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Easy Sudoku for 11/April/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, everyone in the wongerful world of Sudoku!
11/Apr/08 12:00 AM
11/Apr/08 12:00 AM
hope your day/night is as magical as this wonderful world of ours is.

Youtube for the day is
Good morning Star shine – Oliver.
11/Apr/08 12:00 AM
What a beautiful grand-daughter! Someone is very proud of her, I bet!
11/Apr/08 12:02 AM
all - another day - hopefully it will get warmer as they promised. The Pear Blossom Festival starts tomorrow.
11/Apr/08 12:02 AM
Beautiful girl.
11/Apr/08 12:08 AM
3:10 to you all.

I am sure that the grandparents are very proud.
11/Apr/08 12:09 AM
she's a gorgeous child. God bless her
11/Apr/08 12:12 AM

Margot , have a nice day
11/Apr/08 12:21 AM
Lovely Granddaughter.God bless her.Sure her parents are very proud .
Good mAen to all of you.
11/Apr/08 12:28 AM
to all. Another beautiful spring day here,filled with sunshine.
Have a great day eveyone.
11/Apr/08 12:29 AM
to everyone......April showers will bring our May flowers. I just hope we don't get flooded like they are calling for.
11/Apr/08 12:38 AM
Sayra, sounds like weather in Illinois is similar to that here in Texas today.
11/Apr/08 12:43 AM
everyone from beautiful So. Oregon, USA ...
Pretty girl ... a little young to be getting married especially if she has to read the instructions ....
11/Apr/08 12:47 AM
Wish me luck...I'm off to the dentist to get the new crown. Last time the temporary crown hurt for a week before they shaved it down a bit! Eeeeeee!
"No! No! Don't make me go!!!"
11/Apr/08 12:52 AM
Good maEn to all!
Beautiful girl.
Hope everyone having a wonderful day.
11/Apr/08 12:53 AM
Good luck Shiela
11/Apr/08 12:56 AM
Be brave Shiela and good luck,
Dave you are so funny. Cute comment on the bride to be!
11/Apr/08 1:16 AM
If that is a bride-to-be, does she live at that compound in Texas?!?!?!
11/Apr/08 1:23 AM
1:52 Maen! Beautiful girl, beautiful name, beautiful photo! :)
11/Apr/08 1:47 AM
Yes Jim: I imagine she is reading the laws about marriage, and, on the very day of her wedding, has suddenly discovered she is not old enough for the ceremony. She is not all that concerned because marriage will not make much difference to the way she conducts her life. Having said that in jest, it is a very nice photo and she looks very pretty
11/Apr/08 1:49 AM
Winter isn't over yet for us. Yesterday we awoke to 4 inches of snow on the ground. Here's the latest that's coming our way:


11/Apr/08 1:51 AM
hi all, end of the week for me thank goodness! Good luck Angie, sounds like it'll be fun!
11/Apr/08 1:54 AM
I suspect this is a First Communion or Confirmation picture. Very pretty girl.
11/Apr/08 1:57 AM
Angie, we are also under a winter storm warning. It is snowing as I type. It is supposed to clear up by the weekend, which is good. Bergen is bringing his parents to town to see his Uncle James in the school musical. Mother Nature wouldn't mess with Gramma Sarah!
11/Apr/08 2:00 AM
11/Apr/08 2:08 AM
The girl and dress are certainly lovely. Perhaps the occasion is a Christening.
11/Apr/08 2:09 AM
ok, how many of you remember Howard Jones from the mid-eighties? You'd need to be fortyish I reckon? Well I do and I am! See Youtube if you're interested!
11/Apr/08 2:49 AM
Wow! I'm late and still made the "first pager" category!
Sounds awful, Angie! Hunker down and stay inside! Hope that's an option. I thought I was safe in removing all my cold, snowy weather smilies. This is the best I can do..

Hope your weather cooperates, Sarah Beth!
11/Apr/08 3:05 AM
Good afternoon to all! I have always liked this picture. I wonder how old Dominque is now?
11/Apr/08 3:09 AM
Angie (W), do us a favour and keep that storm in Wisconsin please!
11/Apr/08 3:11 AM
Belated anniversary greeting to Kate's parents and Maureen and her mate! Cheers!
11/Apr/08 3:12 AM
2:24 Hi to all. Sweet little girl.

Thought for the Day:

Every good friend once was a stranger.
11/Apr/08 3:12 AM
Happy birthday Margot, I hope you have a wonderful day.
11/Apr/08 3:13 AM
Angie & Sarah Beth, we have snow forecasted for Sunday.
Everybody, repeat after me... "No more snow!!!"
11/Apr/08 3:15 AM
Our daughter, son-in-law, and 2 precious grandchildren are arriving this afternoon for a visit. What a glorious day!
11/Apr/08 3:16 AM
"Let the spoiling commence!"
11/Apr/08 3:26 AM
11/Apr/08 4:45 AM
Shiela, just do it.

Angie, who says it is winter?

(Good luck to both of you - and to anyone else in the path of the storm - or visiting the dentist)
11/Apr/08 5:36 AM
Shiela - meditate the pain away!

Sounds like fun weather in the central west of US. Hope the storm doesn't eventuate.

Linda - have a lovely time with them. How long are they staying?
11/Apr/08 6:06 AM
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