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Easy Sudoku for 10/July/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi shosho
10/Jul/12 5:38 AM
Hey I made it so ....
10/Jul/12 5:38 AM
Grass-hopper, Lizbaby, and Carmel!!!
10/Jul/12 5:39 AM
My d-in-l is off to their house in Japan tomorrow for a month
10/Jul/12 5:39 AM
My grand daughter learn both Japanese and Chinese now
10/Jul/12 5:40 AM
Grand daughters plural
10/Jul/12 5:40 AM
Oh after a long abscence can I cp
10/Jul/12 5:41 AM
10/Jul/12 5:41 AM
Yes and so to return to my usual lurking

So excited that I now have dates for my visit
10/Jul/12 5:42 AM
You can minimise jet lag by travelling eastabout. For example, the trip from Sydney to Los Angeles takes about 14 hours, you leave Sydney at 12.30 on a Saturday and arrive in Los Angeles at about 12.30 on the same Saturday. Tired, but no jet lag.
10/Jul/12 5:44 AM
Hey GannieMo, you snuck in! And wheed on me to boot!
10/Jul/12 5:48 AM
Well, Ian, I did something better. I left Tokyo 10 PM Sunday and got to Los Angeles, an hour before I left! Don't remember if there was a layover in Hawaii.
10/Jul/12 5:50 AM
Ian,I will probably be going London-Singapore- Melbourne what do you suggest? Sleeping tablets? Or just sit back and enjoy the inflight entertainment? The latter never seems to satisfy!
10/Jul/12 5:50 AM
I think I have a way of getting through customs very quickly! Have a bloody nose! The customs officials were very meticulous with everyone's luggage. But as soon as they saw me with blood all over my chest, they poked a couple of time in my suitcases and rushed me aboard the jet as fast as they could!
10/Jul/12 5:52 AM
GannieMo, get an iPad for the entertainment preloaded with a movie or two that you want. And for jet lag, they say to shine a light behind your knees. Don't really if it works but sounds crazy enough to surprise you.
10/Jul/12 5:54 AM
GannieMo, just sit back and relax with a good book, your body will sort itself out after a few days in Melbourne.
10/Jul/12 5:56 AM
Here's a youTube cure for jet lag- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59UwuHw1cwU
10/Jul/12 5:59 AM
I will only have about 5 days before I return to Singapore, Ian
10/Jul/12 6:00 AM
The jet lag is nowhere near as bad as travelling in the opposite direction. When I was working in London, we used to tell the Aussies who were staying with us - 'At about 7.00pm, you will turn into a zombie and fall asleep with your face in the soup. You will wake up at about 2.00 in the morning More...
10/Jul/12 6:01 AM
And here's an article from ABC 20/20 regarding shining a light behind your knees for jet lag http://abcnews.go.com/2020/story?id=124204&page=1#.T_s4c65ij5g
10/Jul/12 6:02 AM
10/Jul/12 6:03 AM
Missed by --- that much!
10/Jul/12 6:03 AM
GannieMo, don't worry, it gives you ulcers. Jet lag is not a fatal disease, it is just a bit of a pain in the butt for a couple of days and then you get over it.
10/Jul/12 6:05 AM
10/Jul/12 6:13 AM
shosho's hypnosis nearly did the trick - I yawned at the end of it!
10/Jul/12 6:14 AM
GannieMo, London to Sydney is a looong flight. My best advice is to exercise your feet and legs regularly, drink plenty of fluids, preferably non-alcoholic, and enjoy the experience.
10/Jul/12 6:15 AM
Watched both the youtubes - some interesting information, may try out bits of them.
10/Jul/12 6:15 AM
Did all that, Ian.
10/Jul/12 6:16 AM
With all the traveling I used to do, I don't remember having jet lag. From the States to Saudi Arabia, to Switzerland and back to Saudi Arabia, around the world twice, and many, many travels inbetween. Of course, I was in my teens then.
10/Jul/12 6:16 AM
I rather think that if I sit on the plane shining a torch at the back of my knees I may be escorted away in a white van by men in white coats !
10/Jul/12 6:17 AM
I must admit that normally I sleep as soon as food is served and try to stay that way for as long as possible. It all depends on the others on the plane. Normally noisey little people.
10/Jul/12 6:18 AM
I'm not a natural lover of flying. Apparently I will be in a 777-300 so turbulence could be quite noted. At least it was the last ime I flew in one, but that was Air France.
10/Jul/12 6:21 AM
I shall be with Sing. Air for the first flight.
10/Jul/12 6:22 AM
Oh boy 2 cp's in one day
10/Jul/12 6:22 AM
I agree with Ian, accept that you will be jet lagged. It won't kill you. Stay awake until a reasonable bedtime, get some sleep and carry on. I will admit to taking Tylenol PM to stay asleep the first night!
10/Jul/12 6:26 AM
Shosho, your post worked on me and I just got up. Though, I did not want to get up. Man had to tell me he was going to get our Things. Really, wished he would have surprised me.
10/Jul/12 6:32 AM
In my little air travel, I never had jet lag either. Though, I was told to drink plenty of water to avoid it. Not much of a water drinker.
10/Jul/12 6:34 AM
Singapore Air come round about every hour with water /juice and I always accept. They are great.
10/Jul/12 6:38 AM
Canuk Greg, no this house will not be furnished. The plan was to furnish this house after we renovated it. Well, you know how that went.
10/Jul/12 6:43 AM
2.28 I can relate to that.
10/Jul/12 6:43 AM
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