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Easy Sudoku for 10/December/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Someone's hobby?
10/Dec/16 12:04 AM
2:13 Very slow tonight. Must be time for bed.

Good night all!
10/Dec/16 12:11 AM
G'morning ...enjoy whatever your day has to offer!
10/Dec/16 12:20 AM
10/Dec/16 12:24 AM
Amazing what one can do with a Lincoln Log set.
10/Dec/16 12:27 AM
Overcast with snow-covered lawn.
Son & family went home after 9 days at our house. Their house is freshly painted and wood floors refinished just in time for my grandson's 11th birthday party this afternoon.
10/Dec/16 2:16 AM

I just inadvertently posted on yesterday's page.

So, again!
10/Dec/16 2:20 AM
We have a new round-about up the street from our house. Yesterday during the first snow of the season there was a police car - with lights flashing - sitting in the center of the round-about and four cars in the ditch - one in each direction. Think maybe people should slow down to the 15mph speed limit???
10/Dec/16 2:21 AM
I was thinking of getting the little ones Lincoln Logs for Christmas. I couldn't find them anywhere in the stores. Probably a good thing. When I mentioned to their Mom that I couldn't find them, her comment was, ''Good! They leave enough on the floor as it is!''.
10/Dec/16 2:24 AM
Bet they will slow down from now on, Shiela.
10/Dec/16 2:26 AM
Forget the Loncoln logs. Our two grandsons get them out every time the come for a visit. I spend the next week discovering new hiding places and don't dare walk barefoot thru the house at night without my steel toe work boots.
If you want them entertained put a little honey or syrup on their hands and give them a feather to play with....outside.
10/Dec/16 2:33 AM
10/Dec/16 2:36 AM
Good Maen, good people. Our snowstorm forecast fizzled. Instead of a whopping 8'+ of snow for our first true winter snowfall we got barely 3'. The lake effect snowbands were open and lacey down here in our corner of the state, so we didn't get the wall of white they're looking at farther North.
10/Dec/16 3:01 AM
Awww, Scrooge, Lincoln Logs are great! Admittedly, though, we keep them at the cabin and not here at home! Make sure you get the heavier wooden ones, though, Batty, rather than the paper-light or plastic new ones! We built our substantial collection from eBay, where you can find the More...
10/Dec/16 3:02 AM
However, Jeb, we DO suffer the same pain and agony at home from the humungeous Lego collection here ...
10/Dec/16 3:05 AM
Oops. That was supposed to be inches, ' mark, not feet! I think the site converted the punctuation because I know I typed it correctly.
10/Dec/16 3:06 AM
They were warning that there would be dangerous driving conditions, so we cancelled our December robotics meeting. Unnecessarily it turns out. Sigh.
10/Dec/16 3:09 AM
But we made the most of the evening. I made pizza and salad and we had friends over for dinner and talked and played a game called Bring Your Own Book. It's a card deck of prompts and everyone has a book (traded at certain points in the game) from which they must find a word or phrase or passage More...
10/Dec/16 3:16 AM
I hear a lot of ''Sure, you can get it for them as long as they leave it at your house''.
There is now one whole closet of ''left'' toys.
I'll look on eBay for the wooden ones. Thanks for the tip, Witchy!
10/Dec/16 3:19 AM
I love that type of game, Plum! I'll have to look into that, too!
10/Dec/16 3:20 AM
We didn't have lincoln logs growing up, though friends did. We had plastic legos, wooden tinker toys and a metal detector set. Plus there were also plenty of plastic Barbie pieces to attack the unwary traveller crossing the playroom.
10/Dec/16 3:20 AM
10/Dec/16 3:21 AM
Sounds like a fun game, Plum.

We've got a light dusting of snow here, but slopes open south of us this weekend. As long as roads are good to get there, we've got skiing on our calendar.
10/Dec/16 3:23 AM
We have an embarrasingly huge collection of games. No broadcast or cable TV, but a LOT of games. One I recommend for grandparents and parents of eearly elementary school aged kids is called Sleeping Queens (though we adults like to play, too!). Once kids are introduced to it, it also More...
10/Dec/16 3:38 AM
When the kids were young, we had the ubiquitous green shag in the house. My son liked to play with the little green soldiers (think Toy Story!) in the dark before going to sleep at night. Just recently ... 30 years later! ... he admitted his perpetual joy, when I came into his room to check on More...
10/Dec/16 3:40 AM
Its fun to sit to the side and hear kids arguing about what position the pig dice have landed in.
10/Dec/16 3:41 AM
Wow - that is quite a detailed, precise & intricate model - and despite Hall's tongue-in-cheek comment - that 'ain't' no Lincoln Log model!!
10/Dec/16 3:59 AM
...or Hal
10/Dec/16 4:00 AM
10/Dec/16 4:21 AM
When my boys were growing up, we had Lincoln logs, Erector sets, the wooden tinker toys, and Legos. By the time the younger one arrived, we marked off a four foot square in the corner of his bedroom for Legos and said he could leave his Lego projects unmolested there. It worked! I no longer stepped on Lego pieces around the house!
10/Dec/16 4:25 AM
Judy, the best toy-on-the-floor pain relieve medicine, though, is watching Nana with her grandchildren. Makes up for all the tumultuous aftermath.
10/Dec/16 4:36 AM
Awwww, Jeb ... very sweet ... yes.
10/Dec/16 4:57 AM
shosho - smart boundary setting. JEB - you just redeemed yourself.
10/Dec/16 5:03 AM
Am I correct in assuming this is a model of a Buddhist temple? I wonder why it was constructed and by whom.
10/Dec/16 5:04 AM
For those of you still dealing with the mess of Legos ... or have children who deal with it ... we came up with and provided a pretty good solution. We cut a piece of plywood that would just fit lengthwise under our grandson's bed. We sanded it well and covered it with the flat base plates More...
10/Dec/16 5:11 AM
Morning all,a model of what the temple will look like.
Hadn't heard of Lincoln logs before but Lego yes,ouch. 😬
10/Dec/16 5:55 AM
Visiting day to see my Aunt so no time to dilly dally , have a great everyone.
10/Dec/16 6:02 AM
10/Dec/16 6:14 AM
10/Dec/16 6:18 AM
10/Dec/16 6:19 AM
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