM
2:16 Hi All.
09/Nov/17 9:00 AM
all. I had a good laugh Rage!
09/Nov/17 10:00 AM
Well, several entries for the ECCO Poozle, Plum, Sarah, Arachnid, Joyce, Hal, Wombat, Judy, GannieMo and Snowbird all had a crack at it.

As they say in the military - well done that team!
09/Nov/17 12:05 PM
09/Nov/17 1:05 PM
Good maEn, good people. I see how it is ... All the lurkers and long absent show up and have a party when I'm not around!
09/Nov/17 1:30 PM
Afternoon everyone.

My ears were burning.. so here I am.

Hi Anne
09/Nov/17 3:20 PM
and Hi to Margo and Mo..
09/Nov/17 3:20 PM
The four of us did have a great time when Mo was visiting a few years ago
09/Nov/17 3:21 PM
Whew! You just made it, Rolanda. Lovely to see you here as well. Just home from shopping and collecting my holiday photos.
09/Nov/17 8:26 PM
Two and a half years since my last visit Rolanda. I wonder if Mandurah has fully recovered from our visit. Is Gnomesville stil thriving and growing.
09/Nov/17 8:53 PM
Great to see the WA connection posting along with MO. I am back home. Tired but OK.
09/Nov/17 9:07 PM
And just in time to turn the page.
09/Nov/17 9:08 PM
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