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Easy Sudoku for 9/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Kathy, hope Ebony feels better soon. It is a blessing that she has you to take care of her. Can you imagine what would have happen if she had no one? Hang in there.

09/Jun/07 10:23 AM
Good morning all.
Billy - just read your comment three times before I realised what it meant. Had a good laugh.

Helena - I hope tomorrow is better for you. Perhaps we'll see more of you on the site while your husband is away.
09/Jun/07 10:31 AM
Oooh, Helena, you're ok right? Cars can be repaired good as new, people, well, that's another story. Take care of yourself and jump back on...in that car. Now think of the wild things you can while the cat.... hubby's away!
Kathy, give Ebony a scratch More...
09/Jun/07 10:32 AM
New photo in my page and for your listening pleasure 'The Platter's' Blue Moon.

09/Jun/07 10:41 AM
Everyone,the little one in the middle isn't very happy still a cute group though.
09/Jun/07 10:42 AM
Does sitting for hour after hour after hour - it's a lot of hours - give you puffy feet?
09/Jun/07 10:43 AM
do you only get dvt on a plane?
Why am I here? Am I procrastinating? Ok i'm going. Have a wonderful day everyone x
09/Jun/07 10:49 AM
Billy - I can see that you're studying VERY hard....Good luck with THAT!

All in storm affected areas - hope you keep safe, but if you DO float away, please try to float this way - we still have not had anywhere NEAR enough rain. A misleading report in the news last week said that our water levels had increased slightly - THIS WAS WRONG - they've actually gone down again.
09/Jun/07 10:55 AM
I think it's because I am missing andré's TFTD, without that I am thought-less. I need something to ruminate on other than 'the special power of the religious text lies in the reader's awareness of those markers in the text which shift it from the profane to the sacred.' If anyone wants to answer that in a concise manner, feel free...don't let me stop you...
09/Jun/07 10:57 AM
Billy - I feel terrible, I hadn't even noticed André was missing. Should we put out a Missing Persons call for her, do you think.
Or is she somewhere enjoying herself and she didn't invite us.
09/Jun/07 11:05 AM
Well at least the markers aren't going from the profane to the ridiculous, Billy!
09/Jun/07 11:06 AM
and yes, Billy, sitting for a long time will give you puffy feet. It's happened to me on coach tours once or twice and everyone else on the coach too. And at work sometimes.
Isn't it funny that it NEVER does sitting here in front of the computer!!!
09/Jun/07 11:07 AM
Billy, the key is in the derivation and literal meaning of the word ''profane,'' which is ''before'' (or ''outside of'') ''the temple.'' It marks a transition not from ignorance to holiness, but from knowing defiance to holiness.
09/Jun/07 11:12 AM
Hi All, I've been doing the sudoku puzzle for a while - didn't even know there were comments until recently. You all sound like such friends! Glad to meet everyone.
09/Jun/07 11:13 AM
Ok - this is REALLY my last post...
Em can i quote you?

Anne - rest assured an SOS has gone out...
and I am positive my feet are looking like sasquatch's feet because of sitting here in front of the pc, hour after hour, day after day, week after week (get the picture?)reading and writing what seems to be looking like a load of old rhubarb. I used to like rhubarb.
09/Jun/07 11:16 AM
Woo hoo!! Alicia Molik won the women's double at the French Open with her partner Santangelo!
09/Jun/07 11:20 AM
My very FINAL posting as i did not want to plagiarise your comment Ian without forewarning you that it will be assimilated somehow - ty.

Col - my 'BUSY' status is legit as this is legit research...
09/Jun/07 11:19 AM

Gina: Western Hills? Hyde Park?

09/Jun/07 11:21 AM
There was a virgin that was going out on a date for the first time and she told her grandmother about it.

Her grandmother says, 'Sit here and let me tell you about those young boys. 'He is going to try to kiss you; you are going to like that, but don't let him do that.'

She More...
09/Jun/07 11:26 AM
My absolute, irrefutable, conclusive comment for today is

I sincerley hope you do not get puffy feet...

toodles x
09/Jun/07 11:26 AM
09/Jun/07 11:27 AM
Gina From Cincinnati, OH, USA! Welcome to Sudokuland the friendliest place in the Universe!

Billy! Back to your books! - please?
09/Jun/07 11:32 AM
Ian - Colerain, about five miles from Western Hills - you've been to Cincinnati? And Thank you.

Billy - It's too late. I already have puffy feet. Oh my gosh, I am puffy all over! (sincerely)

Would someone please explain the time thing? It is 9:36 PM here. Thanks.
09/Jun/07 11:37 AM
Gina, the time on the site is Melbourne Australia
Time here in Perth Australia is 9.37am..
09/Jun/07 11:38 AM
Last night at Salsa - they were teaching us how to do dips. One man (and one man only) lost the grip on his partner and dropped her to the floor. Guess who that man was?? . My hubby doesn't understand why I don't want to dance with him anymore!!
09/Jun/07 11:38 AM
are you sure that was your last post, billy?
09/Jun/07 11:41 AM
2:52. Whose family is this? I've seen these cuties in a different pic before.
09/Jun/07 12:01 PM
Gina: I think I drove up and down Colerain in 1974, looking for my pal's place on Rybolt Road. Does that sound right? Love Cincinnati, I'll be out there this Autumn.
09/Jun/07 12:08 PM
absolutely - geesh - thought I'd closed down this page - could've sworn i was doing Victorian poetry...
...but his partner may have been heavy/slippery emels...
09/Jun/07 12:08 PM
Been off the internet since the 4th and just got caught up. So here goes:
(belated) to Laura, Elijah and Caitlin
Happy Anniversary to Judy and Sarah Beth
Zak, Claude, Gina, Frank, Libby and Uncle Mikey
Congratulations to all the grads.
If I missed anyone, I'm sorry.
09/Jun/07 12:14 PM
Updated my YouTube to Gretchen Wilson - Redneck Woman.
09/Jun/07 12:38 PM
hmmm has Andre gone ?
Billy JJ ~ put up your puffy feet and have a nice beverage of your choice
Anne & Ian ...Anne this is for you
09/Jun/07 12:40 PM
GOLF just trying something
09/Jun/07 12:49 PM
2.16 boy that was an easy easy! I dont know about that photo comment, doesn't look like baby's having a very happy easter!
09/Jun/07 12:56 PM
Query for the day: Is it acceptable to eat orange ice cream with a grapefruit spoon?
09/Jun/07 12:56 PM
(hi nancy!)
09/Jun/07 12:57 PM
Anne: Only if you are a crazed Albanian dwarf with a hunchback and a lisp.
09/Jun/07 1:16 PM
Eve...And Nicki From FLA USA. These are some of our old stomping grounds on the motorcycle so we have visited Tahoe, Burney, Lassen many times and now travelling in the motorhome makes it more difficult. However, we have taken the motorcycle out a couple times and cruised around the Sierra Foothills between our Motorcycle Rallies. Nicki, No more bowling for this kid...
09/Jun/07 1:18 PM
I think there is some good golfing around Quincy.
09/Jun/07 1:23 PM
Dave: You might want to reflect on some recent statistics...

Although better cars, better roads, and better laws have greatly reduced the number of deaths on US highways, one category of fatalities and injuries is rising at an astronomical rate: baby-boomer males (read, ''middle-aged More...
09/Jun/07 1:29 PM
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