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Easy Sudoku for 11/June/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Morning (I think). Nobody wants to hear any more stories of rain (intermittent) and wind (WNW 15-25) in New England, but it is worth noting that the first hurricane (Alberto) of the season may be forming in the Gulf of Mexico, just NW of Cuba. Long-needed rain may finally fall on Florida over More...
Ian - Where are you?
thank you , you brought the rain for us
have a great weekend rain or no rain
Our Scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.

We have guided missiles and misguided men.
(Martin Luther King)
Beautiful mountain photo!!!

Good Maen!
good maen
lovely picture
the comment above was posted yesterday
just did some emails and came back to check site and it has transferred to today as well
have a great day/night anyway one and all
Is this a volcano or a cloud shrouded mountain?
Gath, please come to Bendigo, if you are bringing rain. We haven't had any for a month, and are still on strict water restrictions. Nice mountains, where are they?
4:55 That is the best I ever did on a sudoku... YAY ME
3:39 Thanks for that Snerzog.. Go Martin Luther King !! and that was said back in the 60's. We're 40 years on from that now!!
Wow - What a magnificent picture!! Is that Mount St Helen??- Just a guess!!
2:53 Wonderful mountain.
2:38 maEn all!
2'33. G'Maen, all. I wonder what the peak looks like?
looks cool, whatever it is!
Hey y'all. 3:17 this morning. Looks like a nice Saturday...but chilly. Bring your coat sailing today, folks! Brrrr!

Cool mountain shot, I wonder where it is. As it appeared after the puzzle, for some reason it made me think of my trip to Haleakala in Maui.

Have a good one everyone! :o)
Good Maen all.

Happy Birthday Lynne Fr: Kanahooka Hope you have a great day celebrating
Good Maen everyone...Have a great day or what is left of it depending on your time zone and Good Night OZ.
Good maEn! 3:49
Happy Birthday Lynne
may you have many many more
Whats brown and wrinkley and hangs out ya' pyjamas?

Ya' Granny!!!!
the jigsaws on easy and medium are repeats
Lovely white outs, must be snowing very hard!!!
Majestic cloud formation!
WHERE?! Priority should be given to pictures with comments! MaeN all ... well 00:39 is both night and morning!
This pic makes me even more homesick for mountains.

Ian, thanks for the tales of the tropics update...I've been in the dark for the past few days, had no idea something was brewing.

Morgana, miss you! The most important thing you can do is just be there. Big HUG!!!
Happy birthday Lynne. Good night all.
Not Mt.St.Helen's that's for sure. some place dry and bare.
Have a wonderful birthday, LYNNE! You don't post very often anymore, but when you do breeze through the site, you are like a breath of fresh air!
Happy Birthday Lynne Fr: Kanahooka - wishing you long life, good fortune, good health, true love, and loyal friendships.

Ian; Miami, Florida reporting.
No rain – yet –
Temperature: 85 F 29 C
Feels like: 91 F
Conditions: Cloudy
Winds: ESE 12 mph ESE 19 More...
Are you working on the jigsaw puzzles?
No pictures on Easy and Medium!
Good Maen to all. Have a great weekend!
2:17 - running a bit late this morning, had to stay up and watch England's unconvincing win against Paraguay in the World Cup.

Finally getting some decent rain in Canberra - hope it continues for another day or two.
Morgana, just saw your post about your friend's loss. My heart goes out to her and to you, I have experienced such a loss and the love and support of friends hanging on in there makes a very real difference.In time, she may wish to work towards young people's attitude to road safety but for now More...
2:40 I cannot imagine that it's possible to solve this puzzle significantly quicker without cheating ...
Trust me Joe from Geneva, no cheating involved! (although my motto is 'never trust anyone who says 'trust me'!').
G'Maen all
Beautiful pic of clouds surrounding a mountain.
Very windy, chilly here in NY. Hope the weekend gets better.

Have a great m.a.e.n.
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