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Easy Sudoku for 11/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Page 2!
11/Feb/12 2:56 AM
You'd think they would have considered it an emergency and gotten you in sooner!
I think pain is always worse at night because you're just lying there with no distractions to take your mind off of it. And, your in too much pain to consider THAT distraction!
11/Feb/12 3:25 AM
Unfortunately, there are only 2 endodontists in the area, and the one I'll be seeing is supposedly the better of the two. My appointment on Monday afternoon IS considered an emergency! Oh well, at least this has been good for my diet! (I can joke now because the pain is much less during the day!)
11/Feb/12 3:28 AM
Maybe you should be turning your hours around and sleeping during the day, Jane. Become nocturnal. Like a bat.
11/Feb/12 3:40 AM
My poor hubby has gotten my cold. Of course, his is much worse.
I have finally turned the corner, health wise, so I need to get a few things done after sitting around for doing nothing for 4 days. Starting with fixing some soup for "The Great Sufferer".
Bye for now!
11/Feb/12 3:46 AM
"for doing nothing for"??? I must be having Sudafed withdrawal.....
11/Feb/12 3:48 AM
What an interesting picture. That looks like a youngster.... i.e. safer to be around to photograph.
11/Feb/12 4:10 AM
Fiona.... Is your inbox unstuck yet?
11/Feb/12 4:45 AM
I wish I could get you up here, Jane. My dentist would never let you suffer like this. And they're REALLY good at numbing. I was in 3 days ago, and my tongue is still numb.
11/Feb/12 4:52 AM
Good afternoon to all! Well, well, well...a croc. Why not?

I remember when rock was young
Me and Suzie had so much fun
Holding hands and skimming stones
Had an old gold Chevy and a place of my own
But the biggest kick I ever got
Was doing a thing called the Crocodile More...
11/Feb/12 4:53 AM
Glenn, nice to see you posting. I was thinking of you and your daughter the other day. Twelve months since she came to study here and I got to know her. Hope you are better soon.
Sick of the wet weather. Fortunately we are not in the area that got the bad storms.
11/Feb/12 4:53 AM
Get Dizzy Day? Hell, I'm still dizzy after hitting my head and getting a toothache after falling asleep while reading in the bathtub yesterday!
11/Feb/12 4:56 AM
Sorry, Canuk Greg, maybe Sunday will be a safer day for you. Maybe is a big word.
11/Feb/12 5:15 AM
Notice I did not say tomorrow.
11/Feb/12 5:16 AM
Liked your song Greg, I remember it well.
11/Feb/12 5:33 AM
Enough talk of tooth aches, I am having sympathy pains.
The same for Kathy's cold. I also have one of those people who think their {fill in the blank} is worse than mine.
11/Feb/12 5:37 AM
11/Feb/12 6:29 AM
Hi all! Heidi, I'm not sure yet...will try tomorrow. Are you having a nice birthday?
11/Feb/12 7:15 AM
Kathy, of course hubby is a hundred times sicker than you. Remember, he had to put up with you for two weeks on the ship, the poor man must be suffering from exhaustion as well as a cold. Give him my sympathy! (just a little, don't overdo it!)
11/Feb/12 7:24 AM
Pretty good so far. I'm super excited about my birthday meal in 3 hours. I LOVE Indian food.
11/Feb/12 7:59 AM
I just hope the roads are OK. It's snowing.
11/Feb/12 8:01 AM
Do they deliver? ---- just in case...
11/Feb/12 8:18 AM
This is where I'll be dining tonight with friends: http://indigocoastalshanty.com/index.shtml
My favorite dish is the Fisherman's Bowl which, as it turns out, might be the only thing I can eat tonight with my tooth problem!
11/Feb/12 8:23 AM
2:03 Rocking with crocodiles?
See up later alligator
For a while crocodile
11/Feb/12 8:33 AM
good mmorning all
11/Feb/12 8:58 AM
Good gosh Karen!!! I have to wait until two days from now for relief. What's next? Catch a Cold Day? Break a Leg Day? Maybe I'll just stay in bed and pull the covers over my head. Damn, is it the Sky is Falling Day?
11/Feb/12 9:16 AM
Good Lord! Where's the puzzle?? I could have sworn I posted it!
I'll be fired!
Shhhh. Don't tell Fiona.....

What is represented here?

(4:20pm lb & Neap lbs) for Wendy but not Wayne
(9:23am Kg & Spring Kg) for Daphne but not Dave
(8:35pm oz More...
11/Feb/12 10:08 AM
Never fear, Canuk Greg. I promise it will be a shocker.
11/Feb/12 10:48 AM
don't want to complain - but I will - bitter cold walking to my car after work - but did feel "fresh" out - just a nasty wind - and everything was frozen - doors -- had to get gas in the car -- it was frozen - had to use my scraper to open the gas cover -- remembered I had to pick up my meds at Walgreen - car window was forzen shut -- but the driving was fine !!
11/Feb/12 11:56 AM
I would ask to visit anyone in a warm place - but I think I will buy a power ticket tomorrow -
so, going to curl up with my book and wait until Spring --
11/Feb/12 11:57 AM
younger son - He's going out - but He young - has those brown fat cells that kept younger folks warm !!
11/Feb/12 11:59 AM
Life is short, Break the rules,
Forgive quickly, Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably...
Never regret anything that made you smile!
11/Feb/12 2:06 PM
How is this possible - still on Page 2 at this hour? We are expecting our first winter weather overnight tonight and tomorrow. Not so much snow, but nasty winter winds and precipitation. We moved my mother's 89th birthday to the next day, when the weather is forecast to be better.
11/Feb/12 2:21 PM
Sarah - I didn't know you could move birthdays!
Think I'll move my next one to 2016.
11/Feb/12 2:56 PM
Drove home from my delish dinner through a snow storm. Winter has arrived. Drat.
11/Feb/12 2:57 PM
Kathy/MD.... ??????? I have no idea where to start on that puzzle. I admit to being stumped.
11/Feb/12 3:09 PM
I am too lazy to keep doing all this scrolling.
11/Feb/12 3:16 PM
Just plum tuckers me out.
11/Feb/12 3:16 PM
So I will do what I must do.
11/Feb/12 3:17 PM
Bye-bye page 2.
11/Feb/12 3:17 PM
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