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Easy Sudoku for 9/December/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone
09/Dec/17 12:01 AM
I hello today
09/Dec/17 12:01 AM
Good Maen, good people.
09/Dec/17 12:02 AM
everone, hello Tricia
09/Dec/17 12:03 AM
And hello Plum
09/Dec/17 12:04 AM
Hello Rage, coming through near you in January, it always makes my heart a little lighter to cross the river and be in the Mallee, feels like home for a Riverland girl.
09/Dec/17 12:18 AM
Perhaps you and Rage could have a meet-up, Tricia. I've had a few of those with sudoku friends. Always fun.

A good thing that the plumber who came yesterday charged for the job, not by the hour. The man was a talker. More...
09/Dec/17 2:31 AM
Good morning- the best part of today is that is signals the end of a very loooong & busy week; nice to have it nearly over! Maybe, you too are relieved to have the weekend upon you!
09/Dec/17 3:03 AM
Not sunny, Shiela - but it's not snowing either! Hope the sun shines on many today!
09/Dec/17 3:04 AM
09/Dec/17 3:09 AM
The sun shines on me most every day and I am very thankful for it. Come to Florida where the sun is. Went swimming yesterday but not today, too busy.
09/Dec/17 3:15 AM
09/Dec/17 3:41 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
09/Dec/17 3:42 AM
My DIL called me yesterday afternoon to tell that they were being evacuated because the wildfire was very close. Luckily they able return home with house intact late last night!
09/Dec/17 3:49 AM
Sunnnny! (But burrrr!)
Hope your day is the first part!
09/Dec/17 4:22 AM
So glad your son & DIL returned home, Shosho.
Hope they stay out of harms way!
09/Dec/17 4:24 AM
Kathy, I've had talking servicemen, too. They are sometimes a fountain of knowledge, but if it's just chatter - not so good.
09/Dec/17 4:28 AM
We had snow (for the first time with any to actually stick in a LONG time) - totally unexpected! By the time I left one school to head to my second school, it was pretty much all gone. College Station had a BLAST while it lasted.
09/Dec/17 5:02 AM
Got here just in time for a run.
09/Dec/17 5:07 AM
Sunny here too, but cold.
09/Dec/17 5:07 AM
09/Dec/17 5:08 AM
09/Dec/17 5:08 AM
09/Dec/17 5:08 AM
Morning all, got woken up by the loudest thunder that shook the house , all gone now.
Lucky for you Keith that I love watching lightening .
09/Dec/17 5:53 AM
1:28 after a slow start. Good morning everyone.
09/Dec/17 6:11 AM
09/Dec/17 6:31 AM
Kate for an interesting photo of a main street in Sydney.
09/Dec/17 6:56 AM
Oh, bother. I slipped and strained my lower back so here I am on the recliner when I have so much I need to be doing.
09/Dec/17 7:12 AM
Good afternoon to all! Just stopping in to say hello!
09/Dec/17 8:01 AM
...and I bet it's really MORE than a bother, Plum - how frustrating to have something like that happen in a blink of an eye - rest & apply heat, heal & get well!
09/Dec/17 8:11 AM
Wombat is still recovering so I'm going to post the Quicktionary poozle for the weekend crowd to see if we can pick up more players. Remember, if you like Quicktionary, tell Santa.

Santa may bring you Quicktionary games if you've been good people.
Happily, I am not as particular as Santa is.
09/Dec/17 10:56 AM
1:58 Good morning one and all!
09/Dec/17 11:05 AM
We will play another round of Quicktionary, a word game by Forrest-Pruzan Creative, published by Chronicle Books, www.chroniclebooks.com. If you like it, buy it for at home play.

With Quicktionary there are no right answers that I have sitting in front of me. What we will be doing is More...
09/Dec/17 11:21 AM
all. Like Greg, just stopped by to say Hello.
09/Dec/17 12:25 PM
And Good Evening from me! Thanks to Amelia, I could now log in here. I had to get a new desktop and lost my automatic login. My problem was figuring out what I had used for “location” when I first joined.

So Thank You, Amelia!
09/Dec/17 3:29 PM
Plum, I hope I remember to try your puzzle on Sunday. I’m going to the Columbus area tomorrow to have a long lunch with my niece, her hubby and 3 year old daughter, Kenzie. SomI’ve been baking away for the last few days to give them sweets for the holidays.
09/Dec/17 3:32 PM
Happy Friday and looking forward to the weekend off after a busy work week!
09/Dec/17 3:55 PM
Great, Dottie! It's so nice to see you again. I've missed you. Thank you, Amelia.

Dottie - maybe you can work on the Poozle on the ride to Columbus or share it with family and get their
answers? If you want to check out the last few Quicktionary we've done look at the answer lists I More...
09/Dec/17 9:06 PM
That should read previous Quicktionary answer lists on Wed 06/Dec post 27 and Thu 30/Nov post 33. I don't know why autocorrect thought I needs oat instead of post.
09/Dec/17 9:14 PM
Well, time to move on.....
09/Dec/17 10:01 PM
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