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Easy Sudoku for 1/October/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
01/Oct/19 12:00 AM
01/Oct/19 12:00 AM
Hi Denny!
01/Oct/19 12:00 AM
Good Maen, all!
01/Oct/19 12:01 AM
1:23. Interesting view of the bridge! Hi and good night everyone.
01/Oct/19 12:04 AM
1:37 Quicker than I thought.
Good night all.
01/Oct/19 12:09 AM
1:46. Good Morning Chris, Denny, Wolf and everyone yet to come.
01/Oct/19 12:09 AM
... and to Anne, too!
01/Oct/19 12:10 AM
Hi to you Chris also. Sorry for the delay, was off having breakfast.
01/Oct/19 12:55 AM
Also, hi to Anne when she returns later.
01/Oct/19 12:55 AM
01/Oct/19 12:57 AM
01/Oct/19 3:07 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
01/Oct/19 3:08 AM
Did you count them?
01/Oct/19 3:42 AM
Yesterday is a good read if anybody has the time to look back. I've made several comments to our group on Facebook that the posts are dwindling over here, and that they should visit and post more often, to help keep the site alive. A few have responded to that for a few days, and then wandered away More...
01/Oct/19 3:45 AM
Great suggestion, Keith!

Also, if you check the end of yesterday's posts, you'll learn that Keith's daughter had some very successful back surgery over the past few days too - that's wonderful news, Keith!
01/Oct/19 4:09 AM
01/Oct/19 4:09 AM
G'day to all who have already arrived, and also to those who are yet to wander by...
01/Oct/19 4:10 AM
01/Oct/19 4:43 AM
Close enough.
01/Oct/19 5:06 AM
01/Oct/19 5:06 AM
01/Oct/19 5:07 AM
Rivets and Bolts!! all secured
Interesting picture
01/Oct/19 5:20 AM
As for number of comments each day, I am happy with quality over quantity.
01/Oct/19 6:06 AM
Morning all, great to see Keith get his 22 so early in the day.
Good news about your daughter's surgery ,Keith.
01/Oct/19 6:06 AM
And here we are with a CP and a TOTP.
01/Oct/19 7:33 AM

Don't know why yesterdays post came up again.

01/Oct/19 7:36 AM
Oh well to one and all.
01/Oct/19 7:37 AM
Keith one of the biggest reasons for the decline is the site is very dated and missing features FB provides. Tagging people so they know you have replied and even a like button so there is an acknowledgement the comment has been seen. Smilies are limited. The commenters on SA seldom if ever come More...
01/Oct/19 7:55 AM
Good morning all.

01/Oct/19 9:10 AM
Here are the results of Saturday's POOZLE. Eleven people showed they know how to go about solving these puzzle. There is rarely even a typo, amazing. The amazing people are Sarah, Tyranids, Wombat, Judy, Amelia, Chris, Kathy, Arachnid, Joyce, Snowbird and Scout. Well done all and one. Here are More...
01/Oct/19 4:14 PM
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