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Tough Sudoku for 15/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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How do you number the grids in your solutions - having difficulty understanding what Bb2 means.
46:56 - thought I'd never get there... one point where it was trial and error.
liked the joke GIGI...still no sign of Andre!!!
18:42 for me
I'm sticking with Dan - may not be the quickest way but at least you solve it with logic (except of course when you get stuck & have to guess) Hey who cares anyway it's just fun!!
Got there eventually- using just gb's pentagon at 54- and I agree- it gets more fun which ever way you do it! I never give my times!!
7:30 record for tough for me!!!yeh!!
can someone explain how the goding works? please? for example
pair 25 in Bh8 i7=8 d9=8 ??????
pair 25 in row 9
pair 15 in col.a and easy to 55 filled ?????
In Bb8, Bb5 the chain 49/49/41/19 leads to b9=9 ????
easy to the end ( i get this part but i have yet to gey there)

Rows are numbered 1-9 from the bottom
columns are numbered a-i from the left
Blocks (square)are numbered B then the value of the centre square ie Bh8 is the top right block
pair 25 in row 9 means there are 2 squares in that row with the possibilities only 2 or 5 - therefore eliminating all other squares in that row from having either a 2 or 5 in them. Hope this helps.
gb, thanks for the education - i've started to properly get the hang of these now, with the assistance that you have given through your comments (even though i still don't understand them all). don't know why you aim to disappear for a while, but hope everything is fine. have fun.
First time on tough. 25:29 Thanks for all the tips everyone. I hope I'm better at this next time.
4:38 with the 'guesser enabled' (allow incorrect moves' turned off)
Mar. 9, 2007.

05/Sep/10 8:14 AM
11/Jun/19 6:51 PM
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