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Easy Sudoku for 1/February/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Is this it??
01/Feb/11 12:39 AM
01/Feb/11 12:39 AM
Guess it was - I must have refreshed - and now I'm off to bye-byes. G'night all.
01/Feb/11 12:40 AM
Missed by Thaaaaat much. Even tried a backwards one for Karen.
01/Feb/11 12:40 AM
Night BJ
01/Feb/11 12:41 AM
Yes it's late and time to catch some zzzzzzzzz's
01/Feb/11 12:42 AM
Exactly, Anne!!!
01/Feb/11 12:48 AM
I am going to make the attempt to catch the zzzzz's. Have a good day all.
01/Feb/11 12:52 AM
Good Night - Sweet Dreams GH, Tricia & BJ!
01/Feb/11 1:02 AM
This is our last day of enjoying 70 degree weather and it is foggy and drizzily outside. Does make it seem like Spring. Man planted onions yesterday and I thought about flowers. Which is not a wise thing, hopefully we will be moving in the Spring.
Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 23, with a possiblity of a snow flake. Why do they say, "a" snow flake?
01/Feb/11 1:44 AM
I am going to hurt the person, who taught Thing II to blow a whistle.

Ouch, ouch, ouch.
01/Feb/11 1:46 AM
?gnikat m'I sdem eht lla eb dluoc ti kniht uoy oD .yadot em ot lamron smees sdrawkcab wohemoS .llA ,neaM dooG
01/Feb/11 1:53 AM
I think there are some people here who would like to share your medically-induced fog with you!
Feel better soon, Captain!
01/Feb/11 1:57 AM
Oh, this day maybe a little too dangerous to celebrate too much. Really, hurts my brain cell.
01/Feb/11 1:57 AM
Did anyone else watch the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie last night? What a tear-jerker! I couldn't sleep for an hour afterwards!
01/Feb/11 2:00 AM
Oh, was that on last night? Darn. Maybe they will put it on the Hallmark Channel.
01/Feb/11 2:03 AM
Martha, is demostrating on how to make pies today. Wonder if this will help me with my pie?
01/Feb/11 2:04 AM
Judy, I was just glad that hubby was sitting at the table behind me as I watched the end of that movie!
01/Feb/11 2:09 AM
Loved the movie ...except for the really fake eyelashes everyone seemed to have!
01/Feb/11 2:11 AM
Good morning all Late getting up this morning. It's 7:15 am. My husband had those eyelashes. Why is it the men?
01/Feb/11 2:18 AM
Good morning. We had some snow over the weekend, but had a beautiful, lavender and pink hued sunrise this morning. I think it will be a lovely day.
01/Feb/11 2:21 AM
I tried to vote today, Vici, but the site was down for maintenance. I'll try again later.
01/Feb/11 2:47 AM
Good luck with the epidural today Captain J.
01/Feb/11 2:48 AM
Good Maen, good people. I still have a guest, so I'm just checking in with all of you. Yasi looks ominous. Please be safe, good people.
01/Feb/11 2:54 AM
Heidi, I just now voted. It's told me before that it was down for maintenance, but I just tried again and it worked. Try again.
01/Feb/11 2:55 AM
Today here in Sudokuland, tomorrow in the US is Little Plum's 11th birthday!!!

Two parties down (a giggling overnight with just one guest and the extended family one).

The biggest party is coming up Saturday, the one I decided to throw for homeschooling and church friends. I More...
01/Feb/11 3:02 AM
Martha lied, she said she was going to do everything pies, but made cookies and now demostrating a cake. I am not hungry for cake, I want a coconut cream pie, with mile high topping and toasted coconut on top.
Is that too much to ask for?
01/Feb/11 3:02 AM
Oh, and Little Plum has her AWANA Grand Prix competition Wednesday if we're not postponed because of the storm. In addition to finishing her car we need to make a Missionary support fundraising poster and a hundred candies to sell.
01/Feb/11 3:05 AM
Plum, you have snow outside, that means everyone and lots of layers inside.
Oh, what a brave woman you are.
01/Feb/11 3:06 AM
Now, the commercial said, Everything Pies, next Monday. I do not want to wait till next Monday and the picture showed an apple pie. I am not an apple pie fan.
01/Feb/11 3:07 AM
HI all! I've had a baaad day...never mind, it's nearly over. The other day's puzzle answer was padlock and I think only Plum, Greg, Glenn, Grasshopper and Judy got the correct answer.
01/Feb/11 3:08 AM
Missed her again. I've got to get up early enough to ask GH to translate the symbols above the 22.
01/Feb/11 3:09 AM
Here's today's puzzler - answers to the 'Kathy, come home' inbox please!
Use synonyms of the following phrases to decode popular movie titles.

1.) Razors of Honor

2.) Wonder-male Comes Back

3.) Ruler of the Bands

4.) Endless Light of the Unstained Head

5.) Super Quartet

6.) Mandibles
01/Feb/11 3:10 AM
Really, Plum? Candie too.
This domestic food preparation stuff, does not really seem all that difficult, but it just does not work for me. How did 4 of my siblings become great food preparers and I didn't?
01/Feb/11 3:10 AM
Keith, The symbols are the Japanese numbers for 22.
01/Feb/11 3:14 AM
for you, Karen:

01/Feb/11 3:15 AM

No pies today,
Martha's gone away,
You need the FPA,
Which you do not like,
So get on your bike,
An go and shop,
Until you drop.

The above not very good, but the best that I could do at short notice.
01/Feb/11 3:25 AM
Plum, that looks delicious. Though all ingredients are just about ready. The pie crust is chillin in the fridge, with coconut added. The filling is waiting. It is the topping that is stopping me. The recipe calls for heavy cream. What is heavy cream? HalT attempted to explain, he said make whipping More...
01/Feb/11 3:27 AM
Oh, do not want to hang around down here.
01/Feb/11 3:28 AM
When we can be...
01/Feb/11 3:28 AM
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