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Easy Sudoku for 11/January/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Now I'll leave that correction on the previous page!
11/Jan/14 3:28 AM
QaQ Maen QaQ nuvpu'. jatlhqa' DungluQ tlhoS.
11/Jan/14 3:44 AM
Good morning people of the world.
11/Jan/14 3:46 AM
Think I will leave my Christmas tree up, until it annoys me and get all this cleaned up. Which, I added to the mess, from M and mines outing yesterday, I hit a great after season clearance. Actually thought about going back today. Think I made a mistake getting a glittered sleigh, but hopefully More...
11/Jan/14 3:52 AM
Hi, Karen. We'll be putting the tree away when we can make it to and from the pole barn. Too much snow to bother with it right now. I like sparkly lights, I don't like snow.
11/Jan/14 3:57 AM
Yesterday's outings, did help the bedtime sleeping, a little better. My cure all, for everything, go outside and get some air to your head. Instead of after midnight, my little darling feel asleep around 11. Of course, that was after a stern scolding and grabbing of hand and marching back to the More...
11/Jan/14 3:59 AM
Funny, you don't like snow, but you live in a snowing state.
Which brings me to the Texas weather. Monday, we were in the teen's, freezing to us, and today, I am shucking long thick pants for shorts.
11/Jan/14 4:09 AM
Greg - help me out. Need poozle rules. What am I supposed to do with your puzzle? Is appears to be 'beheaders.' Are they all beheaders, or do some follow another rule, mixed together the way you (or someone) used to?
11/Jan/14 4:11 AM
And to Beehive.
I was watching your video on one computer while reading comments on the other, which happened to be your post. At the moment your wrote, 'they were not interested in you for lunch,' a shark, mouth opened wide, hit your cage. Forgive me, if I did not believe your More...
11/Jan/14 4:13 AM
Funny? I'm not laughing. I have been longing to move out of the snow zone all my life. I tried Cincinnati for a while, but they are in the ice zone. For some pregnant reason I let my husband move us north back to Michigan to raise a family instead of further south. Now I'm stuck. It's NOT funny.
11/Jan/14 4:14 AM
Sorry, Plum, wish I could help, but during the time the beheaders came out, we were moving and I missed the instructions and have not gone back--mainly because I cannot remember exactly when--to figure them out. I can give you a wide date, to look at, between March through June, of 2014. Sorry, cannot be more specific.
11/Jan/14 4:17 AM
Oh, you poor dear. I feel the same way, during the heat of the Summer, here.
11/Jan/14 4:19 AM
OK, since my ambition is not working and my motivation is nonexistent, I have told myself, 'Self, one more game, the 60 minutes of packing. Then self, you can play two games.'

Let's see if I listen to myself. There are times, I might be a little stubborn. Maybe.
11/Jan/14 4:22 AM

There are no rules to Gregs puzzles He used to forget if you needed to chop the front letter off (beheaders) or the last letter off (curtailers) so now he doesnt specify which lot of puzzles are which, they are generally a mixture of the two!! hope that helps.....
11/Jan/14 4:34 AM
Thanks, Lizzy. How's Greg's spelling, usually? I'm figuring a few beheader answers where the spelling's a little off. So, maybe they're supposed to be curtailers? I'll go back if I have time. It's a long poozle. Is it a weekend variety where we have a few days or is it a 24-hour kind?
11/Jan/14 4:45 AM
he can be a bit tricky plum with his clues so dont worry too much. Im still looking for 5 answers if thats of any help.
11/Jan/14 4:50 AM

Sorry Plum, Im at work and keep getting interupted. GC's spelling is usually pretty good and without knowing I suspect todays puzzle might be a 24hour day thing. Do what I do and just send it the ones you have managed to find, I very rarely get them all. The fun is in the trying........Good luck
11/Jan/14 5:23 AM
Speaking of the puzzle....thanks for the correction, Greg. I was going nuts!
11/Jan/14 5:31 AM
A safety warning. Probably something you would never think about..

9v batteries CAN burn down your house.


11/Jan/14 5:32 AM
If I never read anything about Andy Devine again, it will be too soon.

NOW I've finished it!
11/Jan/14 5:33 AM
Plum, Lizzy is correct. any of my puzzle clues can mean the answer is either a beheader or a curtail. Thanks to a suggestion from Neil, I have left it up to you folks to decide which is which.
11/Jan/14 5:35 AM
Kathy, number 6 was a screw-up on my part, and poorly worded. I was hasty posting the puzzle without properly checking it when I realized Hal wouldn't be posting one of his today.
11/Jan/14 5:38 AM
Not a problem, Greg. I thought I was missing something, that's all. Not sure about the spelling of the name on the second part, but I'm going for it!
11/Jan/14 5:43 AM
Thanks,Greg. Knowing curtails were included helped clear up a LOT of confusion. Not all, but a lot.

Still 'working' on number 6 (which means I am going about my day with the question in the back of my head. I haven't sent the message with my other 14 answers... wait, what if my computer crashes? Sending what I have right now. )
11/Jan/14 5:53 AM
Hmmm. Just saw your post, Kathy. I think you and I may have gotten the same name if spelling is an issue. OK. I'm done for today. Spent my kakuro time as well, but I was rewarded.
11/Jan/14 6:07 AM
Happy Friday!
Serena's poozle had me scratching my poor head, trying to come up with a suitable 'blue' word, from bluebird to blue suede, but somehow 'cheese' eluded me!
Now to work on CG's...
11/Jan/14 6:09 AM
11/Jan/14 6:30 AM
Morning all,that kitty failed at camouflage .
Just viewed your video Beehive, I'm too big of a chicken to try that thanks for sharing.
11/Jan/14 6:34 AM
As I said, I screwed up on number 6. I will accept either spelling.
11/Jan/14 6:40 AM
Out of curiosity, Beehive, what was the water temp? I'm guessing about 18 C. Wetsuits are good, especially when one is relaxed and not exerting much effort.
11/Jan/14 6:55 AM
Two women friends had gone on a night out with their girlfriends. Both were very faithful and loving wives, however, they had gotten over enthusiastic with the vodka and tonics and were incredibly drunk. On the way home, they desperately needed to pee so they stopped off at the cemetery. They had More...
11/Jan/14 7:24 AM
The recent death of Nelson Mandela reminded me of an old story.
Nelson Mandela is sitting at home having his morning cup of tea and watching the news on TV when he is disturbed by a loud knock at the door. When he opens it, he is confronted by a little Chinese man, clutching a clipboard and More...
11/Jan/14 7:57 AM
Good morning everyone.
Behive I'll change yesterday's comment after seeing that great footage. You could have had a ripping tine!
11/Jan/14 8:26 AM
Darwen Jim
11/Jan/14 8:27 AM
CG I hope to get a go at your puzzle, but have to cart hay first! Fingers crossed.
11/Jan/14 8:28 AM
11/Jan/14 10:53 AM
Had grandie for most of the day! Gad zooks that little fellow is full of energy and noisy!
11/Jan/14 10:53 AM
Beehive, I thought the cute guy was outside the cage! ROFL!!
11/Jan/14 10:54 AM
But I enjoyed the music on your page!
11/Jan/14 10:54 AM
11/Jan/14 10:54 AM
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