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Easy Sudoku for 11/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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11/Oct/08 3:44 PM
Yessssss! Not done that in a while.
11/Oct/08 3:45 PM
11/Oct/08 3:52 PM
A one off, CynB, and only because instead of paying employees wages, we hired labour subcontractors, includingpaying a heap of GST, which we will soon get back. Of course, one could also hold back cheques received in late September (not that I would of course????) and delay GST payment until February. hehe
11/Oct/08 4:00 PM
Hi Jim. whats a 1040?
11/Oct/08 4:03 PM
Susan, the 1040 is the form that individuals use to file their income tax. Crazy, hard to follow. . .
11/Oct/08 4:07 PM
When our income tax filings were due March 15th, we used to say a Shakespearean phrase. . . Beware the Ides of March. I think it was in a, a, a, not Hamlet, a,a, a, Julius Ceasar?
11/Oct/08 4:10 PM
Since the due date was pushed to April 15th, Easter and income tax sort of come together.
11/Oct/08 4:11 PM
Have you tried making your own smileys yet shosho?
11/Oct/08 4:12 PM
Strange bedfellows, right?
11/Oct/08 4:12 PM
Cyn would like to expand on what you said, cannot help myself hehe!.

Jim BAS is a Business Activity Statement that is either done monthly or quarterly declaring GST (similar to VAT in european countries) Goods and Services Tax on what you have bought or sold. You still need to do a tax More...
11/Oct/08 4:13 PM
No, Susan, I read your directions and realized that my computer keyboard is missing some of the keys you wrote about. I have an IMac. I have problems trying to get internet programs like the smilie ones and some of the games others on this site post on their pages.
11/Oct/08 4:14 PM
It's late here and my eyes are shutting on their own accord. My eyes and my mind have their own will and I cannot convince them to stay up later.
11/Oct/08 4:16 PM
So I'll post tomorrow morning!
11/Oct/08 4:17 PM
Thnaks, Broni, your explanation was clearer.
11/Oct/08 4:23 PM
Just added to what you said Cyn, once a bookkeeper and all that rot!
11/Oct/08 4:44 PM

Have a nice day. It is 7.40am here.The weather is cool and slightly overcast, but may clear later.
In UK apple juice is what it says it is; whilst cider is fermented apple juice (alcoholic beverage). 'Scrumpy' is naturally fermented apple juice (cider), from the West country More...
11/Oct/08 5:43 PM
Thinks: [Everyone is busy checking their investments I guess.]
1. Buy negative options in the Icelandic government bonds
2. Lend money to yourself at a variable interest rate
3. Paint over your garden gnomes with gold paint and use them as collateral
4. Do a runner to the moon
5. Change your name and age, then print a new birth certificate
11/Oct/08 6:41 PM
Rayray you are a scream!
You forgot..... selling ice to the Eskimos.
11/Oct/08 7:10 PM
Shosho: Not sure of the reference in the play but it would be Julius Caesar. He was murdered on the 15th March by the Senate.
11/Oct/08 9:50 PM
Just taken all my children to see 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth". From ages 8 - 18 they all loved it. We gave it 4 stars out of 5.
11/Oct/08 9:52 PM
(I loved it too)

11/Oct/08 9:53 PM
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