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Easy Sudoku for 10/March/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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TOPP and a CP!
10/Mar/12 4:24 AM
I am in a holding pattern right now. We were supposed to go to Kansas City for a wedding. TM is under the weather, but he refuses to let me cancel. I don't think he understands that gals don't just jump in the car and go. I will start to prepare like I'm going....I need a shower and shampoo More...
10/Mar/12 4:32 AM
The Waratah looks like it is from the Protea Family (like an Imperial).
10/Mar/12 4:37 AM
Oh, Sarah Beth - you made me LOL.
10/Mar/12 5:27 AM
Good mAen, good people. My MAen so far hasn't been great.

My tummy's still hurting and I'm not sure if it's because I'm hungry or because I'm sick. So I'm erring on the side of caution. And gurgling, too. Ugh.

Glad I don't have to work on a roof tomorrow.
But I was supposed to go to a farewell breakfast for a friend.
10/Mar/12 5:30 AM
I tried, tried and tried to see northern lights throughout the night. I stalked them online, too. Couldn't manage it and got chilled besides. Slept maybe a couple hours last night and on-and-off another hour and a half this noontime (with a heating pad on my feet). There has to be a better way to get to see them!
10/Mar/12 5:33 AM
Oh, Plum, it was amusing...now it appears we will have to "eat" our motel room. Ouch. I asked him 3 times yesterday if we should cancel. I am on hol now with the booking agent.. the computer told me no refund. The agent who heped me book last week said there would be a cancellation fee, but 100%!!!????
10/Mar/12 5:35 AM
Or were you laughing about my waxing oops!
10/Mar/12 5:35 AM
The puzzle photo sent me off in a search for a sense of scale. The flower is roughly the same height and width of an echinacea (purple coneflower), but with much more fullness.
10/Mar/12 5:39 AM
Your waxing oops. I never laugh about cancelled trips or "no refunds." That's serious, serious stuff.
10/Mar/12 5:41 AM
The funny thing is, there was a time that would have set me into a panic. Last night I thought about false eyelashes. I may even blow that off. The advantages of growing older. There are only about 4 missing in the middle of my right upper eyelid. Without mascara and with glasses on, it isn't even noticable...the advantages of being blond.
10/Mar/12 5:45 AM
I have spoken with a human being. I am on hold right now. After hearing my sad story, he volunteered to call the hotel and see it they would allow the refund. Three guesses where the call center is! At least I am listening to Pachabel's Canon and not something hideous.
10/Mar/12 5:48 AM
Maybe there are people who are attending the wedding who are trying to crowd several people into one hotel room. IF you can't get a refund and IF you are sure you don't want to go without him, maybe you can "sublet" your hotel room to other wedding guests?
10/Mar/12 5:49 AM
India, Ft. Lauderdale, India?
10/Mar/12 5:51 AM
Good news! I am refunded!
10/Mar/12 5:51 AM
(I may have to leave quickly. I'm feeling hot and flushed now and my stomach is cramping up ominously. The "light" food I've eaten feels like a lump.)
10/Mar/12 5:52 AM
Hooray!!! So, where was the call center?
10/Mar/12 5:53 AM
Plum, thought about going without him. His relatives, I get along well with them, but he nixed that idea. I suggested that I could go to continue my great quilt shop tour...he wehemently nixed that idea. I thought about seeing if someone needed a room, the hotel is right next to the venue for the More...
10/Mar/12 5:56 AM
Plum, I hope you feel better. We have congestion, coughing, fever and chills here. We have narrowed it down to the Gun Show he went to last weekend...only place where he was exposed to a lot of people. Now to take the trash to town.
10/Mar/12 5:57 AM
I grieve for you over your lost great quilt shop tour. That's a far worse loss than a few eyelashes.
I like the idea that call centers can be operated from anywhere in the world because of the anytime of the day, like the maen here - someone's always available.

It astounds me, More...
10/Mar/12 6:07 AM
I guess I'll go lie down and have the girls stick another movie in (or maybe the same one as I didn't see it the first time).
10/Mar/12 6:09 AM
Anne and I were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights during a visit to Yellowknife with my Canadian friends and fellow course mates on NDC. We were walking along the street headed for the RCMP Mess for dinner when we heard a noise and looked up and saw a fabulous, unforgettable display going on More...
10/Mar/12 6:40 AM
10/Mar/12 6:48 AM
10/Mar/12 6:56 AM
I should explain my quilt shop tour. Last year was Kansas' sesquacentenial (150 years) celebration of statehood. I read about some people riding their bikes 150 miles or hiking in all the counties, or running 150 miles, or visiting 150 something or other. I decided that it would be great fun to More...
10/Mar/12 7:43 AM
Sarah Beth, you MUST come to our part of Florida. We have many fabulous quilt shops! You'll go crazy here. You can very quickly add to your 150 quest.
If you've not been to Sunflower Quilts in Derby, KS, be sure to drive a few minutes south when you are next in Wichita.
10/Mar/12 8:05 AM
There are also a LOT of quilt shops and quilters in this area of Kentucky. Including Amish ones.
10/Mar/12 9:40 AM
Chalkboard, I do like to visit quilt shops when I travel. I am trying to get the 150 in Kansas. I have been to Sunflower Quilts. I got some fabric there, and said heelo to Louie (resident poodle).
10/Mar/12 9:43 AM
2.24 Hi all
10/Mar/12 9:57 AM
Heidi, the Paducah Quilt Shpw is on my bucket list!
10/Mar/12 10:00 AM
I am back on hold. Pachabel's Canon yet. They only refunded $15 of the $81 charge. I called the hotel directly, and they said they totally released the room. I may not be using this service again. I called theid US line instead of their 800 number this time.
10/Mar/12 10:02 AM
10/Mar/12 10:03 AM
TM is snoozing in his chair. I made a run to town to get him food, called his cousin with regrets, and have stayed in another room and tried to keep quiet so as not to bother him. I am a slob cause I'm not cleaning the house.
10/Mar/12 10:08 AM
Plum, as an unemployed person myself, I agree with your comment tat it is too bad that they are outsourcing the phone centers overseas when there are plenty of unemployed people in the US. I spoke with "Summer" this time, still an overseas operator. She assured me that I would get my More...
10/Mar/12 10:11 AM
Good afternoon - just.
10/Mar/12 12:15 PM
Been out looking for souvenirs to take home
10/Mar/12 12:16 PM
Very hot in Port Vila, so we are back at the resort cooling off.
10/Mar/12 12:18 PM
I managed to get a bit lost before meeting everyone at an agreed cafe, was a bit panicky.
10/Mar/12 12:20 PM
Haven't found any quilt shops here, so was stumped for gifts for my quilt group.
10/Mar/12 12:21 PM
But I did find some tea towels that amused me, so that's what they're getting.

But first.......
10/Mar/12 12:23 PM
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