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Easy Sudoku for 10/December/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Morning all.
10/Dec/18 12:06 AM
Eileen , you're lucky you still have your fingers after hand feeding that lot.
10/Dec/18 12:13 AM
But Amelia, it's not morning in NSW.
Good Maen to all.
10/Dec/18 12:14 AM
Where are the early birds that are usually here, still snoozing I suppose.
10/Dec/18 12:15 AM
Hello Wolf, it's morning for you though.
10/Dec/18 12:17 AM
Time to catch some ZZZ goodnight all
10/Dec/18 12:26 AM
1:52 Good night one and all!
10/Dec/18 12:41 AM
Everybody!! Bad cards yesterday. Hopefully Cribbage will treat me better today!
10/Dec/18 1:29 AM
2:09. ''Morning all!
10/Dec/18 1:39 AM
I am off to a colonial farm with the family in a while. I was trying to work a little on Wombat's poozle. I won't have time to finish it today, if ever. I will be dealing with a dead battery in my car tomorrow. I got a jump and got it to the garage, but, they won't get to it until tomorrow. Who knows when.
10/Dec/18 2:34 AM
10/Dec/18 2:40 AM
I learned long ago to throw the food up and a bit off to the side!
10/Dec/18 4:35 AM
Did they bite you ,Eileen? Nice photo, with the birds against that blue sky.
10/Dec/18 6:51 AM
Hello folks -
Hope your cribbage cards were more useful for you today, Denny
A dead car battery & a colonial farm - off to figure out other transport methods, Kathy?

10/Dec/18 8:02 AM
I needed to do the puzzle to appreciate all the commentary - - my question is:
Why would anyone feed seagulls?

Whenever anyone does it at the beach or at an outdoor restaurant... all others immediately escape the rains of poop!
10/Dec/18 8:05 AM
Today had the best weather forecast for this entire week: big sunshine, barely a whisker of wind, temps above freezing... perfect day for doing the outside Christmas garlands... ALL DONE!

Nevertheless - it was still uncomfortably cold!
10/Dec/18 8:31 AM
Shosho, thats a clever trick. I usually throw my food up all over the ground in front of me
10/Dec/18 8:37 AM
Wombat - you did it again!

Ridiculously challenging & deceptively obscure... hope you laugh all the time you are creating these!
10/Dec/18 9:45 AM
Rats - with wings...
10/Dec/18 9:47 AM
All set for an ambler, gallumpher, pouncer, or a silent slitherer!
10/Dec/18 9:49 AM
I was just amblin' by and look what I found......
10/Dec/18 11:23 AM
I'll just tuck this twenty two into my bag and amble on...
10/Dec/18 11:24 AM
If you're lookin' for it Keith, I have it. It's in good hands.
10/Dec/18 11:27 AM
DoA's Rats with wings - $hite hawks here!
10/Dec/18 11:28 AM
A long time ago when my eldest son was a young tacker he was very late talking. Where we lived in England we used to walk to the shops and there were always large flocks of pigeons. I used to wheel his pushchair towards them muttering bloody pigeons. One day from his pushchair More...
10/Dec/18 12:34 PM
Good one, Arachnid.
10/Dec/18 12:38 PM
1:35. Good afternoon everyone.
10/Dec/18 1:20 PM

Out of the mouths of babes........

10/Dec/18 2:00 PM
Hello all, quick pop in for the puzzles. I should be working
10/Dec/18 2:52 PM
Just strolling along...
10/Dec/18 7:04 PM
Singing a song...
10/Dec/18 7:05 PM
Side by side...
10/Dec/18 7:06 PM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it strolling along
Matter of fact I got it now
An ice cold VB Ahhh Creers
10/Dec/18 7:07 PM
And a CP
10/Dec/18 7:09 PM
angry birds
11/Dec/18 8:09 AM
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