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Easy Sudoku for 1/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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And welcome page 6.
01/Jan/12 5:01 PM
I know I would not make two more hours, my eyes are almost closed. Good night/morning everyone
01/Jan/12 5:01 PM
Hang in there Jerry, the last two hours for me flew by, then again, I was trying to get done everything that I do not want to do in the new year.
01/Jan/12 5:03 PM
Good night Sue, sweet dreams, hope you feel better.
01/Jan/12 5:03 PM
The best time of your life should be today; what’s past is past, and the future holds no guarantees. So find joy in every day, no matter what.

May 2012 bring whatever you need to be filled with good health, happiness, prosperity and peace! Happy New Year!
01/Jan/12 5:04 PM
Happy New Year to you and yours...
01/Jan/12 5:05 PM
Julie, Some of the best advice - ever...
01/Jan/12 5:09 PM
Good night people of the world.
01/Jan/12 5:09 PM
Have not been in my bed since last year, I miss it.
01/Jan/12 5:09 PM

Jeez Jerry, I've installed a hangover and fixed it up and you guys haven't even started.

01/Jan/12 6:18 PM
And now to the topsiders

01/Jan/12 6:58 PM

I'll bet you have Peter.

You know you have had too much to drink when you have to hang onto the grass to stop yourself from falling off the edge of the earth.
01/Jan/12 7:01 PM

They say Australians drink too much.

I say they are just jealous that they can't keep up.
01/Jan/12 7:03 PM

Of to watch the Hurricanes in the Big Bash.

See yah all later!
01/Jan/12 7:05 PM

Peter just for you mate.


01/Jan/12 7:19 PM
1:56 Good evening and a HAPPY NEW YEAR one and all!

Lovely photo today.
01/Jan/12 9:03 PM
The family left after lunch today then had trouble with a camper trailer they bought while here. Got stuck on the road about half an hour's drive away and have only just left. Other SIL in Albany drove up and helped them to repair the wheel bearings in the trailer. A late drive to Perth now.
01/Jan/12 9:06 PM
I saw Rolanda when my sister and I went to town for a coffee this afternoon. I'll catch up with her next week as I always do.
01/Jan/12 9:07 PM

Never be afraid to try something new.


Amateurs built the Ark whilst The Titanic was built by PROFESSIONALS.

Just saying................
01/Jan/12 10:25 PM
Just arrived back from Melbourne so would like to wish all my Sudoku friends a may 2012 be a better yaer for all of us.
01/Jan/12 10:36 PM
For those of you who have not yet made any New Year's Resolution - try this one...

"I will not make any more New Year's Resolutions."

AND, Happy New Year to All.
01/Jan/12 10:40 PM
I'm with you Neil.
01/Jan/12 10:45 PM
to all of you! FINALLY I am able to connect to Sudoku today. We are so happy to have met our goal of making it to all 7 continents. Our trip leader told us that the destination of Antarctica is not just an ordinary trip - you have to EARN it, and that we did! Both of More...
01/Jan/12 11:23 PM
Well done, Kathy & Rob!
Enjoy the falls and Buenos Aires. I hope there is plenty of water going over the falls as there wasn't much when I went there.
01/Jan/12 11:48 PM
06/Jan/12 6:18 AM
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