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Easy Sudoku for 11/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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to all mothers in Sudokuland
I would like to wish you all


11/May/08 12:01 AM
Good Morning Sudokuland and Mothers all around the world.

"To the world her child is one.....
To her that child is the world
God Bless you all"
Happy Mothers Day.

11/May/08 12:06 AM
3:02 Good evening all. This beautiful photo is back again.
A very Happy Mother's Day to all mothers.

On our local news this morning; there was a shark attack at my beloved Middleton Beach here in Albany. A 37yo man was mauled while having an early morning swim and a woman swam in and More...
11/May/08 12:11 AM
If BobC didn't show up in the chatroom with an invitation like that, the poor lad is beyond saving. (Or he wasn't home alone....)
11/May/08 12:11 AM
Anne, I saw that on the news this evening..
makes me think twice about swiming at Emu Beach when on holidays in the summertime..
11/May/08 12:13 AM
mAen all! Mothers day is on May 24th for us and it's my mother's 80th birthday.Anyway, Happy Mothers Day to all Sudoku mothers.
11/May/08 12:14 AM
sorry you missed out the
was in full swing!
and his Shiek did arrive.
11/May/08 12:14 AM
Good mAen to all of you.
Very nice park.
to EMU .
11/May/08 12:18 AM
Maen all - Wow! Pretty place.

Anne - I am glad the woman was able to save the man. Humanity's goodness shows its face in a beautiful way in this story!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there in Sudoku land!
11/May/08 12:21 AM
today is
Mama - Boys 2 Men.
11/May/08 12:21 AM
Then the poor lad was obviously harem'd out, totally exhausted and beyond saving. Dang, sorry I missed it!
11/May/08 12:22 AM

I'm back home. Done the washing (I was away 5 weeks,Steve was here alone for last three) I now have a Mount Everest of ironing. I've given up on the cleaning, it won't take any longer tomorrow!
11/May/08 12:29 AM
Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's in Sudokuland. I hope everyone has a great day.
11/May/08 12:30 AM
care to join moi
11/May/08 12:30 AM
Welcome Home, Mo. Leave the housework, it can look after itself!

I'm off to bed. I have a big day tomorrow. Going to an afternoon showing of Les Miserables, a local production and supposed to be very good. Then on to my daughter's place for tea for Mother's Day.
11/May/08 12:34 AM

and for all the Moms!
11/May/08 12:35 AM
HAPPY MOM'S DAY to all you MOM'S!!!!
11/May/08 12:35 AM
The very worst part of coming home from an extended trip is the laundry
You have my sympathy
11/May/08 12:41 AM
Good Morning everyone, just had a great chat with a few folks in the chatroom, now off to shop for a new rug for the livingroom that daddy is going to buy me for my birthday! Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Mother's Day to Moms all over the world!
11/May/08 12:56 AM
hi all! Answer to yesterday's riddle was of course 'bow' - well done to all those who found the answer and even told me it was easy, when I'd said it was hard!
11/May/08 1:05 AM
11/May/08 1:16 AM
Hey--- on Saturdays I can make the first page...of course Saturday is really Sunday on site....I get SO confused sometimes. Happy almost Mothers Day.
11/May/08 1:35 AM
2:50 everyone.
11/May/08 1:51 AM
Happy Mother's Day to those celebrating on this side of the pond today/tomorrow (May 11,) and Happy Mother's Day early for those on the other side of the pond(May 24)...Oh heck....whenever you celebrate.... Enjoy....You've earned it!

11/May/08 1:51 AM
Good Morning...barely...but it is a good day!
As a May bird,and knowing there are many on this site who also celebrate birthdays this month..I've updated my u-tube with Stevie Wonder serenading us with his Happy Birthday song. I also am sending birthday greetings to my son, Mike as he More...
11/May/08 2:00 AM
Forget the house work...join us and let's party....Yes, I've already stared celebrating and I have a couple of weeks to go yet......I've lived many years and need more time to get it right....that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!
Party Time!!! More...
11/May/08 2:06 AM
Have a great day!
11/May/08 2:19 AM
Mamacita! I'll start the early celebration with you!
Let's begin with some cake!
11/May/08 2:24 AM
To all the mums out there...TFTD:

"Cleaning and scrubbing can wait for tomorrow,
For babies grow up, I've learned, to my sorrow.
So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust, go to sleep.
I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep."

11/May/08 2:31 AM
and if you are not a mummy...TFTD:
"You are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than by a poisonous spider"

Anita Baker
Jazz Explosion starring Najee, Alex Bugnon, Nick Colionne & Ledisi
David Sanchez
Barbara Cadet & Friends

Party on sweet lady!

Nite all x
11/May/08 2:36 AM
Striking picture again. Happy Mom's Day.
11/May/08 2:37 AM
Happy Mother's Day.
11/May/08 2:38 AM
ooops nearly forgot...AFTD:
Pretend you're Italianish and pinch someone's bum..they'll appreciate that you appreciate them...just don't do it to a stranger...unless they look understanding.
11/May/08 2:41 AM
I'll add my Mother's Day wishes to all. I'm specially blessed by my new granddaughter, born Tuesday, May 5. Her beautiful name is Nora Hope, and if I were more competent with this computer, you'd be able to see her picture.
Thanks to whom it belongs for the great photo!
11/May/08 2:49 AM
Well, "Italianish" Billy, you seem to have your day all planned out!
11/May/08 2:51 AM

Nora Hope
11/May/08 2:54 AM
Congratulations KarenK, on the birth of a wonderful new granddaughter....and what a pretty name, Nora Hope....Aren't new babies the most beautiful of gifts?
Best Wishes to the parents also! More...
11/May/08 3:02 AM

Happy mother's day to all mothers who celebrates today
11/May/08 3:19 AM
Hope everyone has a great
11/May/08 3:25 AM
Emu, Have a great day.
Mike, Enjoy you your day.
11/May/08 3:30 AM
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