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Easy Sudoku for 1/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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01/Aug/14 6:39 AM
1:50. Good morning everyone.
01/Aug/14 6:39 AM
But try to find a wallpaper store this day and age when it's not trendy. We've got a local one, but only one. We picked up some cuttings from there, but we're leaning towards a less busy pattern. Sherwin-Williams still carries wallpaper books, so we'll pay them a visit too.
01/Aug/14 6:40 AM
Right now I'm flippin' through page after page at Americanblinds.com. I'm going bonkers and cross-eyed.
01/Aug/14 6:41 AM
Ah Silvergal - thank heavens you lurked and I didn't mis count.

You can have your task. I loathe choosing decorating stuff - I avoid it like the plague.
01/Aug/14 6:45 AM
It's not hard to do - Australia is the only continent that doesn't have plague.
01/Aug/14 6:46 AM
Ok final comment and then I'm out of here. I have posted, on my page, the best pic I have ever taken of a wedge-tailed eagle. It's a juvenile and will be at least 10 years old before its plumage goes the dark of an adult.
01/Aug/14 6:49 AM
Just 1 more - hubby has just informed me that we have had 95 mls of rain this week. That's just short of 4''. Our paddocks are extremely wet with creeks running through them.
01/Aug/14 6:52 AM
Sacky, I've really got to be in a decorating mood to do any, but the master bath has been tiled since January and is begging for a wallpaper change. The old is down, walls are almost finished, but still no idea on the new paper.
01/Aug/14 6:54 AM
BTW, your rain is finally visiting us. Falling heavy, though not the 'wrath of God' storms as I like to call them (had wind and hail back in May). Still a wee bit concerned about my baby grass washing away
01/Aug/14 6:55 AM
Good Morning.
01/Aug/14 7:42 AM
Quiet day ahead. Just a 'high' morning tea at a friends.
01/Aug/14 7:43 AM
Hello everyone!!
Temperature at 24*C yesterday & it's already 17 today at 9am, Sydney!! Seems like your temps are dropping while ours are rising - abnormal on both sides of the equator - we're still in winter here!!!
01/Aug/14 9:07 AM
Sorry about your wild weather, Sacky, & glad the bulls didn't find the gaps in t he fence!
01/Aug/14 9:09 AM
Kate, your temps sound absolutely delightful and would be something I'd want for late spring or fall! It's cooled down a bit here (yes, abnormal). We normally have 35-38ºC in the heat of summer and have been experiencing around 29-30ºC the last few days. Doesn't sound like much, but it makes a huge difference.
01/Aug/14 9:57 AM

Kate - Your 24C is slightly higher than our temp today and quite a bit warmer than our high yesterday when I still had to wear slacks. At least I could wear shorts this afternoon!
01/Aug/14 10:44 AM
Sacky - I can hardly wait to see what your itinerary with Jane is going to be. Hopefully, I can figure out where to meet you on the East Coast in Oct.
01/Aug/14 10:46 AM
Silvergal - Good luck deciding on a wallpaper for the bathroom. If you're hanging it yourselves, make sure you check the size of the pattern match since there are so many cutouts in a bathroom and shower area!
01/Aug/14 10:48 AM
Good advice Dottie . I've done two other bathrooms and a half-wall in the dining room in the past (an experienced amateur?!), but yeah, I've got all kinds of calculations going on a spreadsheet. The master bath is complex with the sinks in one area with 3 doors and an opening to the second area where the tub, shower and throne are. Whew!
01/Aug/14 10:57 AM
I'll hang myself before I hang wallpaper again.
01/Aug/14 11:21 AM
Hmmm. That sounds interesting.
01/Aug/14 12:04 PM
Go away, man. You're a bore!!
01/Aug/14 12:10 PM
Hey, look. As long as we're the only ones here, we might as well be friendly.
01/Aug/14 12:13 PM
Well yeah. But you're not the easiest guy to get along with. You rank right up there with Mr Cee and Peter.
Where are those two, by the way?
01/Aug/14 12:18 PM
Don't know Hal. They seem to be keeping a low profile lately.
01/Aug/14 12:25 PM
I suggest you two guys go to bed!!
01/Aug/14 12:28 PM
Sounds good to me.
01/Aug/14 12:30 PM
OK, yeah. Me too. Night all.
01/Aug/14 12:33 PM
01/Aug/14 12:54 PM
Hal, Mr. Cee and Peter are over on Facebook where all the more up-to-date guys hang out! Don't be an old stick-in-the mud. C'mon over & join us.
01/Aug/14 1:03 PM
Guess you can call me an old fuddy dud, who's stuck in the mud. I'm not giving up my last vestiges of privacy just to jump on the bandwagon. ('everyone's doing it.') Y'all going to follow the lemmings off the cliff? Hey, they are all jumping...
01/Aug/14 2:52 PM
Seems appropriate.
01/Aug/14 2:53 PM
Good afternoon. Morning tea was lovely. Then I survived a trip to work that was awkward because I was not working today due to illness - yet there I was. Absolutely had to go to get some very imporatant paperwork required to answer a very important letter. Caught up with 4T briefly as he arrived More...
01/Aug/14 3:52 PM
Hello Silvergal & Dottie! I think I jumped the gun there re our fabulous winter weather - today should have been warm - the sun was shining brightly but I think that Tasmania cold wind has blown very quickly up the coast!! The temperature did go up up to nearly 20*C but the wind factor certainly More...
01/Aug/14 4:31 PM
Better get back to the fire! Catch you all tomorrow!
01/Aug/14 4:32 PM
Kate, I think it is going to be even cooler tomorrow. I have been around and about all day today and that wind has been quite cold.
01/Aug/14 5:35 PM
I though that by now someone would have taken us over to page 3.
01/Aug/14 8:23 PM
I made four different slices for lunch at our Bowling club today. I got lots of compliments. people do like some home cooking.
01/Aug/14 8:25 PM
Kate, when you said you had lit the fire I wondered if you were up the river or in the city.
01/Aug/14 8:26 PM
I am going to bowl in a competition on Sunday. I have not bowled since beginning of April because of my neck and shoulder problems. It will be interesting to see how I get on.
01/Aug/14 8:28 PM
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