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Easy Sudoku for 1/February/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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01/Feb/11 7:52 PM
And a CP.
01/Feb/11 7:52 PM
Well time to take my shovel and bucket and leave the sandpit. Indoor bowls calls.
01/Feb/11 8:05 PM

Today in summary.........

Easy – Da Spring has sprung. Da grass is riz. I wonder where da boidies is? Da boidie's on da wing. But dat's absoid. I thought da wing was on da boid! ...

Tricia – Foist!

Neil/Vibrant Vici – Follow More...
01/Feb/11 9:22 PM

Today in summary.........continued

Captain J – Seems half and half is not half and half but posts a link on boy shopping. Send your man shopping you need to be precise.

Will someone send Karen a copy of ‘Cream for Dummies’.

Maria More...
01/Feb/11 9:24 PM
1:44. Hi everyone.
01/Feb/11 9:27 PM
Hi Phantom and All,

When Grass-hopper first posted her new 22 Avatar, she stated very clearly that she got those symbols from her son who is studying Japanese.

I remember, and you don't - so Ha!

Come on GH - some support please?
01/Feb/11 9:34 PM
Hi Neil, Absolutely correct.
01/Feb/11 9:42 PM
Thank you Grass-hopper.
01/Feb/11 9:43 PM
And very timely too!
01/Feb/11 9:44 PM
The characters at the top are indeed the words for twenty two. The plaque is the seating number from an airport shuttle bus that was imported into Australia to be converted into a motor home.
01/Feb/11 9:45 PM
I thought Chinese was cheap and Japanese was classy.
01/Feb/11 9:46 PM

Neil - Teachers pet. Pttthhhppp!
01/Feb/11 10:09 PM
Now Phantom that comment was uncalled for.
01/Feb/11 10:14 PM

You missed the apostrophe in "Teacher's pet".

Maybe you should be one instead.
01/Feb/11 10:25 PM
This is a change from the usual cat fight, we now have a dog fight on our hands.
01/Feb/11 10:28 PM
The Phantom's comments,
Rude or nice,
Provide some fun,
And some spice,
To the daily grind,
And, All don't mind.
01/Feb/11 10:32 PM
Hi Phantom The bonus with the Woomera weather is that no matter how hot it is on a summer's day, it is really cold at night. So cold that you could hear the hot rocks exfoliating. Also no humidity. I can cope with any amount of heat during the day, if it cools down at night so I can sleep
01/Feb/11 10:35 PM

Just making sure you are awake Neil.

I'm not, I'm off to bed.

G'night all.
01/Feb/11 10:42 PM
Sweet dreams, Phanty.
01/Feb/11 10:49 PM
Oh, that's nice to see you two make up. How sweet1
01/Feb/11 11:17 PM
I suppose I should have said, shake hands and make up.
01/Feb/11 11:17 PM

You should have said nothing - a good rule for all girls, all the time.
01/Feb/11 11:30 PM
far better rule for all boys..don't you think?
01/Feb/11 11:45 PM
Thanks for referring to me as a girl, Neil, as opposed to an aging woman.
01/Feb/11 11:46 PM
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