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Easy Sudoku for 11/December/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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11/Dec/13 7:11 AM
11/Dec/13 7:24 AM
Hi Chris, Darwen Jim & everyone on page one!
11/Dec/13 8:25 AM
Good morning everyone. I've decided courtesy and consideration is over rated. I almost never hear hubby get up every night around 2ish to let the dog out for loo duties. Last night I heard the dog come in, so I thought I'd indulge in a little consideration and courtesy myself. My plan was to More...
11/Dec/13 8:30 AM
Or better still, I refuse to hear the dog. I'd make a rotten burglar!
11/Dec/13 8:31 AM
Hi Kate.
11/Dec/13 8:31 AM
It's the thought that count, Wacky.
11/Dec/13 9:12 AM
Hal, I KNOW that 'typo' was just a slip of the finger.
11/Dec/13 9:46 AM
I've spent the last week, sitting at the keyboard waiting for some sort of 'inspiration' before starting my annual Christmas letter to friends and family. So far, 'inspiration' has eluded me.
11/Dec/13 9:50 AM
Sacky, I can hardly type from laughing!! I do hope you haven't got a headache from all the battering you did to your head!
11/Dec/13 10:14 AM
Sorry I was laughing so much, I wasn't laughing at you!
11/Dec/13 10:15 AM
That was indeed a wacky thought, HalT, but I've learned the errors of my ways. It's every man for himself from now on! Of course I could remember to leave the torch where it belongs!
11/Dec/13 10:20 AM
DorA that was no 'typo'!
11/Dec/13 10:21 AM
Kate, I think its funny too - now that it's day light. And I've got myself a get out card!
11/Dec/13 10:24 AM
I once did something similar in the middle of the night, Sacky. Except I fell over the stupid dog who had decided to go back to sleep after waking me. I got a black eye and she got a good night's sleep.
11/Dec/13 10:53 AM
My brother in law did that once. He laughs about it now and is happy to tell people about it but he got a bloody nose one time walking around in the dark. He was trying to find the door like you and was walking with both arms outstretched in front of him. Unfortunately, the door was open and More...
11/Dec/13 10:54 AM
For those people who write the date in dd/mm/yy order, you should be pleased to see that today's date is 11/12/13. Everyone else misses out.
11/Dec/13 11:14 AM
We had 'ours', last month, Doug.
11/Dec/13 12:03 PM
This pattern of consecutively rising digits in the date won't happen again for another 90 years so we had all better enjoy it while it lasts.
11/Dec/13 12:34 PM
Thanks for letting us laugh with you, Sacky. I'm glad you didn't seriously hurt yourself.
11/Dec/13 12:39 PM
Shiela - Have fun at the Rose Bowl. I wondered if you are a fan of MSU. Do you live near East Lansing or did you or hubby attend there?
11/Dec/13 12:41 PM
Amelia. Today is my sister-in-law's birthday as well. And she's a great gal! I hope everyone is extra nice to you today.
11/Dec/13 12:50 PM
What about 12/13/14, Doug?
11/Dec/13 1:15 PM
How about a carol to get ya all in the spirit?

11/Dec/13 1:33 PM

12/13/14 won't happen here DOA. We only have 12 months in our year!
11/Dec/13 2:14 PM
11/Dec/13 2:14 PM
Are you tap dancing, Peter???
11/Dec/13 2:15 PM
OMG! Peter tap dancing! It boggles the mind.
Well, mine anyway.
11/Dec/13 2:43 PM
One of my patients will be having a baby today. Her family is very number oriented so she was thrilled her baby would arrive today. I challenged her to have the baby at 1415. Can't wait to get to work tonight to see how it all went.
11/Dec/13 2:43 PM
Speaking of working tonight - I am off to have a nap.
11/Dec/13 2:44 PM
I think Peter's more of the soft-shoe dancer. And a-one and a-two...
11/Dec/13 2:46 PM
Night all.
11/Dec/13 2:54 PM
Hey, how come every time someone refers to DorA as DOA, it just doesn't look right? Hmmmmm, it must be my wild imagination.
11/Dec/13 3:05 PM
Now HalT has worn himself out doing a-one and a-two and has danced his way to bed. No stamina!!
11/Dec/13 3:43 PM
Don't worry Anne, Hal will be back again around midnight.
11/Dec/13 4:27 PM

I'm no dancer, Anne. I keep falling into the sink.
11/Dec/13 5:10 PM

And just in case you were wondering......clickety click......66.
11/Dec/13 5:12 PM
What about 'Sunset Strip'?
11/Dec/13 5:43 PM
Funny, isn't it, that without Karen, a whole day of comments doesn't fill two pages... Karen, are you iced in?
11/Dec/13 7:08 PM
Karen will be back & she'll have a lot of stuff for us, so we'll get it then! Looking forward to your recent adventure's Karen!
Hopefully there are no major disasters as well!
11/Dec/13 8:57 PM
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