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Easy Sudoku for 10/May/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A Thought For The Day:

Old people have photographic memories ..... but some have no film in their old style cameras.
10/May/14 12:00 AM
Good Maen
10/May/14 12:01 AM
1:45. Hi and good night everyone.
10/May/14 12:04 AM
hope all is well in your world...

and Doug for your thoughts of the day, they always make me laugh
10/May/14 12:07 AM
You're welcome Lizzy.
10/May/14 12:13 AM
Maen everyone. It's been quite a while since on have been on here.. have missed it.
10/May/14 12:16 AM
Pretty flower. I'll let someone else identify it.
10/May/14 12:22 AM
Hi shosho.

Red, Brown, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange

In the today we have jamie, Judy, and Mads. Here are some magic beans just in case you want to grow your own beanstalk.
10/May/14 12:27 AM
It's a hibiscus, Serena. They grow well planted outdoors here is Central Florida and points south. The bloom only lasts a day, but they pop new ones much of the year. Come in many colors, white, yellow, orange, pink, red, and some with multiple colors or veining.
10/May/14 12:29 AM
I knew someone would know. This site is a wealth of knowledge.
10/May/14 12:30 AM
Fill in the middle word. This word should correspond with the first and last word.

1) Nail ________________ Stone
2) Staple ______________ Shot
3) Side ______________ Ladder
4) Electric ____________ Bit
5) Jack ______________ Head
6) Ply ______________ Chip
7) Duct More...
10/May/14 12:31 AM
back Meg.
10/May/14 12:34 AM
10/May/14 12:38 AM
HalT, I was just coming here to tell you something and there you are. What a coincidence.
10/May/14 12:41 AM
You are right that there isn't a whole lot of land to cover in VT. The problem is that there also isn't a lot of direct routes or interstates. It is very common to look up a destination that is about 30 minutes away and find out that it will take over and hour to get there. The book sale that I volunteer at is about a 7 mile 30 minute drive.
10/May/14 12:44 AM
Thanks, Serena! Very well put. Also, the state is very mountainous, so what might look like a straight shoot on a map will involve lot of ups and downs and arounds.
10/May/14 1:05 AM
& here Lynne and I were thinking it was an Amaryllis.
10/May/14 1:29 AM
Since I'm here,
10/May/14 1:29 AM
I might as well
10/May/14 1:29 AM
take care
10/May/14 1:29 AM
of business.
10/May/14 1:30 AM
10/May/14 1:30 AM
Beautiful hibiscus! Such large gorgeous blooms. Love 'em.
10/May/14 1:41 AM
Good morning people of the world.
10/May/14 2:02 AM
Another sneezing day around here. Today, M has joined me.

Yesterday's, T-storms, has really got whatever stirred up.
10/May/14 2:04 AM
Karen postings two days in a row. Are you making a comeback?
10/May/14 2:10 AM
I really messed up this year. I made the decision of not purchasing a calendar or date book, and put everything in my electronic toys.
Well, I learned quickly, that my dumb phone, was not dependable. Put everything in there, and, not blaming him, but Man, took my card out of my phone, and put More...
10/May/14 2:10 AM
Three days, Serena, but whose counting.
10/May/14 2:11 AM
Then to top things off, my computer did an upgrade, or it cleaned up, or did something, and wiped out everything. I now have a blank calendar and nothing on the schedule.

So, I am racking my brain, to remember what is happening this month. I do know we have some end of the year activities, More...
10/May/14 2:14 AM
I did learn yesterday, that K needed a white shirt and fabric paint at school today, for a Monday activity.

Oops. At least I found out before Monday.
10/May/14 2:16 AM
While I am on a roll....really wish I had some cheese right now...my email, has locked me out.

I did get warning, that I needed the code, they gave me, when I first opened the account. The code, they think I should remember, from almost 10 years ago. Do they not realize, that since, I More...
10/May/14 2:20 AM
After about, two months, of trying to get my address back, I gave up and now have a new account.
10/May/14 2:22 AM
10/May/14 2:24 AM
BTW, the email people, did give me an option, to have them call me and give me my code. One would think that would be a great and simple solution. That is, if I had my current phone number in my profile, which of course, I could not access, because I did not have the code.
10/May/14 2:24 AM
So, if you are keeping up, I no longer have anyone's birthday, anniversary, phone numbers, or email address.
10/May/14 2:26 AM
Oh Karen, the nightmare I had when my computer's hard drive went kaput! I lost tons of files, photos, music, ARGH!!! Luckily unbeknownst to me I had some back up! Like iTunes, it saved my purchased music but stuff I had gotten from friends who had lent me their cds I lost. IPhotos had most of my pictures but others which were given to me and saved in other files were lost.
10/May/14 2:27 AM
Race you, Karen!!!
10/May/14 2:27 AM
Aw, come on, Karen!
10/May/14 2:27 AM
Oh, wait. I did have two phone numbers, my mother's and the DISH man's.

As much as I would love to call my mother up, I can't and as cute as the DISH man was, I am afraid he would not remember me.
10/May/14 2:28 AM
Getting there!!!
10/May/14 2:28 AM
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