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Easy Sudoku for 1/December/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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01/Dec/14 12:02 AM
, y'all!
01/Dec/14 12:54 AM
01/Dec/14 1:23 AM
beautiful day in OK
01/Dec/14 1:44 AM
Since being an adult have you ever wanted to run away from home.
That is what we did this weekend, it was fun.
01/Dec/14 1:46 AM
It is going to be another beautiful day, in the 70's like yesterday, they say. Monday will be a high of 32. Cold weather coming at us again.
01/Dec/14 1:49 AM
Have so many things to do today, almost don't know where to start.
01/Dec/14 1:51 AM
My work here is done,
01/Dec/14 1:51 AM
Where'd you go, Sue? Sounds spontaneous!
01/Dec/14 1:53 AM
Happy Sunday!
Made lots of tamales with some gals from church yesterday, so had yummy dinner with the fruits of my labors!
01/Dec/14 2:30 AM

It's a nice day here, too. The sun is shining and it's already up to 52°! I see some leaf raking in my future.
01/Dec/14 2:31 AM
Hubby is cleaning out a cabinet in our storage room. He found computer manuals and a bunch of tour books from years ago. The recycling guys aren't going to be happy with the pick-up this week. Those manuals are heavy! I think we'll be kind and just put a few in each week.
01/Dec/14 2:40 AM
Old Blue.
01/Dec/14 3:39 AM
01/Dec/14 4:41 AM
Can't believe the house is put back together in the aftermath of the family get together! And the cats are finally find their way back to their own little niche. Now I can put a new curtain rod to hold the diaphanous under drapes across one wall of the living room. The long wall is practically all floor to seven foot high windows. Argh! Now I have to find a couple of very, very long rods!
01/Dec/14 4:45 AM
Starting to give my nieces my old clothes that I haven't worn in ages because I don't have to!! Business suits, formal wear, just to clear out my closet. Can't believe how gleeful my nieces were. Guess the classic look I went for still is in fashion. One tweed suit was passed on to me from my More...
01/Dec/14 4:58 AM
A tip of the hat to you Blue. You look very relaxed in your hat.
01/Dec/14 5:31 AM
Good morning. We had a nice shower of rain last night. Saved me from watering the garden. My pansies are past their best so I have some petunias to replace them.
01/Dec/14 5:38 AM
Keith was here two hours ago. I wonder if he will come back for 22.
01/Dec/14 5:40 AM
Hope so.
01/Dec/14 5:56 AM
Thx for remembering.
01/Dec/14 5:57 AM
01/Dec/14 5:57 AM
The sun has just come up and Keith arrived in time.
01/Dec/14 6:08 AM
1:39. Good morning everyone.
01/Dec/14 6:37 AM
Good morning everyone. If any one is interested, yesterday I put a pic of Hal, Jane and me on my page. I also put some photos of a family of Tawny Frogmouths - a most amazing nightjar (bird) that uses its camouflage amazingly well. I did post details in yesterday 's post.
01/Dec/14 6:40 AM
Hal I tried to put some Charleston pics up this morning, but they wouldn't load. It may have something to do with the thunderstorm we are having.
01/Dec/14 6:41 AM
As usual I had to get up for the dog. I think I've found a solution to managing him in thunder. I put his collar and lead on and he has now gone to his chair even though it's still thundering. I'm still holding his lead and he is quite calm. Yay!
01/Dec/14 6:44 AM
I'll try again to post the Charleston pics later in the day.
01/Dec/14 6:46 AM
Morning all, Blue having a snooze under the hat.
No sun for us June, cloudy with a prediction of storms later.
01/Dec/14 6:55 AM
Good morning.
01/Dec/14 8:06 AM
Got up at 0430.
01/Dec/14 8:06 AM
For no good reason, except I was awake.
01/Dec/14 8:07 AM
Made a cuppa, sat down to drink it, and Mr P came out to join me.
01/Dec/14 8:08 AM
And he wanted a cuppa too. we settled down to read books until it was the real time for him to get up and get ready for work.
01/Dec/14 8:10 AM
all. Nice day today. Worked in the yard... and wish I hadn't.
01/Dec/14 11:19 AM
Wow! Where is everyone? Three hours plus...
01/Dec/14 11:21 AM
I'm here, Hal.

I've been putting in an automated watering system but today, it's raining. Ironic.
01/Dec/14 11:50 AM
Do you have your own well, Pete?
01/Dec/14 11:52 AM
Wallaby season is over, time to change my avatar back to something more akin to Tasmania.
01/Dec/14 11:54 AM
Nope, no well. I've used weeper hoses so am hoping they are more efficient.
01/Dec/14 11:55 AM
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