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Hard Sudoku for 11/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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What a pretty picture. The waves are so pretty coming into shore.
11/Oct/08 12:12 AM
4:02 Maen! Gorgeous place, and very green, literally and figuratively... :)
11/Oct/08 12:26 AM
7:42 to you all from Beijing.

Nice photo, Anne.
11/Oct/08 12:58 AM
Who says windmills can't be beautiful?

Was this the easy puzzle?
11/Oct/08 1:10 AM
7:14 What is the green plant covering the rocky shoreline?
11/Oct/08 1:18 AM
Now that's the kind of "crop" I could get used to!
11/Oct/08 1:53 AM
7:28 Puzzle went smoothly for me too, Chris.
11/Oct/08 2:24 AM
This is the third "hard" in a row that hasn't required possibilities!
11/Oct/08 2:50 AM
All in a row or are there more set back from the cliff?
11/Oct/08 3:24 AM
maen all! nice place being put to good use.
11/Oct/08 3:44 AM
So many lovely blue skys in Albany, Anne!
11/Oct/08 4:51 AM
Nice photo Anne.
Growing wind on a Wind Farm can be quite difficult - passing it isn't.
11/Oct/08 5:24 AM
11/Oct/08 5:31 AM
Well said Ian, breaking it isnt either. oh matron
11/Oct/08 6:06 AM
9:41 without possibilities, not a difficult one.
11/Oct/08 6:19 AM
Great photo Anne, Ian good one
11/Oct/08 7:17 AM
Good evening to all! Nice photo Anne, and a RARE joke from Ian!
11/Oct/08 11:20 AM
Oh Ian, hehe! Found this easy too Chris, might even try again without possibilities.
11/Oct/08 12:20 PM
nice photo Anne, where abouts were you to take the photo of the windfarm.
11/Oct/08 1:12 PM
I aren't dead yet - just a bit scratchy around the edges. Things will improve.
11/Oct/08 1:21 PM
Ah Anne, I can almost taste the salt and feel the wind in my hair.
Easy this puzzle may well be but it still took me 15:03 without possibilities.
Ian, Scratchy like an old record??
11/Oct/08 3:15 PM
fii, yep.
11/Oct/08 3:55 PM
11/Oct/08 9:16 PM
Very nice photo Anne, as all of them!!!(including the toys...)
11/Oct/08 9:41 PM
Great photo Anne. I remember the wind on that coast line and think that plenty of power could be generated with those turbines.
11/Oct/08 10:05 PM
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