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Easy Sudoku for 11/April/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen friends!
11/Apr/11 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
11/Apr/11 12:00 AM
Hi everyone.
11/Apr/11 12:00 AM
Encourage A Young Writer Day
11/Apr/11 12:01 AM
Awesome picture!!!
11/Apr/11 12:03 AM
2:21 - a little slower than normal this morning. Good night all.
11/Apr/11 12:04 AM
Good Maen, all. Looks like it'll be a nice day here in the Smokys. I hope it's a great day for y'all too.
Dtr & others should arrive later on, bearing gifts appropriate of one is his advancing years.
Great picture, btw!
11/Apr/11 12:28 AM
Happy Advancing in Age, Captain J.
11/Apr/11 12:37 AM
Captain J I hope that you have a great day visiting and collecting your goodies. Glad you are feeling a big better and good luck with your recuperation. It seems as if everyone else is either sleeping or too busy today.
11/Apr/11 12:38 AM
Hi Karen Nice to see you up and about so bright and early.
11/Apr/11 12:39 AM
Good morning, children of the Earth.
11/Apr/11 12:49 AM
to the very small EEGang here this AM & to all the other Sudokuists busy elsewhere??
Phantom has once again added a new word to my vocabulary! piecost - see the definition from the urban dictionary:
Next I have to Google Darlene Hard. Who is she???
11/Apr/11 12:51 AM
Captain J! Here's a little something to help you get around 'til you're all better.
11/Apr/11 12:51 AM
Hi, Kathy! I would like to be busy elsewhere, but I am stuck at home waiting the the AT&T repair crew to come fix my telephone.
11/Apr/11 12:52 AM
And don't get me started on AT&T.
11/Apr/11 12:53 AM
Cap't, these days every birthday reached is a great achievement ;-}
11/Apr/11 12:57 AM
That is so true, Gail. And speaking of birthdays, I believe you have one sneaking up soon!
11/Apr/11 12:59 AM
Hope your Sudoku get together was/will be? a great one!
11/Apr/11 12:59 AM
Well, if I don't get run over first, I just might CP my way to 22.
11/Apr/11 1:00 AM
Phantom - you should have been a teacher.
Darlene Hard: http://www.all-about-tennis.com/darlene-hard.html
Sounds like a good hero(ine) for me. She was an amateur doubles specialist, but still won some major titles. And she's now 75 years old! I hope I'll still be playing 10 years from now. Wonder if she is?
11/Apr/11 1:00 AM
Are we there yet?
11/Apr/11 1:00 AM
11/Apr/11 1:00 AM
11/Apr/11 1:01 AM
sorry Jane. Didn't mean to run you over.

Gail, are the pictures posted yet? Can't wait to see them.
11/Apr/11 1:01 AM
Bugger, thought I was going to slip that one past without anyone noticing Jane...yes, another passing year approacheth!

The lunch today was wonderful, as always. I did take a few photos, but it will have to wait till the teenager is up before they can get from camera to computer!
11/Apr/11 1:02 AM

What have you done to poor Barky Ben Dover? I do believe he has been overcome by excessive birthday celebration-itis. More...
11/Apr/11 1:03 AM
Capt. - surely that roman numeral is not your age!
11/Apr/11 1:04 AM
Looking forward to seeing your pix, Gail!
11/Apr/11 1:05 AM
If that is the Captain's age, then I know of TWO people who are older than I am on this site!!!
11/Apr/11 1:06 AM
And, yes, Kathy, I also hope to still be playing tennis when I'm 75, and I don't have as long to wait as you do!
11/Apr/11 1:07 AM
I'm really starting to get annoyed. The AT&T people are scheduled to arrive "between 8am and noon". It's now after 11. I have decided if they are late that I will find out what their hourly rate is so that I can deduct the tardy time from my bill.
11/Apr/11 1:09 AM
Tell me please, if you will
Why I switched to U-verse.
I couldn’t be madder (well, yes, I could),
But I couldn’t be treated worse.
11/Apr/11 1:11 AM
Happy birthday, Captain J. I hope you have a wonderful day.
11/Apr/11 1:12 AM
Now that I have the Captain straightened out (so to speak), on to my other duty!

The answer to yesterday's puzzle: BALLOON

In keeping with the theme, and for a more comfortable experience in the loo, AND to accommodate Keith's splatting problem, the More...
11/Apr/11 1:14 AM
Jane, I get so irritated with the "between 8 and noon" thing, too. I would go after AT&T if they are late. Once, when my kids were small, I left the car at Sears for new tires, then spent a couple of hours wandering about town with the kids. When we went back to pick the car up at the More...
11/Apr/11 1:23 AM
Here we go with today's offering....

What's this rebus?


Answers to the "Say cheese!" inbox, please.
11/Apr/11 1:24 AM
Linda, I had a tire experience with Sears, too. In my case, I went there to have all four tires replaced. I got the, "It will be ready in two hours" pronouncement. So, as you did, I wandered around the shopping mall for the allotted time. When I went back, I was told they didn't even More...
11/Apr/11 1:39 AM
It is such a thrill to see little ol...uhm...elderly, no...advanced in age women chase after a spot.
11/Apr/11 1:47 AM
Wow, way to go Linda & Kathy Never underestimate the power of a woman!
11/Apr/11 1:48 AM
Tricia, I am not early, the site just had a slow start. I am allowed to sit down around 9 AM, my time, which is now when the change over is on the site.
11/Apr/11 1:48 AM
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