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Easy Sudoku for 1/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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And over for the TOPP and a CP.
Have a nice day all.
My job here is done!
01/Jun/18 7:52 AM
My Granddaughter clock is finally fixed so need to pick it up
01/Jun/18 8:18 AM
Above from yesterday is ghost post
01/Jun/18 8:30 AM
Wolf, you will love Alaska. We sat in an RV park for 4 days and saw nothing but clouds. We even took the bus tour out closer and still saw nothing but clouds.

No animals were out on the tour either.
01/Jun/18 8:40 AM
Amelia, I posted the puzzle late Monday. Have a go if you want - I haven't posted the answers and I think Joyce is also going to have a go,
01/Jun/18 9:46 AM
Thank you to all those who joined in try to get us to 66. We nearly got there and we are well on the way to reaching it today. Hop on board and help us to get there.
01/Jun/18 9:52 AM
I should explain that a flash flood is a situation where there may not be any rain where you are, but that heavy rain upstream causes. At least that's what it meant 1960 when all this happened. In fact in this case it didn't rain where we were.
01/Jun/18 9:59 AM
Apparently the radio message had got through quite well, and the guy who rented us the Land Rover turned up with another Land Rover and several of his mates. The river had risen further during the night and had covered the engine.
01/Jun/18 10:03 AM
Our rescuers didn't waste any time pulling the stranded Land Rover from the river, and we got organised for the trip to Alice Springs. There was insufficient room for all of us to travel in the two Land Rovers, so a friend and I rode on the roof rack. It wasn't as rough as you might think.
01/Jun/18 10:07 AM
We didn't have any real problems after that but we were held up at a creek that the rescue party had crossed earlier in the day, but which was now too deep to cross, so we settled down to wait. Some of our party decided to boil the billy.
01/Jun/18 10:11 AM
There was no problem in lighting a fire, but the only water we had was in the creek and was very muddy. We put a fair measure of tea in the billy, but all we could taste was the mud. One of the girls volunteered a handkerchief to use as a strainer. No real change, still muddy.
01/Jun/18 10:15 AM
So we just kept throwing more tea into the billy until we could at last taste tea rather than just the mud. The level of the water in the creek soon fell enough for us to drive across. The next thing we saw was quite amazing.
01/Jun/18 10:19 AM
There was a semi trailer (eighteen wheeler) inching its way up the greasy road with its wheels spinning and the driver walking beside it and pushing. It wasn't a very steep or very long hill and it managed to reach the top of the rise.
01/Jun/18 10:23 AM
Our rescuers were very generous and did not charge us for their time, but we did have to pay to have water drained from the motor and other damage done. All in all a very interesting adventure.
01/Jun/18 10:26 AM
all. I did my best yesterday, trying to get us to sixty six. For some reason the numerals on this tablet aren't working. Too bad we didn't make it. Maybe today? Just back from the eye specialists and all is well with hubby's eyes. I'm too tired though to try for another push today. More...
01/Jun/18 10:53 AM
Neglected to thank you Wombat for finishing your flash flood adventure.
01/Jun/18 10:54 AM
01/Jun/18 11:17 AM
A very interesting tale to tell, Wombat. The good old days when everybody mostly helped others.
01/Jun/18 11:20 AM
Wombat you'll know what I mean when I sing 'Travel All Over the Countryside - Ask the Leyland Brothers'. Quite an adventure and good sense to get out of the floodway; they can be pretty horrendous when that flood rushes down.
01/Jun/18 11:22 AM
Its freezing here today, woke up to 8°C today. She who must be obeyed is going to Perth today so a quiet weekend until Sunday when Dad comes out of hospital and the carer chores resume . Also BOTP I think
01/Jun/18 11:26 AM
So is this TOTP?
01/Jun/18 11:27 AM
Good story Wombat, and got us a lot closer to 66. I'll come back again later to check.
01/Jun/18 11:27 AM
01/Jun/18 11:27 AM
No Arachnid it's HWTTP - half way through the page!
01/Jun/18 11:28 AM
So just done a count - 40 to a page. I will try and lock that in to the tiny space between my ears
01/Jun/18 11:29 AM
Is this 66??
01/Jun/18 11:30 AM
Yeeees! Wheeeee!
Now I'm going, bye.
01/Jun/18 11:31 AM
WELL DONE FOLKS The only pity is that Peter wasn't there to claim it. Still there is plenty of time left.
01/Jun/18 12:12 PM
Looks inviting
01/Jun/18 1:24 PM
Howdy, Meg - long time since a visit!
01/Jun/18 1:28 PM
Thanks for the tale end of your flood story, Wombat!
01/Jun/18 1:28 PM
Sent my answers to Arachnid & now - nitey nite!
01/Jun/18 1:29 PM
Help. I need opinionated shoppers to share their insights with me. Summer is barely begun and here I am, sitting up in bed, researching winter and holiday 2018-019 design trends so we can design and produce pottery for Christmas and the winter show circuit. I can get a feel for what commercial More...
01/Jun/18 1:46 PM
Thanks Wombat great story
01/Jun/18 5:33 PM
With a few hours to go and a favourable wind can we get to page 3?
01/Jun/18 5:34 PM
Though with almost 4 hours between last post and my first.......
01/Jun/18 5:35 PM
I may be late for Craft group but it will be worthit
01/Jun/18 5:35 PM
Where is cp when I need her
01/Jun/18 5:36 PM
well 3 more should do it
01/Jun/18 5:36 PM
It is suddenly bright outside - has the sun shown its face?
01/Jun/18 5:37 PM
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