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Hard Sudoku for 27/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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First time to post comment. Love the site. Hope everyone had a great christmas. We has an extra special one as my younger brother proposed to his longtime girlfriend.
Congrats Marg to your younger brother!! May they have a wonderful life together.
Brain froze with this puzzle, shall go to bed now - yes I know it's early but the shops/sales open at 8am...
Congrats mary to your younger brother, I hope that peace and joy will live with in them forever
This is one of the best Chritmases we have ever had with our first grandson only 16 months old. It was a real joy to see him oepn his gifts and be so excited,and with other daughter announcing that we will have another grandchild by next christmas,
Sorry should have read Marg not Mary
... Anyone seen the toughie ????
All I get is a blank page ( ? )
... Ditto... Need my toughie fix !!!
Tough appears to have overdosed on Christmas cheer and has refused to get out of bed !
old winter scene
quite nice
9:52 today, I might check if tough has decided to appear
Yeah, cannot go to the toughie.... Looking forward to the New Year.. Cheers, everyone.
No Tough Today?
people,,, how can you do it in 10.00 ??
Gorgeous snow. Hard to fathom. We had a balmy Christmas. =P
This was the toughie, took me sixteen minutes. The other Tough has not appeared as of 11:18 am EST. The snowy scene is lovely; is that a stone train bridge at the top center?
Happy Holidays. Congrats on the grandkids. They come in waves.
Very funny idea that tough is still hung over from Christmas, Rob!!
not a blank - but nothing - like it left for the holidiay and is not home yet.
No t-t-t-tough today. That's ok, I'm all right, I'll make it through...make it through. I can hang on, hang on...

Hard tttyping while qqqquivering...
then again i am still on a hangover...

Gath & Wife: Happy First Holiday Season as Mr. & Mrs.!
worst sudoku ever. easier than your mom
Still no tough!!!
I DID IT MAN!!!!!!!
13:17 for a nice 'chocolate box' picture.
not tough up to now,easy for a hard!Just once X-wing needed!
Hello!!! This is my first comment. I'm also waiting for the tough!!!!
Not hard today - simple eliminations.

Very pretty picture. Somebody's holiday snap?
3 days, 7 hours...piece of cake!
How come there's snow on the streets and the houses, but the hills at the back are just all trees?? We don't get snow where I live, so I don't know much about the stuff, but I would have thought that if there was enough to cover the houses and streets, the hills would be white too..?? (Tough puzzle won't come up for me eiher)

with a couple of checks

picture a little from what is outside in sydney

on to tough

still no tough

have a great break garth.

off to do my chores

9:35. This was one of tyhe easiest ones I've done so far!
7:39. Miss my tough!!!
Well I got a baby sister for christmas so even more special!! 4.36
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