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Easy Sudoku for 10/November/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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I wonder if DorA has got the smile off his face yet?
10/Nov/16 12:01 AM
I hear the Mexicans have beaten Trump at building a wall.
10/Nov/16 12:05 AM
And I suppose CG's mob will be next.
10/Nov/16 12:07 AM
Does that mean if the north and south are walled off we will get a lot more boat people?
10/Nov/16 12:11 AM
One good thing about Trumpy getting in is there will be a lot more joke material around.
10/Nov/16 12:14 AM
That is a better photo today.
I am sick of the election in US.
10/Nov/16 12:21 AM
Wow! Its happening already. Trump is banning US citizens from posting on the Subversive Sudoku Site.
10/Nov/16 1:30 AM
Even my avatar looks surprised at the news.
10/Nov/16 1:31 AM
10/Nov/16 1:36 AM
hello world, a beautiful day in OK
10/Nov/16 1:39 AM
Harry is at PT, so I have a couple hours of freedom.
10/Nov/16 1:40 AM
Laundry is going, need to get off my a$$ and clean the house.
10/Nov/16 1:44 AM
Last Wednesday a passenger in a taxi heading for MelbourneStation leaned over to ask the driver a question and gently tapped him on the
shoulder to get his attention.

The driver screamed, lost control of the cab,
nearly hit a bus, drove up over the curb and stopped just inches More...
10/Nov/16 2:06 AM
Good Maen, good people. I have an anniversary coming up and have to come up with some way to celebrate it the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving.
10/Nov/16 2:26 AM
Loved your joke, Neil!
10/Nov/16 2:28 AM
And after Thanksgiving weekend we won't be seeing Starr and Quill until spring, so there's the question of full blown Christmas at Thanksgiving to prepare for vs gifts by post vs skip the gift giving. Not sure what to do.
10/Nov/16 2:34 AM
Hi, Sheila. I was out driving yesterday and passed a small pond that held 16 swans a swimming! I thought of you.
10/Nov/16 2:36 AM
10/Nov/16 3:05 AM
It had been a half hour without a post.
10/Nov/16 3:05 AM
Not much point waiting for somebody else to get us closer.
10/Nov/16 3:06 AM
10/Nov/16 3:06 AM
10/Nov/16 3:06 AM
Good morning.
10/Nov/16 4:01 AM

Didn't just miss 22.
10/Nov/16 4:01 AM
Missed it by an hour and a mile.
10/Nov/16 4:02 AM
Have been awake at this time most days since we got back from our trip, but avoiding this site at this hour, cos I don't wake myself up too much.
10/Nov/16 4:06 AM
Today the pooter was already on when I came out here, so I've taken advantage of that.
10/Nov/16 4:08 AM
Am mourning for my country.
10/Nov/16 4:29 AM
Good afternoon to all! A better picture today than yesterday.
10/Nov/16 5:15 AM
I'm (and most Canadians)are shocked at the results of yesterday's US election. A truly divided US, and a watch and see for the rest of the world.
10/Nov/16 5:17 AM
Many Americans are also shocked at the results, Greg.
I wonder if my shame and embarrassment will lessen over time. I sure hope so.
I just watched what will probably be the last gracious news conference from the White House for a long time.
Sorry, no puzzle today.
10/Nov/16 5:38 AM
It seems the U.S. voted to end the 'status quo', we know what is best for you, buy votes with handouts form of government. As Hillary once said (and people were OK with) ''What difference does it make''. Remember Benghazi???

10/Nov/16 6:04 AM
uno hu, Your mention of my name in the FPOD, put it back, again.
10/Nov/16 6:04 AM
Don't worry, Kathy, we're puzzled out.
10/Nov/16 6:04 AM
A good photo for a day like this.
10/Nov/16 6:15 AM
1:14. Good morning everyone.
10/Nov/16 7:11 AM
It looks like I'm a glutton for punishment, I've just put in my entry for another marathon, this one only three days from now. That'll be two marathons in four weeks. I had to wait until today to enter to see how my right hamstring was behaving, I pulled it on Saturday morning at the start of a 5km More...
10/Nov/16 7:16 AM
Morning all,someone likes scrap booking .
I could not believe that nearly all our TV channels were covering the election in the US all day, it didn't matter what was happening at home.
10/Nov/16 7:41 AM
Kathy and others, the US will be divided for a long time to come. Internationally, Trump has already alienated many trade and bilateral nations with his comments. He has already built walls around your borders, like it or not.
10/Nov/16 9:07 AM
Good luck in the future yanks.
10/Nov/16 9:08 AM
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