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Easy Sudoku for 1/January/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi and everyone, may 2010 be a happy and prosperous for you all.
01/Jan/10 12:00 AM
Happy New Year to all my dear friends..
Picture of the final rays, sunset today (31 dec.) in my page.
01/Jan/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
01/Jan/10 12:00 AM
01/Jan/10 12:00 AM
01/Jan/10 12:03 AM
1:37. Well, I made it to 2010 - it must just about be time for bed now.
01/Jan/10 12:04 AM
Good Morning to everyone!

I have enjoyed the pictures this year of the 2008 Chinese New Year Parade. Thanks!

Happy New Year to everyone.
01/Jan/10 12:06 AM
everyone. May 2010 give nothing but happiness.
01/Jan/10 12:10 AM
I would like to wish all my sudoku friends a Healthy, Happy and peaceful 2010 and one with lots of friendship and love.
I have watched the fireworks over Sydney Harbour on the TV. Some cloud cover so the smoke from the fireworks did not disperse as well as it does some years but still a ver spectacular display. Millions of dollars gone up in smoke!
01/Jan/10 12:18 AM
Happy New Year sudoku
hope it is a good one for you all
best wishes from my family to yours
01/Jan/10 12:22 AM
01/Jan/10 12:24 AM
Watched the Sydney fireworks on TV - they were fabulous, as always. Have then spent a good ten minutes trying to get this pooter to boot up. The set top box in the bedroom blew up earlier, has really mucked everything up!!
Goodnight - Happy New Year!
01/Jan/10 12:25 AM
Happy New Year to all. My wish is for us all to have a wonderful year and a little peace and quiet to do our sudokus. After all they are for our good mental health and help us to prevent dememtia and every little bit helps.
I have watched the fireworks and taken my mental health medecine now it is time for bed.
01/Jan/10 12:31 AM
Happy New Year Sudokuland!
CP - hope your pooter woes are rectified soon.
01/Jan/10 12:36 AM
Blessings on the New Year ahead to all in Sudokuland. All my love, Plum.
01/Jan/10 12:59 AM
To: viv from oxford uk


01/Jan/10 1:14 AM
to all my Sudoku friends!
01/Jan/10 1:19 AM
Strange looking rats!
01/Jan/10 1:21 AM
GMO.... I hope Sammi gives you a wonderful reason to celebrate.
01/Jan/10 1:25 AM
a New Year's run?
01/Jan/10 1:28 AM
01/Jan/10 1:28 AM
Yahoo - 22!
01/Jan/10 1:28 AM
Well done V V! There seem to have been some of my 2008 Year of the Rat pictures coming through! Just shows how big the backlog on the Easy is! We're now tail-ending the Year of the Ox! The Year of the Tiger will begin in mid-February!
01/Jan/10 1:43 AM
Well, Kate, to the Japanese, it starts tomorrow!

01/Jan/10 1:46 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Viv!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

01/Jan/10 1:47 AM
I thought about that, too, Kate...someone needs to get out and get some pictures of the Year of the Tiger parade in Sydney!
01/Jan/10 1:47 AM
Hey Shosho! What the heck is your avatar? A fancy piece of sushi? A dessert?
01/Jan/10 1:48 AM
It's New Year Eve for us in the "New World" and we are excitedly prepping up for the big evening celebration! My hubby and I will have a quiet one, sharing a bottle of champagne. The kids are going to parties.
01/Jan/10 1:49 AM
Happy New Year to all
01/Jan/10 2:00 AM
Vici, it's the mochi (rice cake) that we set upon the family altar on New Year Day. The top is a mandarin with its leaves. This one has the fancy wooden stand. Mine only rests on a flat tray and is small to fit in my family altar.
01/Jan/10 2:01 AM
Happy New Year to you All.
It's 9:35 pm 31st night now.
01/Jan/10 2:04 AM
Happy Thursday! Off to work in a little bit, but want to wish everyone and a safe, prosperous, peaceful 2010!
01/Jan/10 2:06 AM
Mochi - looks beautiful, Shosho. Thanks for the explanation. Makes perfect sense now!
01/Jan/10 2:32 AM
Happy New Year to you! Cheers!
01/Jan/10 2:37 AM
Gosh, Shosho, and I thought it was a fancy birdhouse! I love learning all these tidbits of info about everyone's cultures!! Appy, I love your sunset picture! Won't be able to get a picture like that here, our sky is filled with snow clouds! Happy new Year to everyone, I have to go run some errands now....
01/Jan/10 2:42 AM

    2004: I will not spend my money frivolously.
    2005: I will pay off my bank loan promptly.
    2006: I will pay off my bank loans promptly.
    2007: I will begin making a strong effort to be out of debt by More...
01/Jan/10 2:50 AM

    2007: I will try to be a better husband to Marge.
    2008: I will not leave Marge.
    2009: I will try for a reconciliation with Marge.
    2010: I will try to be a better husband to Wanda.
01/Jan/10 2:51 AM

    2007: I will stop looking at other women.
    2008: I will not get involved with Wanda.
    2009: I will not let Wanda pressure me into another marriage.
    2010: I will stop looking at other women.
01/Jan/10 2:52 AM

    2007: I will not let my boss push me around.
    2008: I will not let my sadistic boss drive me to the point of suicide.
    2009: I will stick up for my rights when my boss bullies me.
    2010: I will tell Dr. Hodger and the group about my boss.
01/Jan/10 2:52 AM

    2007: I will not get upset when Charlie makes jokes about my baldness.
    2008: I will not get annoyed when Charlie kids me about my toupee.
    2009: I will not get angry when Charle tells the guys I wear a girdle.
    2010: I will not speak to Charlie.
01/Jan/10 2:53 AM
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