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Easy Sudoku for 11/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Another slow day here in Sudokuville. Let's try for two pages tomorrow.
11/Dec/15 12:00 AM
11/Dec/15 12:01 AM
Waited too long for that first post.
11/Dec/15 12:03 AM
I've got 80 tests to mark so am too busy to try for first post.
11/Dec/15 12:10 AM
Good morning to all! If that tree was in a city, it would be gone before you know it.
11/Dec/15 12:27 AM
Hal, I thought about making six posts to go from 35 to a page two yesterday, but....
11/Dec/15 12:28 AM
Good morning. I think everyone is busy getting organised for Christmas.
11/Dec/15 12:32 AM
Good morning people of the world.

Never fear I am here and I could fill pages and pages of TDOKL. (The Days of Karen's Life, as HalT has named the tome, I should be writing).
11/Dec/15 1:19 AM
Good morning & goodnight
11/Dec/15 1:20 AM
Make sure I get a copy Karen...
11/Dec/15 1:21 AM
Let's begin with what I can remember while I was lur...uh...observing.

Sue, how many years have I said that room is a dangerous room and we should avoid it all cost? I sent you a PM and said the same thing, but it must be repeated. And I still wish you a speedy and successful recovery.
11/Dec/15 1:32 AM
In girl news. One girl received her recorded and seems to need at least two hours of practice. She has only had that thing for two days and I am ready to suggest she practice out in the tree house.

The other child believes she can fly and took a flying leap off some book shelves to where More...
11/Dec/15 1:37 AM
I informed my family that I have taken an outside interest. You would have thought I told them I was moving out. One wanted to know who was going to wake her in the morning and give her, her breakfast. The other asked if I would wash her jeans before I left and the other asked how many hours this More...
11/Dec/15 1:41 AM
back Karen, where ever you have been.......you have been missed (take that as you will!?!?!?!)
11/Dec/15 1:49 AM
Amelia, have a great day doing what makes you happy
11/Dec/15 1:50 AM
(((( hugs )))) to Karen hope I havent offended you with my above comment, certainly didnt mean to ( couldnt find a tongue in cheek smilie!)
11/Dec/15 1:53 AM
Surveying his kingdom.
11/Dec/15 1:55 AM
A new rule has been enforced and the girls learned the hard way and my mind is working on how I can enforce the concept into other things. On Mondays and Fridays it is laundry day, if I find clothes in any other place other than the laundry room, I do not wash anyone's clothes. This is a work in More...
11/Dec/15 1:55 AM
Shall I?
11/Dec/15 1:55 AM
With Karen around ...
11/Dec/15 1:55 AM
We'll see.
11/Dec/15 1:56 AM
11/Dec/15 1:56 AM
11/Dec/15 1:56 AM
Oh Lizzy I am not an offended person. Have you ever heard me not rattle on?
I have a million things to do today and I am trying to get my thoughts together, hence why I am here...rattling on. :)
11/Dec/15 1:57 AM
You lucked out Keith, because is taking long pauses and having trouble thinking this morning.
11/Dec/15 1:58 AM
Just wanted to make sure Karen.....I love your stories, you should cut and paste them into a book so you can read it to the girls at their 18th Birthday parties..
11/Dec/15 2:01 AM
Aaah, it's good to have Karen (Sudoku's own Erma Bombeck) back.
11/Dec/15 2:07 AM
Not sure if I shared this one already.

Found out just before Thanksgiving that I am M's class room mom. It has been a long time since I was The Room Mom, instead of just a room mom. To be PC, Room Parent. We have a Room Daddy, this year.
After our break, the parents met with the teachers More...
11/Dec/15 2:07 AM
I'll take lucky any day.
11/Dec/15 2:08 AM
11/Dec/15 2:09 AM
OK, think that is it for now. My cup is empty and I am going to use my mechanical skills and assemble a book shelf, (hopefully one that my daredevil will jump off of). Instructions are in three different languages, so should be a piece of cake. Oh and there is pictures. :/
11/Dec/15 2:11 AM
Sneaky squirrel looking for a breakfast of bird's eggs?
11/Dec/15 2:15 AM
OK, you and I both thought I was finished.

I am trying to write an email to my volunteer mother's...parents, and trying to make it sound like I am open to suggestions, instead of this is the way it is going to be, no ifs, ands, and buts. I tend to sound like a dictator in my writings. So, finding it challenging to sound friendly.
11/Dec/15 2:41 AM
I used to do the same thing when my kids were home, Karen. If their clothes weren't in the hamper, they didn't get washed. My daughter got the message. My son couldn't have cared less. Once they were old enough, they More...
11/Dec/15 2:43 AM
Throughout the years, I don't know if you have realized that Man and I are complete opposites. I have self diagnosed us as ADHD and OCD. He is extravagant and I am conservative. He will sell his kidney to give the girls whatever they ask for and I will say No.
Well, there is a slight, very More...
11/Dec/15 2:48 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: 1. star-rats 2. wed-dew 3. keep-peek 4. guns-snug 5. part-trap 6. reward-drawer.

Winners, Peter(read,answered,proof read..CHECK!), Judy, Hal, Lizzy, Chalkboard!, Wombat, lonewoof, Serena, Joyce, Sarah, and Bean! receive the ''I Don't Need No Stinkin' Shelf Elf Crown''
11/Dec/15 2:53 AM
Well, in my adventuring out, and our oppositeness, Man was highly impressed with my couponing. In giving the girls whatever they ask for, I don't believe we should sell body parts in order for them to have it. There is a gift rule, which I like and Man doesn't. Well, I thought the girls had enough More...
11/Dec/15 2:56 AM
I was impressed, even though I did not agree with what he was getting, another gift for the one girl, because she wanted a kitty necklace. Because of how the girl takes care of her things, I do not think she is ready for good jewelry. Again, Man and I do not think alike. He went shopping by More...
11/Dec/15 3:01 AM
Kathy thanks for the encouragement. One girl tries so hard, but she is and get distracted. The other girl has been yelling, 'Room service' since birth.

By the time I was 9, I remember having to clean the house, not just my room and doing laundry and dishes all the time and I had not been More...
11/Dec/15 3:05 AM
Bye bye page one.
11/Dec/15 3:06 AM
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