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Easy Sudoku for 9/May/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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09/May/12 12:00 AM
Hi all.
09/May/12 12:00 AM
WILL need on this lovely morning!
A very nice day for my oldest son's birthday!
09/May/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates, here's two daffynitions for today:
Bide, v. Past tense of buy.
Goad, v. Past tense of go.

Computer's acting slow tonight.
09/May/12 12:01 AM
09/May/12 12:01 AM
Kayo.... Love 'em!!!
09/May/12 12:06 AM
My computer was very slow yesterday, Kayo. Almost couldn't get on. Not good when we are supposed to has the 'fastest connection'!
09/May/12 12:08 AM
has = have
09/May/12 12:08 AM
2:00 Good night one and all!
I should already be in bed but I forgot to turn my electric blanket on and it's too damn cold to get into bed until it's warmed up.
09/May/12 12:18 AM
everyone from beautiful Fripp Island, South Carolina. It seems SO quiet here after spending last week at the very busy household of our middle daughter & family in Cary, NC. I love sitting here looking out at the ocean. Shrimp season has started. On Rob's morning walk with Ebony he counted 21 shrimp boats. I can see 10 from where I am sitting right now!
09/May/12 12:22 AM
Hi Anne. I like to "preheat" my bed when it's cold, too. Hope you have a good cozy night's sleep.
09/May/12 12:24 AM
Stay warm, Anne!
I think this site is a wonderful reminder that all over the world, people are facing different situations daily... even down to the seasons. We are looking forward to hot weather while others are looking at the cold weather to come. Always amazes me when people become intolerant to other ideas when there is so much diversity just in the physical world alone.
09/May/12 12:25 AM
09/May/12 12:26 AM
I even preheated the bed last night...kept it on low all night.
09/May/12 12:27 AM
We are looking forward to seeing Jane on Thursday. She's going to stop for an overnight visit on her way home from VA. Last year about this time we had Jane & Jaime, Keith & Lynne, & Hal & Barbara here with us! Hard to believe a whole year has gone by already.
09/May/12 12:27 AM
I'd love to be looking at shrimp boats right now, Kathy! Enjoy the sight for me. too!
09/May/12 12:28 AM
I am going to go take a walk, then look for some things that are lost...probably in full view.
09/May/12 12:28 AM
I've got my summer duvet on now. Sometimes I feel I'm going to have to retire to northern Canada!
09/May/12 12:30 AM
Beloved author/illustrator Maurice Sendak died today.
May you find all the 'wild things' in heaven. RIP
09/May/12 12:35 AM
It should be warm now, so I'm off to bed.
Good night Kathy and Shiela and all!
09/May/12 12:36 AM
Sweet dreams, Anne!
09/May/12 12:42 AM
09/May/12 12:42 AM
Good Maen!
09/May/12 12:47 AM
09/May/12 1:12 AM
09/May/12 1:20 AM
Maen all!
09/May/12 1:43 AM

I'm waiting for the guy to do the semi-annual furnace/AC check up. We got the dreaded "Between 8 and 5" appointment.
09/May/12 1:52 AM
RIP Maurice Sendak. You and your Wild Things brought so much joy into the lives of so many children of all ages. You will always be beloved.
09/May/12 1:56 AM
Haven't had much time to be here lately. Somehow life has taken up my fun time lately, doesn't look like things will change in the near future.
09/May/12 2:56 AM
Speaking of not time, it's time to go again.
09/May/12 2:57 AM
09/May/12 4:29 AM
Good afternoon to all! Hang in there and enjoy the ride!
09/May/12 5:00 AM
It has been very quiet on the site for the last several days. C'est la vie. Everyone out there must have a life beyond Sudoku.
09/May/12 5:02 AM
I'm quietly waiting for the poozle......
09/May/12 5:06 AM
HI all! Oh hi Batty - are you hoping to do better with today's poozle than yesterday's????? Someone was well out of practice!
09/May/12 5:12 AM
Peter, HalT, Sarah and Greg all found yesterday's answer which was "turquoise" - Batty gave me the daftest answer yet, which I will spare you, but thank goodness she just posts the poozle and doesn't do it too often!
09/May/12 5:13 AM
Here's today's one which I would never have solved correctly but maybe Batty would manage...? Answers to the 'do you remember what the new French President is called?" inbox please!

What do these words have in common?


09/May/12 5:16 AM
Looks like the bat has nodded off to sleep, poor old thing.
09/May/12 5:17 AM
I am digging in the trash can to find my hen scratchings from yesterday....
09/May/12 5:17 AM
Time for a page change?
09/May/12 5:19 AM
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