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Easy Sudoku for 10/February/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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10/Feb/14 5:21 AM
Veni, vidi, whee whee!
And a CP!!
10/Feb/14 5:22 AM
My thoughts go out to all my Victorian friends who were threatened by or suffered in the bushfires yesterday.
10/Feb/14 5:23 AM
Ian - It's good to see you check in. How are you and your wife doing? I hope her therapy is helping her gain strength. Make sure you take care of yourself as well as her!
10/Feb/14 6:25 AM
Heidi on the first of your 2 special days!
10/Feb/14 6:26 AM
OMG! So many people to mention.
Amelia - hope all goes well with your mum and they sort out their problems quickly.
Shosho - hope the knee gets better quickly!
Ian - how are you coping and how is Anne? Bet you are really busy with rehab.
Hope everyone is safe - fires are terrifiying. God bless our firies and keep them safe.
Love to you all! xxx
10/Feb/14 6:44 AM
10/Feb/14 6:54 AM
1:46. Good morning everyone.
10/Feb/14 6:59 AM
Sacky - But was the chicken 'artistically' placed on your plate?
10/Feb/14 7:25 AM
Those who thought bubonic plague was a disease of the past, may want to read this. Cat lovers should look also.

http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/bubonic-plague-survivor-speaks-recovery-ar ticle-1.1600598
10/Feb/14 7:28 AM
To all my friends who have enquired, Anne is coming along just fine. She seems to have restored virtually full control over her right hand and foot, and her speech has improved dramatically since the early days. As for me, my aim is to wake up at least once each day. When people ask, I tell them that I'm happy to be warm and vertical. (in other words, I'm OK)
Thank you for your concern.
10/Feb/14 7:40 AM
Good morning everyone. Yep DoA it was nicely presented, but got very messed up when I went looking for the chicken. Hubby pinched a piece early while he waited for his meal, not realising he had decimated my stock. He ordered a lamb pie, which was microwaved! We're not going back!
10/Feb/14 7:51 AM
The other day I was watching a couple of black cockatoos near the front of my house. I had taken a few photos and thought that was it. Suddenly the male bird started feeding the other. I was so surprised and just a tad excited! I've put some pics of the event on my page if anyone wants a look.
10/Feb/14 7:56 AM

Hal, Ian posted this for you blokes yesterday...........just in case you missed it, here it is again......enjoy!

10/Feb/14 8:22 AM

Sacky, great shots. You are too good with that camera.
10/Feb/14 8:23 AM

Do you like my Tasmanian avatar?
10/Feb/14 8:24 AM

Ian, good to see that Anne is improving and that you are warm and upright.
10/Feb/14 8:25 AM

Ah what the hell, why not? A CP from me!
10/Feb/14 8:26 AM
Glad to hear the good news, Ian. Hope Anne has a full recovery.
10/Feb/14 8:53 AM
Peter, I saw the video this morning. T'was a good one. Thanks.
10/Feb/14 8:55 AM
I think your avatar is a ripper, Peter. I meant to com bent the other day. It might be a bit subtle though!
10/Feb/14 9:05 AM
comment not com bent. Grrr!
10/Feb/14 9:07 AM
I kinda like com bent, Sacky.
10/Feb/14 9:34 AM
I agree, Hal - certainly an interesting switch, Sacky!!
10/Feb/14 9:45 AM
Heidi More...
10/Feb/14 9:53 AM

Hal, did you notice on the video that there were a series of XXXs painted on the sides of the aircraft. During the war they used to paint scantily clad ladies on their 'planes.......political correctness gone beserk
10/Feb/14 10:33 AM
From memory, Peter, Mr P described at least one flight like that when training on one of 'our' fast jets.
10/Feb/14 10:52 AM
And, it doesn't mention the effect on some unsuspecting hiker/tourist when a huge extremely noisy jet buzzes you.
10/Feb/14 10:54 AM
Peter, did you notice the XXXs on Sacky's cockatoos?

Good pictures, Sacky. I haven't visited your gallery lately. Will try to get back there, soon.
10/Feb/14 12:32 PM
CP, your comment (com bent?) about the poor people on the ground reminded me of a flight I was on back in the early 70s.
10/Feb/14 12:49 PM
Long story, short. We flew over a fisherman in a boat less than 100 feet (33 meters) over his head. Last thing I saw was him falling backwards out of the boat.
10/Feb/14 12:53 PM
I had to rush away before I finished my train of thought, but I was going to suggest a good dose of Napisan Oxyaction in the wash may have been required.
10/Feb/14 1:00 PM
Peter, I did notice your new avatar and couldn't believe how close the resemblance to you was.
10/Feb/14 1:01 PM
Thanks Peter. We visited Wales many times after Anne's parents retired there and these blokes used to come barrelling down the Welsh valleys looking like they were enjoying themselves no end. Low flying is great FUN - or it would be if it wasn't so darned serious.
Confucius says - the closer you fly to the ground, the greater the chance of hitting it.
10/Feb/14 1:35 PM
Hello, everyone!
10/Feb/14 1:50 PM
After spending the day limping about, I'm rather tired of it and would like to straighten out my right leg! Had good look at my knee. Can a knee swell up all around the patella? It seems that my knee has done so.
10/Feb/14 1:51 PM
I guess I won't be running tomorrow morning. Hubby is rather adamant about that.
10/Feb/14 1:52 PM
Hmmmm . . . so close . . .
10/Feb/14 1:52 PM
Have been trying to post . . .
10/Feb/14 1:56 PM
Finally . . . BOPP!!!
10/Feb/14 1:57 PM
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