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Easy Sudoku for 10/January/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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...and TOPP!
10/Jan/14 7:52 AM
And a CP to boot. Now to get on with life!
10/Jan/14 7:53 AM
I'm sorry, Heidi. Losing a loved one, a pet is a loved one otherwise it wouldn't be living with you, can bring on heartache as much as losing a human companion or offspring or of an older generation. It takes a long while to stop reaching out or calling out for that pet. My Nemmy is going to be fifteen in human years Lord only knows how ancient she is in cat years. I cuddle her a lot!
10/Jan/14 8:09 AM
Judy, how clever of you! But it's Veni, vidi, wheewhee!!!
10/Jan/14 8:10 AM
Hi Angie! Haven't seen you in a loongg time! Still stage design mistress?
10/Jan/14 8:11 AM
My condolences, Heidi.
10/Jan/14 11:00 AM
Well, I'll have to acknowledge my ignorance !
10/Jan/14 11:52 AM
Alas, youkidme ... Worf should smack you with his batlif!
10/Jan/14 12:25 PM
Don't you know your scifi movies youkidme? Klingons hail from Uranus.
10/Jan/14 1:25 PM
An appropriate joke for Shosho:-

A scotsman an Australian and an Irishman turned up in Heaven on the same day.
They were taken to a slippery dip. At the bottom was a large pool. They were then granted a wish each. Before you start your slide call out the name of a liquid you would like More...
10/Jan/14 1:43 PM
A reminder: There will be no disemboweler tomorrow. But I will be back next week.
10/Jan/14 2:10 PM
youkidme: Do'Ha' 'e' SoHbe' maHvaD motlhjaj ghu'vam Huj, youkidme tlhInganpu'.
10/Jan/14 2:15 PM
10/Jan/14 2:35 PM
Hal, is that A.F. talk for I don't know, either. (You know, 'dazzle them with brilliance, or baffle 'em with B.S.)
10/Jan/14 2:38 PM
Heidi it breaks your heart - particularly when you have to make the decision to put them down - everything tells you it is kind and sensible, but I think it hurts even more. My loved dog died several years ago at the tender age of 17 (people years) and I still miss her. I'm sure she is still with More...
10/Jan/14 2:53 PM
jIHvaD, devilorangel, disappoint SoH. klingonese laH Dajatlh'a' ghaHlaw'.
10/Jan/14 2:59 PM
For those who care, it's Klingonese. There is a Klingon translator at http://klingon-translator.com/
10/Jan/14 3:03 PM
Bedtime. Night all.
10/Jan/14 3:21 PM
Hal - I just used that translator to convert your Klingonese back to Yankeeese. It works a treat. How did I ever get by without it?

Youkidme - Klingons were a race of nasty aliens that Captain Kirk and his crew kept meeting every now and again on the TV series 'Star Trek'. Oddly enough, More...
10/Jan/14 4:21 PM
If I close my eyes.... maybe it will go away!

http://www.wunderground.com/wximage/viewsingleimage.html?mode=singleimage&handle=Nita&numbe r=1264&submitrating=submit&rating=10#slideanchor
10/Jan/14 4:21 PM
On the good side, the EggNog is gone.
On the bad side, the EggNog is gone.
10/Jan/14 4:26 PM
Plum, you're not the only one who knows how to 'break the site'.
10/Jan/14 5:54 PM
DorA - Do you need to confess for something????
10/Jan/14 6:05 PM
U still there Doug?
10/Jan/14 6:43 PM
I wasn't but I'm back again now.
10/Jan/14 7:50 PM
Put a couple of items on your page
10/Jan/14 8:17 PM
Thanks for that.

While you're there ..... I'm a bit surprised that there weren't more gasps of awe and amazement from the Sudoku clan when you told everyone that you went swimming in amongst those big white toothy sharks.

Perhaps they all figure that sharks don't bite beehives.
10/Jan/14 8:36 PM
Or perhaps they were hoping that sharks DID bite beehives.
10/Jan/14 9:24 PM
If anyone is actually interested I have written a review, (mainly of the company), of my trip. Please disregard the glaring spelling mistake in the heading.....it was done at 2am.
http://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Attraction_Review-g499726-d2256095-Reviews-Rodney_Fox_Shark_Expe More...
10/Jan/14 9:29 PM
Just checked it out beehive. Looks like you had a ripper trip!
10/Jan/14 9:57 PM

How much did they pay you to write that?
10/Jan/14 10:32 PM

Ripper, hmmmm, not a good choice of words, Sacky.
10/Jan/14 10:34 PM
That review was gratis my friend. The trip was that good.

Funny you should mention ripper Sacky. One of the big bities must have been feeling a little bored as he took to the rigid inflatable tender and shredded one of the canvas bladders.
10/Jan/14 10:40 PM
Beehive - Your review of the trip is extremely complimentary and I would be a bit suspicious if it wasn't for the fact that 119 out of 122 reviews rated it as excellent. It must be good.
10/Jan/14 10:51 PM
Beehive - Ha ha ...... you have locked up your home page like I did. You had better send Gath a message. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who can do such tricks.
10/Jan/14 10:53 PM
In place of Hal, I will post a puzzle after change-over. Get Google warmed up, as you get three puzzles in three days.
10/Jan/14 10:58 PM
Yeah, but Doug, I know how to fix it without hassling the lord and master.
10/Jan/14 11:05 PM
And the answer is ???????
10/Jan/14 11:12 PM
See Doug. Thats what I'm talkin' about
10/Jan/14 11:17 PM
Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?
10/Jan/14 11:22 PM
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