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Easy Sudoku for 11/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Still cold and damp but the rain has stopped finally. Off to Hawaii on Thursday!
11/Mar/15 12:30 AM
'Here today ... Gone to Maui!' eh, Wolf? Have fun!
11/Mar/15 12:35 AM
everyone. Thought I would relay from TOS that Mo & Anne arrived safely at Rolanda's & spent a lovely evening together having a picnic supper near a beautiful view of the Perth city skyline. I will closely follow Mo's journey around Oz since she will be visiting many of the same More...
11/Mar/15 12:46 AM
I would love a comment on that picture.
11/Mar/15 1:43 AM


If each boy in the family has at least 5 brothers, then the smallest number of boys is 6.

Similarly, if each girl in the family has at least 2 sisters, then the smallest number of girls is 3.

Thus, the smallest More...
11/Mar/15 1:48 AM
Looks like a professional portrait.
11/Mar/15 2:27 AM
Good morning people of the world.
11/Mar/15 2:29 AM
11/Mar/15 2:29 AM
Thank you, Karen for letting me have my favorite number post!!! Here's flying your way!
11/Mar/15 2:30 AM

What a very expressive face.
11/Mar/15 2:32 AM
There is a possibility I may be sick, but that is not possible, I avoid sick people, they are so sick. Or I have food poisoning, but I have not prepared food in four days. I did make banana bread yesterday, but did not eat any and my family and neighbors that did I think are still kicking. Have not seen the neighbors today.
11/Mar/15 2:33 AM
My day to puzzle you!

What number comes next in this sequence?

16 21 26 26 12 5 ==?==

Answers to my ‘’I’m a convert’’ inbox, please.

11/Mar/15 2:33 AM
Rather dreary.
Good day for indoor chores, I guess!
11/Mar/15 2:33 AM
Great Shosho.
Actually, I was not paying attention, but I am so happy you got your favorite.
11/Mar/15 2:34 AM
Anyway, after a rough nights sort of sleep, put the girls in their yellow limo ride and came back home and was freezing, which shocked me, it was almost 50 degrees this morning. So, went back to bed, I am guessing I had fever, because I woke burning up and sweating buckets. Walking from the bedroom More...
11/Mar/15 2:39 AM
I was surprised at how well rested Mo looked upon her arrival in Perth. I will also try and report here on her travels for those of you who aren't on FB.
11/Mar/15 2:40 AM
Wolf enjoy your trip.
Though according to my weather guessers, we are warming up, you will miss it, even though you are colder up there, than us down here. Or am I over there? I think I am down.
11/Mar/15 2:41 AM
Karen, go back to bed. You aren't going to do anyone any good if you can't function. Your family will survive.
11/Mar/15 2:42 AM
OK Keith, you have a chance.
It is possible in my weakened state, I will give out in three posts.
11/Mar/15 2:43 AM
You think so, Kathy?
When I told Man how I was feeling, he asked if I would have time to wash jeans today. I would have told him to do it himself, but the last time he attempted to mess with my machines, he said it was broke and was going to try to fix it.
Thanks, but I think More...
11/Mar/15 2:47 AM
Oh, Man was thoughtful, when I told him about my morning, he said, he brought me home so oranges to make me feel better. Since I did not give you all the details of my morning woes, let's just say adding acid at the moment, would not be good for my recovery.
11/Mar/15 2:50 AM
OK, off to the shower. Enough of this sick stuff.
11/Mar/15 2:50 AM
Wow, was that fast.
11/Mar/15 2:51 AM
My thoughts on the photo, Serena ... ''A hard life passed by, now rewarded with wisdom and contentment.''
11/Mar/15 2:51 AM
What a difference a shower makes! Enough of the 'oh woe is me,' today is a celebration day.

Man has lived another year!

We really cannot celebrate today, but the girls have their gifts and planned his dinner. Corn dogs and a SpongeBob chocolate cake, which they are supposed to prepare.
11/Mar/15 3:29 AM
Think Man got his feelings hurt the other day, when the clerk at McD's give him the elderly discount. He said he was not old enough, and insisted he pay regular price for his coffee.

Remember people, he robbed the cradle with me.
11/Mar/15 3:33 AM
First chance to check in recently, and it is already time for class! Maybe I can get back later and see if Karen is still kicking.
11/Mar/15 3:52 AM
all. Back from Columbia. Garrison Keillor's show was great. Lots of laughs. Example (a limerick):
There once was a couple named Kelly,
Found dead, stuck belly to belly,
It seems in their haste,
They used ordinary paste,
Instead of petroleum jelly.
11/Mar/15 4:34 AM
Columbia's number one attraction, Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden, is undergoing major renovations. Some of the new additions won't be complete until next year?
11/Mar/15 4:38 AM
Wonderful photo! It's very interesting, and shows character and wisdom in that man's face.
11/Mar/15 5:14 AM
Happy Tuesday!
11/Mar/15 5:16 AM
1:34. Good morning everyone.
11/Mar/15 6:42 AM
Morning all,great photo.
11/Mar/15 6:44 AM
11/Mar/15 7:19 AM
11/Mar/15 7:24 AM
While it stayed above freezing (barely) overnight, and is sprinkling a little rain today, I still can't see any grass in my yard due to the snow pack. I guess it was deeper than I realized. I knew the piles wouldn't disappear, but I did think I'd see parts of the lawn. But we're supposed to stay above freezing, so maybe I'll see grass tomorrow!
11/Mar/15 8:09 AM
Good afternoon to all! It's nice to see the wise old man of the site show up once again.
11/Mar/15 8:24 AM
Wolf, enjoy your time in Hawaii. Friends of mine just returned from there last week after seeing their daughter married off to an Aussie. The newly weds will live in Sydney.
11/Mar/15 8:26 AM
We're in the positive temperatures for the first time in months. Maybe Spring will come earlier than expected.
11/Mar/15 8:28 AM
I can't leave it down here so....
11/Mar/15 8:29 AM
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