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Easy Sudoku for 10/March/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Back from a wonderful cruise to and from the Panama Canal.
We also visited Aruba, Cartagena Columbia, Belize. It was
lots of fun. Now back to work.
10/Mar/17 12:00 AM
10/Mar/17 12:54 AM
2:14 Hello Wolf and Hal, Goodnight all who follow.
10/Mar/17 12:56 AM
Off tonight to see the Irish Rovers at the local stop of their Farewell Tour! Should be a rollicking good time! I never cease to be amazed at people who sit motionless at a Celtic concert, neither clapping nor tapping their feet! There is something seriously WRONG with those people! More...
10/Mar/17 1:14 AM
Good morning Wolf, Hall & Judy; nite nite Anne!  Winds have died down considerably, schools in entire county closed, line repairmen & tree trimmers along with snowplow operators moving downed trees - all flooding the area.  Close to 100 thousand folks powerless.....  and here comes the sun!  Have a good day!
10/Mar/17 2:07 AM
A pint or two of Guinness with a whisky bump helps to get them more 'animated' so I've heard.
10/Mar/17 2:10 AM
That puzzle took me forever so I tried it backward - only had to finish with a couple 9 entries to have another Year of the RAT parade photo appear!
10/Mar/17 2:24 AM
10/Mar/17 2:52 AM
...or maybe they go expecting 'My Wild Irish Rose' and get 'Mo Ghile Mear' and don't know what to do with it.
10/Mar/17 2:53 AM
To everyone!
10/Mar/17 2:56 AM
Judy, I saw The Irish Rovers years ago. You are in for a treat!
We stopped at those places on a cruise, too, Wolf. I'm sure you heard the term ''unbelizeable!'' more than once. Glad you had such a good time!
Here's hoping things get back to normal sooner, rather than later, Joyce.
10/Mar/17 3:13 AM
The answers to yesterday's pooze:

whole whale (full bull), other otter (sub cub), near bear, wolf golf, sheep sheen (swine shine), goat coat (coati coat, coat cat), skunk spunk (braver beaver, cow wow, gull gall), mouse mousse (snake snare, b*tch hitch), pig wig, horse hose (leopard More...
10/Mar/17 3:23 AM
10/Mar/17 3:25 AM
Yesterday's pooze???? Geez. That's how ''poozle'' came to be in the first place. I guess next week I'll be posting a new pooze for your contemplation.
10/Mar/17 3:28 AM
You can put that stuff in the mail?
10/Mar/17 4:39 AM
Happy Thursday!
10/Mar/17 4:40 AM
Morning all, still haven't seen the rat.
I'm glad I wasn't the only one that had trouble with that easy.
10/Mar/17 5:18 AM
Drats , forgot Kathy's poozle when I finally got home yesterday.
10/Mar/17 5:23 AM
Still away from home, but I'm finding I have more time to come here than I thought I would.
10/Mar/17 6:03 AM
So, here I am, with nothing to do ...
10/Mar/17 6:04 AM
But to go for it. Gallump.
10/Mar/17 6:04 AM
10/Mar/17 6:05 AM
Panting in for a CP.
10/Mar/17 6:06 AM
10/Mar/17 6:19 AM
Good mAen, good people. Got my electric power restored.
10/Mar/17 7:30 AM
And my electronics charged.
10/Mar/17 7:31 AM
We have a Robotics club meeting tonight.
10/Mar/17 7:40 AM
We have a Robotics club meeting tonight.

Now does my plum robot show?
10/Mar/17 7:46 AM
I may as well help herald in St Patrick's Day.
10/Mar/17 7:51 AM
We have a number of Chieftains cds.
10/Mar/17 7:59 AM
Thanks for the reminder, Plum, though I've just been reading about that the 4 leaf clover has nothing to do with Ireland. It's the 3 leaf clover that should be used for St. Patrick's Day ... Holy Trinity and all. At least mine is drawn in a Celtic style ... meeting it half way.
10/Mar/17 9:10 AM
A guy named Troy from Newcastle NSW was the big winner ($18,400) on Wheel Of Fortune tonight.
10/Mar/17 11:38 AM
🌔good maEn
10/Mar/17 12:36 PM
Just back from celebrating hubby's birthday!
10/Mar/17 2:19 PM
Kathy - maybe with the 'luck of the Irish' no 4 leaf clovers are necessary? Of course, I'd rather rely on the Trinity than luck!

I am at the moment wearing a t-shirt with a 4 leaf clover, but it's a 4-H t-shirt, not Irish, not lucky.
10/Mar/17 4:45 PM
I was just at the medium sudoku and was reminded of the tongue twister 'how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?' Is this tongue twister popular worldwide or just regional to where woodchucks live?
10/Mar/17 5:15 PM
Are there distinctly Australian tongue twisters we in the USA may not know (or be able to say or to understand)? Time for a tongue twister parade?
10/Mar/17 5:17 PM
Happy belated birthday, Mr shosho.
10/Mar/17 5:45 PM
Well I've run down all my electronics again and it's almost 2 am here, so I should try to break this insomnia with a bite to eat and maybe a sip of wine. I'll plug everything in, tuck myself in and maybe be able to go back to sleep? If not, I'll try a book in the living room.
10/Mar/17 5:49 PM
Home again and just in time to turn the page.
10/Mar/17 9:34 PM
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