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Easy Sudoku for 9/July/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello page 2!
09/Jul/14 6:53 AM
Dave, I was going to post your response but then little people started wanted things and I got distracted.
09/Jul/14 7:09 AM
Welcome to the world of Grand mothers Rolanda. Felix has joined a wonderful family.
09/Jul/14 7:19 AM
Congratulations Rolanda! to young Felix!
09/Jul/14 8:35 AM
and good morning to everyone else.
09/Jul/14 8:35 AM
Just walked the dog and the sky was a beautiful pink. This fits with the forecast of rain for the whole south-east of Oz.
09/Jul/14 8:37 AM
I did want a fine day as I'm taking hubby's parents to appointments. I'll be driving for about 3 1/2 hours in the wet. Not my idea of a fun day, but needs must.
09/Jul/14 8:39 AM
CP and I'm out of here. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.
09/Jul/14 8:40 AM
Thanks everyone
09/Jul/14 9:16 AM

Silvergal -
This site's location in Australia is 14 hours ahead of us in the Eastern US. But Rolanda, the new grandma, lives in Perth in Western Australia. She is only 12 hours ahead of us! (I figured that out last night when she was waiting for the baby's arrival and made a comment on Facebook.)
09/Jul/14 9:50 AM
We had lots of rain here today and a couple tornadoes touched down just southeast and southwest of my home. My rain gauge says I've gotten a little over an inch of rain here today. Good thing the lawn was mowed yesterday!
09/Jul/14 9:52 AM
Rolanda! Congratulations!!!!

Hello everyone! - Today's puzzle photo is yours truly and our old Rocko (he passed away about seven years ago) He did look like a bear. :)

09/Jul/14 10:28 AM
Can someone enlighten me? Why is it that I no longer can display my Flickr photos on my page?!!!

09/Jul/14 10:41 AM

Nal, I just checked - my Flickr photo is gone, too!!

Could others who have previously posted Flickr photos on their Page please check theirs, too.
09/Jul/14 10:55 AM
What's Flickr???
09/Jul/14 11:08 AM
@ HalT

The new Flickr 'look' might have loads to do with it. (Grrrr)
09/Jul/14 11:13 AM
Mine is missing too
09/Jul/14 11:31 AM
1:21. Good afternoon everyone.
09/Jul/14 1:11 PM
Mine is still here. Oh, we're talking about pictures, aren't we.
Good night all.
09/Jul/14 1:13 PM
09/Jul/14 1:21 PM
Welcome Silvergal from the bottomside ( eg sthn hemisphere)
09/Jul/14 1:25 PM
09/Jul/14 1:30 PM
Nal, Rocko looks like he was a big softie
09/Jul/14 1:45 PM
I, too, find the following message on my page:

Unable to find the Flickr picture. Please update your details and choose a different picture.

I haven't tried that yet, but will.
09/Jul/14 1:59 PM
Yup, my Flickr photo is gone and I was not able to replace it with another. When I tried, I got the following message:

The page at sudoku.com.au says:

Unable to find Flickr Photo. The most likely reason is that the photo is in a private area. Edit your picture within Flickr and More...
09/Jul/14 2:19 PM
I really didn't understand how big Rocko was until I saw that picture.
09/Jul/14 2:20 PM
Evening all. Congratultions Rolanda on the safe arrival of Felix.
Oh todays pic is a lap full.
09/Jul/14 5:14 PM
I am like HalT.
My picture is still there but a message says that it should not be.

Hey-ho the diddle-oh!
Flickr's there but shouldn't show.
With a hare'em, scare 'em, diddle-oh dare 'em,
whipsy diddle-oh dandy dee.
09/Jul/14 5:51 PM
1:38 Good afternoon/evening one and all!
09/Jul/14 6:54 PM
Hello Nal, and how lovely to see your post, and hat wonderful photo!! Seven years - amazing - RIP Rocko.
My Flickr pics have also vanished, and I cannot even log in there now, guess we are not up with the times!

09/Jul/14 9:27 PM
I can't get to Flickr' through ''my sudoku page'' either - must be because of all their changes!!!
My photo has gone,too!
09/Jul/14 9:34 PM
The flickr photo of my back yard has also disappeared. It was well out of date anyway.
09/Jul/14 11:05 PM
We have spent the evening at a Gang Show concert. It is organised by the scouts each year and held in a local theatre. Granddaughter Laura was in three items in the first half of the evening and the younger members of the cast then went home. It is always a lot of fun and goo experience for them.
09/Jul/14 11:08 PM
Dog reports 'this is my human'
09/Jul/14 11:22 PM
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