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Easy Sudoku for 10/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Ding, Ding Ding
10/May/08 8:52 AM

An older couple is lying in bed one morning. They had just awakened
from a good night's sleep.

He takes her hand and she responds, "Don't touch me."

"Why not?" he asked.

She answered, "Because I'm dead."
10/May/08 9:20 AM
Oh Miz T....That's priceless!!!! I really understand that!
10/May/08 9:24 AM
MizTricia, that was funny :) haha.
10/May/08 9:32 AM
1.53 great photo, colours and contrasts are fantastic
10/May/08 9:35 AM
after reading that MizT I know I am alive ........
10/May/08 9:36 AM
The USS Tarawa is visiting Hobart at the moment. I've posted a few pics of the day.
10/May/08 9:55 AM
maeN all! Going to bed after a nice caed playing with friends, I didn't stop losing, fortunately in the other camp, my husband didn't stop winning! Very happy to hear good news from Win and Jano. Happy birthday Emily!
10/May/08 9:57 AM
wishing you a very happy birthday
10/May/08 10:00 AM
i just typed "Sudokuland" into google images and it came up with avatar sized pictures that im sure ive seen somewhere before but i cant quite put my mouse on.
try it for yourself!
10/May/08 10:24 AM
Ariane, Very Curious! Didn't realize our personal pages could be accessed via Google. Or maybe it's because we are members that we can.
10/May/08 10:50 AM
Okay, here are a few people that I'm not yet sure if they have a page, or are still around, but they had posted to me while I was away, and I want to say hello, and thank you to.

Col from Vic, miss you. hope all is well.
Lk- MN, are you still around? I hope all is well with you, More...
10/May/08 11:37 AM
Marylinn, to access members, select "Members" from the top of this page. Then type in either their name OR their location. Their names should come up if they are still around. Then select which one if there is more than one with the same name.
10/May/08 11:42 AM
I'm ready to tackle a hike up the mountain face - in my ideal world I can do anything - I have a great fanasty life Mary
10/May/08 12:05 PM
opps, I'm really on my high horse tonight !!!
10/May/08 12:06 PM
I'll just sit in this corner and enjoy my drink waiting for my son to call me to come pick him up - enjoy your nite, Mary
10/May/08 12:07 PM
Sudokuland, I'm baaack!!!
Have escaped from hospital and home!
Hope your day is as good as mine!
10/May/08 12:19 PM
Hooray! Broni! Yippee!! Bring on the drinks, Mymare!
10/May/08 12:23 PM
By the way, Mymare... Maybe your SON should drive if you've been drinking!
10/May/08 12:24 PM
Uhoh Spaghettio!
Broni's back
10/May/08 12:26 PM
2.17 Great photo.
Photographer must be very tall!
10/May/08 12:33 PM
everyone, its a cool and cloudy day here no rain in sight though. Emily enjoy your day. Marylinn nice to see you back on site, Broni's escaped More...
10/May/08 12:38 PM
I bid your pardon
10/May/08 12:38 PM
Sorry! Couldn't resist, Mymare!
10/May/08 12:44 PM
well, okay, and since they are drinks on the web, I believe we can have another - here's to you and with my son being 16 and on a learner's permit, I expect some slack
10/May/08 12:51 PM
Hey drinks are on me, what are you all having???
10/May/08 12:54 PM
Ohhhhhhh! Cyber drinks! Can I join you? I think I'll have a Godiva Chocolate & Mandarin Orange Absolut martini! Yum!
10/May/08 12:56 PM
OK Sheila there you go, any other orders??? BTW off the booze until I finish the meds, so enjoy!And stop laughing DAG!
10/May/08 1:07 PM
marylinn - good to "see" you!! Got your message - will respond soon.
A quick "plea" - this is not on the order of some of the trouble we have recently seen on the site, but my church just received our second rejection in our hunt for a new pastor. A once incredibly vibrant More...
10/May/08 1:10 PM
Hi Broni, good to have you 'home'
10/May/08 1:12 PM
Bronti...why not just break out some good champagne to toast your escape???? If you're buying I'll let you call it ,but I do like Crystal....(If I can ever get some to try...Dom Perrieon(?) is also okay...I've had that...
So glad you are recovering...but do take it easy for a while!
10/May/08 1:14 PM
to you,
to you,
dear Emily!
to you!
May your day be wonderful with a and lots of !
10/May/08 1:15 PM
Thanks K it is great to be "HOME!" with my dog at my feet.
Marmacita anything you want is yours for the drinking! I don't even care that I will have to toast you with mineral water hehe! Just wait till I am off the wagon, end of May in Melbourne sounds real good.
10/May/08 1:21 PM
So, Broni, you have broken out of the hospital, eh? Uh ... what KIND of hospital?? Did they let you keep the straight jacket?

Good to hear from you!
10/May/08 1:23 PM
Dags do NOT laugh AT dags, only with them...and I'll have a double bubbly please!
10/May/08 1:26 PM
Ariane From Sydney

Yes and even on the google images I cannot make it in the first pages... quite the norm actually.
For anyone interested you can google your sudoku name and see what it has on you. Interesting.
10/May/08 1:26 PM
Hi Judy, yes had to wear the straight jacket under my clown suit to escape, don't think they would have taken too kindly to me asking them to remove before I left??
10/May/08 1:27 PM
Welcome back Broni.
Your girl must be happy to have you home. Just like us.
10/May/08 1:27 PM
Coming right up Dag!
10/May/08 1:27 PM
Thanks Madby, she is. Bella has not left my side even to go the loo!!!
10/May/08 1:29 PM
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