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Easy Sudoku for 10/December/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Time to fly
10/Dec/08 2:45 AM
Good morning!
How well I know chocolate and dogs don't mix! My wonderful husky, Nika, once got into the candy I had put away to make Easter baskets. She ate it all, including the wrapping. I'm talking BAGS here!
Syrup of ipecac, a trip to More...
10/Dec/08 2:47 AM
Sue earns the "holiday crown"!
10/Dec/08 2:51 AM
Is Santa Real?


May you always believe in Santa Claus

I remember my first Christmas adventure with Grandma. I was just a kid. I remember tearing across town on my bike More...
10/Dec/08 2:56 AM
I told her about how Bobby really needed a good winter coat. I didn't get any change, but she put the coat in a bag, smiled again, and wished me a Merry Christmas.

That evening, Grandma helped me wrap the coat in Christmas paper and ribbons and wrote, 'To Bobby, From More...
10/Dec/08 2:57 AM
One Easter I made brownies in a large pyrex glass pan (9"x13")then dropped the pan and swept up and threw away all the shards of glass and brownie stuff. Hours later we got home to find the dog had gotten into the trash, ate the fudge brownies and many sharp pieces of broken pyrex. The More...
10/Dec/08 3:00 AM
Oh, Jerry, you made me cry. Lvely story. Thank you.
10/Dec/08 3:04 AM
I know it is about 2 weeks till I leave to go south - but traveling over 3 mountain passes, and a valley often in Tule Fog this time of year, requires timing of storms and is weather dependent for me. Just checked the forcast for the dates I planned to travel. The forcast looks good - the snow More...
10/Dec/08 3:07 AM
I'm worried about Dave and his problem with wind ...
10/Dec/08 3:24 AM
Jerry, thank you. That was wonderful!
10/Dec/08 3:28 AM
always nice to read a good christmas story.
thanks Jerry
10/Dec/08 3:33 AM
Not to worry, Judy! He can't fly his plane, but he'll be self-propelled! LOOK! UP IN THE SKY!....
10/Dec/08 3:33 AM
Hey, Kathy ... that looks just like Dave! Uh, Mr. Amazing Antenna ... would you mind staying downwind?
10/Dec/08 3:39 AM
"Gosh, I thought rolling in that road kill made me smell GOOD".
10/Dec/08 3:42 AM
It is 37° out at 8:30 - the high is suppose to reach 49° today. I still need to get those last 90 tulips planted, before the next storm - even though my foot still hurts. The doc gave me anti-biotics for a possible infection (swelling) from the bite. There is no fog to contend with today. Possible snow this weekend.
10/Dec/08 3:43 AM
That is 32° not 37°
10/Dec/08 3:53 AM
Just noticed that my page has 120 messages. Who wants to get my page 4 off to a good start?
10/Dec/08 4:01 AM
Off we go into the wild blue yonder ... I'm going to land in my shop and work on airplanes all day.
10/Dec/08 4:08 AM
Eve, to answer your question...
NO!!! The Christmas tree was not knocked over! My son just noticed the dog was throwing up but nothing was coming up and wondered why. Went on a search and then remembered the chocolate in the ornament and saw that it was missing. (This is the dog that eats whole More...
10/Dec/08 4:10 AM
Cider House Rules?!

Poor Rockefeller! He should take a lesson from Schultz ... Schultz knows how to unwrap things properly!
10/Dec/08 4:25 AM
Kate - excellent pun. gonna go get my winter perm.
10/Dec/08 4:32 AM
Thanks, Sheila, for opening up p.4. Everyone's invited. I'm having a p. 4 party. All I want for Christmas is lotsa visitors! Okay, I'll take stocking stuffers, too. Mine is always empty because I'm the Mom and no one thinks to put anything in my stocking.
10/Dec/08 4:37 AM
I've heard before that chocolate is poisonous to dogs, and it's probably not a good idea to let them have have it and fall in love with it. I've also heard of a dog eating an entire "Death by Chocolate" cake with no ill effects. I've also heard that chocolate for dogs is in the same More...
10/Dec/08 4:39 AM
Good morning all! I slept in today, but woke up in time to turn on the news and see my Governor has been arrested.
10/Dec/08 5:33 AM
Such a happy doggie!
10/Dec/08 5:44 AM
10/Dec/08 6:09 AM
10/Dec/08 6:47 AM
Terry - what IS it with Illinois? This isn't the first Prairie State governor to be charged with corruption. And of course, let's not forget about the shenanigans pulled by Chicago's Mayor Daley (Richard J., that is) for years and years!

Almost makes me wish I weren't from Illinois!!!
10/Dec/08 6:51 AM
Afternoon All...Jerry, A lovely Christmas story indeed...Thank You!
Eve, Take care of that foot now.
For those with weather related blues, may things change for the better...
Welcome to all newbies, and congratulations for those celebrating more than life. To those traveling...Go safely! More...
10/Dec/08 6:52 AM
Nat King Cole performs the Christmas song on my page....and I'm off to try and upload a couple of pictures of my Earth Angel...will let you know when finished...I must try to resize them first...
10/Dec/08 6:55 AM
HI all! YEEESSSSS! I've just finished writing my Xmas cards - one of the things I put off doing the most - they're always late and they'll be late again this year - seems the last valid delivery date for mail to the UK was the day before the day before yesterday! Never mind they'll get there eventually!
10/Dec/08 7:13 AM
OK, as for yesterday's riddle - it was very complicated and the clever people didn't even try so it must have been tooo difficult even for them - CynB tried but her answer was so complicated I couldn't work out whether it was correct or not - I'll give her the benefit of the Scottish doubt, which doesn't come to much to be honest!!
10/Dec/08 7:21 AM
Here's today's one - a bit easier! Answers to my inbox please!
What phrase is represented below?

GulpGulp LIONS
GulpGulpGulp NS

10/Dec/08 7:23 AM
'tis indeed fair quiet on the site tonight...
10/Dec/08 7:46 AM
1:39, a very eay way to start the day. all.
10/Dec/08 7:47 AM
Just back from my ladies' lunch and want to chime in with my thanks for the story, Jerry! Beautiful.
10/Dec/08 8:03 AM
Mission Accomplished...You-tube has Nat King Cole singing The Christmas Song, and I've added a few pictures of my Earth Angel, Angelique taken on my recent visit in SF....many have inquired and of course as the proud, loving Great-grandmom...I'm happy to show her off...
10/Dec/08 8:06 AM
Good afternoon. We just got back from getting a tree. It is soaking up water as I type. Did you know it only takes about 15-20 minutes for the trunk to seal itself after you cut it? We got it home, cut off about 2" from the trunk, and plopped it into a bucket. We'll bring it in and decorate in 2 days. Get them into water quickly, folks!
10/Dec/08 8:07 AM
Mama, Angelique is beautiful!
She is indeed an angel
10/Dec/08 8:19 AM
Hello everyone, Cider looks happy. Welcome to all the newbies and is that Glinda of the "Loves her toast fame" I miss her toasty remarks!
10/Dec/08 8:19 AM
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