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Hard Sudoku for 13/September/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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4:18 Maen! Pretty picture -- another beautiful Egypt shot.
13/Sep/07 1:40 AM
13/Sep/07 1:40 AM
Another Wagdy beaut.
13/Sep/07 10:08 AM
What a beautiful place. Thank you!
13/Sep/07 10:59 AM
where is everyone today??
13/Sep/07 11:05 AM
Lovely vire.

Tricia, I, for one, have had a terrible time getting on the site and posting. It took forever! I finally just gave up and came back tonight. From the comments on "easy", I wasn't the only one. Things seem to be fine now.
13/Sep/07 11:35 AM
View, of course!
13/Sep/07 11:36 AM
Easy hard today - once I got a chance to get to it.
13/Sep/07 11:49 AM
Maen. Pretty straight forward puzzle. 6.36. Another beautiful sight of Egypt. Today Muslims all over the world begin fasting for a month (Ramadan).
13/Sep/07 12:07 PM
13/Sep/07 12:34 PM
Miissed this before - jumped from Medium to tough! Another thankyou to Wagdy!
Hello everyone!
13/Sep/07 1:07 PM
Hi everyone.
12 hours try to get Sudoku site ,just get it now.
My lovely photo of Nile of Aswan (Upper Egypt)-about 900 Km from Cairo city,Lovely area in Winter ,Hope you enjoy it.
Have a good Evining all.
13/Sep/07 1:17 PM
Hi there, Thanks Wadgy for the photo... recognised it as Aswan once again. I will be keen to get to Aswan, should I ever have the pleasure of going to Egypt.
13/Sep/07 6:41 PM
5.56 Egypt will never cease to amaze me. Thanks to Wagdy.
13/Sep/07 7:48 PM
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