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Easy Sudoku for 9/August/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning from here, here being warm, foggy and very humid, with intermittent rain.
09/Aug/07 12:00 AM
Good Maen
09/Aug/07 12:00 AM
2:35 Maen! Pretty flower...
09/Aug/07 12:03 AM
Good Maen What a great color on the flower. The rains have slowed down today. We had a great lightning show last night.
09/Aug/07 12:07 AM
oh, this is a flower from my spring garden also - I was just thinking of transplanting some of my plants to a more sunnier location - once, the heat lets up. I'm a lazy fair weather gardener - I throw it in and pray that it grows and rejoice when it shows My garden is a little on the wild side. Enjoy your day Mary
09/Aug/07 12:09 AM
taking my youngest to enroll in school today were did the summer go I asked my children once if time passed so quickly for them - they said no - I feel I can blink my eyes and a week goes by. Mary
09/Aug/07 12:11 AM
Very beautiful Iris.
09/Aug/07 12:11 AM
Irises Dutch or otherwise are lovely flowers. I wish the live ones would last as long as this one has!
09/Aug/07 12:11 AM
Good morning all! Another HHH day today but I think it will break with the clouds. Pretty Iris to start the day! Have a great day/night!
09/Aug/07 12:11 AM
everyone. I am finally all caught up at this office, so I rewarded myself by doing the puzzle and having a cup of coffee before I start my day. Pretty flower
09/Aug/07 12:22 AM
Good Maen. What a graceful flower - nice way to start the day. It promised to be another clear, warm, beautiful summer day in my neck of the woods.
09/Aug/07 12:25 AM
Lovely flower, Mary! Yes don't the days go quickly? I'd think that the kids would say yes right about now with school days looming near. A funny with which I can identify.
Molly was ranting and raving and would not get up to go to school. ''The teachers and kids hate and make fun of me. The More...
09/Aug/07 12:34 AM
all - beautiful day here in So. Oregon. A simple Iris (possibly Wedgewood).

Todays U-tube THE CORRIES performing LOCH LOMOND (3rd in series).

You’ll find yourself joining in and singing the chorus of this traditional Scottish Folk Song.

Enjoy, not only the music & lead-in, but the 2 other pictures of Sweetheart Abbey on Flicker.
09/Aug/07 12:36 AM
Slow time but rewarded with a lovely flower but who's Dutch Iris is it?
09/Aug/07 12:39 AM
I lovely Iris to finish up the day.
09/Aug/07 12:44 AM
Karen, you've mentioned the site being very quiet a couple of times over the past few days I think. I could be wrong, but just before the site went quiet there was a fair few comments about grammar and school memories. This was criticised then the number of posts per day dropped off. I've noticed the same thing happen before after criticism of the 'daily topic' but it could be a co-incidence.
09/Aug/07 12:48 AM
Hello every one
09/Aug/07 12:52 AM
I hope that conversation didn't stop people from posting. Postings are generally, how we talk, rather than being gramatically correct. Fingers get in the way and spelling errors occur and often not caught - especially if not reread before hitting 'submit'. So no one should ever feel More...
09/Aug/07 12:56 AM
2:52 and another sticky one here. Lovely iris to start things off.
09/Aug/07 12:58 AM
morning friends, just checking in before i get going with some work around here. lots to do today, having a group of people at my house for a swim party this afternoon and cookout tonight.wish they were not comming quite so early. hope everyone has a wonderful day.
09/Aug/07 1:10 AM
Eve, I didn't mean that I thought people might have become reluctant to post because they thought their grammar might be picked on, but that people might not post when they are made to feel that a topic they are discussing (in this case the topic was grammar) is either unworthy or going on for too More...
09/Aug/07 1:13 AM
We are getting the rain that makes the flowers and corn grow.
09/Aug/07 1:15 AM

Hi Jano! Good to see you post

If everyone stopped posting because of grammar or spelling mistakes, there would be no one on the site! Let it rip!
I've even reported my own comment as abusive! How bad is that? Not an abusive bone in my body, just a miss click!
09/Aug/07 1:21 AM
I think it's great the way conversations just take on a life of their own. I don't think anyone takes offense at what is said - and if they do they usually come back with a zinger! That's what makes this site so stimulating. I think one reason the posts are down (at least those originating in the US) is the heat! At least that's MY excuse!
09/Aug/07 1:36 AM
2:05 - Beautiful iris!
09/Aug/07 1:40 AM
Jano, good to see you here!
Rob, enjoy your gathering of friends.
Posts down? Maybe people are on holidays ... At any rate, let's hope that this continues to be a site where people, with all their faults and idiosyncrasies, can feel welcome to share their thoughts without feeling intimidated. My flaws are part of my charm!
09/Aug/07 1:44 AM
Summer is rapidly coming to an end; my son goes back two weeks from today. Where did the time go?!?!?!
'Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time...' ~ Pink Floyd 'Time'
09/Aug/07 1:52 AM
I haven't noticed any of your flaws, CATHY ... well, maybe that unusually close attachment that you have to your parish priest ... LOL
09/Aug/07 2:00 AM
i thing evrybuddy shud say what they wont how they wont and if sumbudy has a problam with that then tuf. it's just there problim and they shud git over it. and who cars if they feel so saperior they have to tell the world that ooooh look mikey made a mistake.
(Translation: 'Let the More...
09/Aug/07 2:06 AM
Mornin' Judy, how are the wedding plans coming?
09/Aug/07 2:06 AM
Jeb -
09/Aug/07 2:07 AM
09/Aug/07 2:19 AM
Ah, Judy, that's how rumours get started! (I knew I could count on you!) You really think I can make a fella hot under the collar?
09/Aug/07 2:38 AM
Cathy - I bet Judy can teach you all she knows about getting someone hot under the collar. After all, she is the one that can put a silly grin on Bigfoot's face!
09/Aug/07 3:00 AM
New on YouTube. Hank Snow reciting 'The Cremation of Sam McGee' by Robert W. Service.
09/Aug/07 3:01 AM
Good mAen! Linda, has your daughter returned safely?
09/Aug/07 3:03 AM
...getting someone hot under the collar, putting a smile on Bigfoot's face....
Anyone got a hose???
09/Aug/07 3:39 AM
Jill, on her way, should be home about 2-3 O'clock!
09/Aug/07 3:49 AM
Yeah - will someone hose off Judy?
09/Aug/07 3:51 AM
Kathy, don't blame me--Judy started it! (And you would bring a hose into the mix ...)
Safe journey home to Linda's daughter.
09/Aug/07 3:53 AM
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