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Easy Sudoku for 9/April/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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One more, and a...
09/Apr/13 12:23 PM
Halftime now.
09/Apr/13 12:24 PM

Ha ha!! I got it anyway.
09/Apr/13 12:24 PM
But, nice try Heidi.
09/Apr/13 12:26 PM
I think Heidi had to make a trip to the relief room.
09/Apr/13 12:28 PM
Hi HalT!!
09/Apr/13 12:38 PM
Nope, I went to the FPA for some oranges.
09/Apr/13 12:39 PM
Hi Kate! How are things down under this arvo?
I assume you are not watching the US basketball game.
09/Apr/13 12:43 PM

I had a big crush on Annette too...................and she never even knew I existed..........sigh!
09/Apr/13 12:54 PM

Margaret Thatcher, well that's another story. Seems the Brits either loved or hated her.

The Argentinians didn't think much of her either.
09/Apr/13 12:56 PM

BTW boys....size does matter!

09/Apr/13 12:59 PM
Mixed emotions about the 'Iron Lady' here too, Peter. I was on the side.
09/Apr/13 1:06 PM
I see that it was an Australian study, Peter. Who paid for the study? Your tax money?
They should have contacted me. I could have told them the answer for no charge.
09/Apr/13 1:14 PM

Hal, I knew that. They don't listen to me!
09/Apr/13 1:32 PM
Three minutes left in the game. I'll watch that, then I'm off to bed. Night all.
09/Apr/13 1:33 PM

Basketball? The last few minutes is the exciting bit, isn't it?
09/Apr/13 1:35 PM

Are you sure you'll be able to sleep?
09/Apr/13 1:36 PM
What a game!!!!!
09/Apr/13 1:46 PM
82 to 76..... Louisville WINS!!!!
09/Apr/13 1:48 PM
It's time for a rousing rendition of: We Are The Champions!
09/Apr/13 1:51 PM
This year, Louisville wins the National Championship, last year Kentucky won the National Championship. I think we have bragging rights.
09/Apr/13 1:54 PM

Congrats to Heidi and Louisville. It was a good game. And yes, you get bragging rights for KY, but you have to share them with my cousins that live in your beautiful bluegrass state!
09/Apr/13 2:06 PM
Congratulations Heidi & all other Louisville fans. Your team did you all proud. That was really a great championship game, & even though my Wolverines lost, I'm still very proud of them & ALWAYS will be.
09/Apr/13 2:10 PM
The Wolverines played a great game. It's a pity that both teams couldn't win. Both deserved it. The Michigan fans have a lot to be proud of.
09/Apr/13 2:14 PM
Where do your cousins live, Dottie?
09/Apr/13 2:15 PM

How is Lousiville pronounced.....

Louis ville or Louey ville?
09/Apr/13 2:26 PM
Good afternoon every one. Lucky you Grass-hopper to get a connection to broadband before the election. Those who don't will only be getting 1/4 of the maximum speed. We might have wireless by the end of the year. They are planning to build a tower about a km down the road from us. Our little town isn't big enough for the real thing.
09/Apr/13 2:30 PM
Heidi - I have first and second cousins in Louisville and second cousins in Lexington.
09/Apr/13 2:32 PM
Hi Peter. I reckon the second way, but we're lucky to have locals at our disposal, to tell us first hand.
09/Apr/13 2:32 PM
Lou' eh ville. The s is silent. The middle syllable has a short e sound rather than a long e sound, right, Heidi?
09/Apr/13 2:34 PM
I'm tired, but I'm too keyed up to go to sleep just yet. Have to wind down......
09/Apr/13 2:35 PM
I'm jumping for joy!! A plumber is going to fix our water problems first thing Monday morning. This will end the saga that began long before Christmas. Yippee!!! I need a 'I'm very happy' smilie, that's not the joker's grin.
09/Apr/13 2:36 PM
Hi Kathy and Dottie. Come jumping at my house! That'll wear you out and ten you can sleep.
09/Apr/13 2:38 PM
Good night people of the world.
09/Apr/13 3:08 PM
Peter - Kathy is right about the pronunciation of Louisville. Some people with their Southern drawl even make it sound like just Lou'ville.

Sacky - I'm glad to can see some light at the end of the tunnel for the water line!
09/Apr/13 3:16 PM
That note to Sacky should read 'glad you can'
09/Apr/13 3:18 PM
Me too, Dottie.
09/Apr/13 3:20 PM
Going outside to turn the water on ever time we wanted to use it and then turning it off again is a right royal pain!
09/Apr/13 3:21 PM
1 more, but is anyone lurking?
09/Apr/13 3:22 PM
Ok an hill run is finished!
09/Apr/13 3:23 PM
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