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Easy Sudoku for 10/December/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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1:53 Lovely sunset.
Good night one and all!
10/Dec/17 12:07 AM
1.57. Snowing here at the moment. Could do with some of that sunshine.
10/Dec/17 12:43 AM
Everybody!! I'm up early today. Going to a Cribbage tournament an hour or so away.
10/Dec/17 1:13 AM
Good morning to all! No big plans for today. No snow here Jim!
10/Dec/17 1:50 AM
10/Dec/17 1:58 AM
A duck walks into a pub and orders a pint of beer and a ham sandwich.

The barman looks at him and says,
'Hang on! You're a duck.'

'I see your eyes are working,' replies the duck.

'And you can talk!' Exclaims the barman.

'I see your ears are working, too,' Says More...
10/Dec/17 2:13 AM
Snowing and not sunbeam to see.
Hope you have a bit of sunshine in your day.
10/Dec/17 2:55 AM
(Snagged for Shosho. Maybe she'll pass it on to her son in the fire zone.)
10/Dec/17 2:56 AM
10/Dec/17 3:57 AM
Neil: Thanks! Good laugh!
10/Dec/17 4:30 AM
Time to change avatars!!
10/Dec/17 4:32 AM
OK. Once more!
10/Dec/17 4:34 AM
10/Dec/17 4:39 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!!!
10/Dec/17 4:41 AM
We are having our first snowfall today, too. It's pretty out there. I confess to being one of those odd people that like snow.
10/Dec/17 4:52 AM
10/Dec/17 4:54 AM
I'll pass some luck onto my son's family. They were able to go home with house intact. The Liberty Fire came very close to their house but it's 90% contained now. But this Monday the US Navy is shipping him out so I'm praying that nothing else will happen.
10/Dec/17 4:56 AM
Where are they shipping him to, Shosho? Here's hoping that containment continues to 100%.
10/Dec/17 5:20 AM
Clear & Cool this morning. 25°F or -4°C. The frost has the grass and most other horizontal surfaces white. Pretty...

There are 'hardcore' skydivers going up. Brrrrrr.
10/Dec/17 5:39 AM
Happy Saturday! Breakfast is done, now off to donate blood at the Red Cross. TTFN!
10/Dec/17 5:41 AM
Didn't see that one coming, Neil...
10/Dec/17 5:43 AM
10/Dec/17 5:43 AM
I have spent the morning giving half my family gift suggestions for the other half. Why they think I am the Gift Guru, I don't know.

I am off to wrap door prizes for a dinner party we are attending next week. I have set up a wrapping station in a spare bedroom. I actually HAVE a spare More...
10/Dec/17 5:43 AM
Good afternoon all, from a chilly snowbird in Florida. I have been away from the site for a few weeks. My recently widowed sister flew down for a couple of weeks, & the two of us went on a Caribbean cruise. We had a wonderful time and she has just flown home, so here I am again. Many areas of the southern USA have been inundated with snow. Thankfully none in this area of Florida.
10/Dec/17 5:44 AM
OOPS! Almost pounced on!

10/Dec/17 5:45 AM
Sunsets are popular photography subjects - we've had some rather dazzling ones as rewards here lately!
10/Dec/17 5:51 AM
Hello all - ...pretty funny for all these south & east coast folks having snow - the snow for which we were preparing but swooshed south of us! Hope all are having fun with their rare event!
10/Dec/17 5:56 AM
That was a good one, Neil!
10/Dec/17 5:57 AM

Beautiful sunset Waikiki beach
Lovely photo
10/Dec/17 6:24 AM
Morning all, beautiful sunset.
I have finished the Christmas shopping , Bill hasn't . 😃
10/Dec/17 6:48 AM
Kathy, my son is a civilian working for the Navy. And as to where they send him? Last time it was somewhere in the Pacific where they had him do the techy part in the ship to shore communication on a newly commissioned ship.
10/Dec/17 6:51 AM
everybody, that is a magic photo
10/Dec/17 7:27 AM
33 cheers
10/Dec/17 7:28 AM
1:28. Good morning everyone.

About to set of on a 20km run up a mountain - for once I'm asking myself 'why?'
10/Dec/17 7:34 AM
Repost from yesterday: We are playing another round of Quicktionary, a word game by Forrest-Pruzan Creative, published by Chronicle Books, www.chroniclebooks.com. If you like it, buy it for at home play.

With Quicktionary there are no right answers that I have sitting in front of me. What More...
10/Dec/17 7:50 AM
Chris - Run UP a MOUNTAIN?

I guess it's easier to get home when you're done than if the reverse were true?
10/Dec/17 7:54 AM
Plum, how's your ailing back - any better? Hope so!
10/Dec/17 10:28 AM
Chris, my nephew, long ago ran a 5 k with me. This one was in downtown LA with two steep hills. Somehow my nephew got it in his head to run uphill and walk downhill! Ack! I disabused him of that idea.
10/Dec/17 10:42 AM
This is the same nephew who took 6 hours to do a marathon. Why? In his words the lines were long - in the two McDonalds. Hmmm, coach said that the entire team had to stay together, so when the lead turned into McDonald, they all went! Twice even!
10/Dec/17 10:44 AM
10/Dec/17 10:45 AM
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