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Easy Sudoku for 11/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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No sudoku?? Very weird!
11/Jun/07 2:42 AM
Nadal won brilliantly!
11/Jun/07 2:43 AM
A recent Scottish immigrant attends his first baseball game in his new country, and after a base hit he hears the fans roaring, 'Run....run!'
The next batter connects heavily with the ball and the Scotsman stands up and roars with the crowd in his thick accent, 'R-r-run ya bahs*ard, r-run will More...
11/Jun/07 2:49 AM
Back from golf. Came third in ladies comp. won a necklace (sponsor was jeweller) Hot, sticky off to shower, put feet up then plan my packing taking friday nights Great British Bash into consideration.
Do you think a strapless, sequinned boob tube in fluorescent red with black, skin tight leather More...
11/Jun/07 2:59 AM
GrannieMo - I think the pink feather boa might be a bit too much. I'd go with basic black.
11/Jun/07 3:04 AM
Its a chamber of commerce kind of day ,light breeze 72F clear with no humidity
perfect! going out to dinner or I would be out there,awaiting Moms call to go do her hair
11/Jun/07 3:38 AM
Struggling with this website tonight. Everytime I make a comment and submit, I loose the connection!! My mum is fine she received her medication by DHL tonight, but her luggage is still missing.
11/Jun/07 3:43 AM
Helena - Thank goodness your mother has her medication. Everything else is secondary!
11/Jun/07 4:03 AM
Nancy--you are so clever with your smilies and avatars--any help to give?

everyone. Hope your day is going well.

Keith: love the signature.

GrannieMo: send pictures. How abot just the pink boa?

11/Jun/07 4:10 AM
Nancy, lovely rose smilie! I like that much, at first thought the note was from ROSEMARY heheh.

My YouTube today is the start of a seriese of oldies but goodies, 50's and 60's. today is Leslie gore, it's Judy's Time to Cry as the music to video clips from CSI. Check it out, worth a listen for th eolder ste, worth a look for the youngsters.
11/Jun/07 4:11 AM
11/Jun/07 4:19 AM
aw thanks Cyndi & MizT Cyndi I'll help if I can...Angie & Rosemary taught me all I know,I just look around the net to find them,Its nice if they have white background ,but if not when you put them in paint erase the background
MizT~I know I found that and couldn't resist! Rose doesn't mind
11/Jun/07 5:32 AM
L'Arc de Triumph en Paris. Ou est le chat?
11/Jun/07 5:47 AM
grannie mo - no sequins please, a bit tacky you know!
11/Jun/07 5:56 AM
this is going to be a classy affair!
11/Jun/07 6:15 AM
I have red hot pants with a flashing light on the front! yeah yeah yeah! go grannie Mo - you don't stand a chance! They'll see me coming first!
11/Jun/07 6:17 AM
Just make sure and take pictures of the great bash!!
Happy Birthday to Lynn, Lynne, and LynnDee!!!

And LynnDee - congrats on the graduations!!
11/Jun/07 7:08 AM
11/Jun/07 7:31 AM
Hmmm I pensent que je vois le chat dans l'automobile. Happy (official) Birthday, QEII! :) Oh! Perthites, unfortunately you have to wait 'til October :(
11/Jun/07 7:51 AM
What a beautiful day it is here in Brisbane!! I have Rick's Mum and sister coming over this afternoon for afternoon tea. It's a first although I have met them a couple of times. I'm actually going to bake (my God how long has it been). Hope it turns out . Oh well, cheesecake shop is just around the corner...lol
11/Jun/07 7:59 AM
great photo
Lynne from Kanahooka
wishing you a wonderful birthday
11/Jun/07 8:38 AM
everybody, I hope everyone is well and I haven't missed anything important. Had a busy week at work followed by a busy weekend at home. Every year Ballston Spa has a village wide garage sale, so I joined in this year. It's a incredible amount of work, I'm exhusted!
11/Jun/07 8:57 AM
Oh my goodness, is André ready for the 2 french ladies arrival in such lavish attire.
me thinks we will see them and hear them from this side of the world.
11/Jun/07 9:08 AM
to all Aussie Univeristy Students, the start of exams today and over the next two weeks.
Son#1 has his at 9.00am, and Son #2 has his at 3.30pm.
Susan/Ingham.. good luck to your son in his exams
11/Jun/07 9:22 AM
With all the graduates and the end of the school year, I changed my YouTube to Alice Cooper (and the Muppets) - School's Out.
11/Jun/07 9:26 AM
Just watching all the reports on the flooding in NSW. being from a severely flood prone area, my heart goes out to all those affected by the floodwaters. dreadful loss of lives and so much damage.
the volunteers, again, are doing some amazing work helping all those in need.
11/Jun/07 9:35 AM
BJC great video...who doesn't love the muppets
11/Jun/07 9:37 AM
Good morning all. It's quite a cold morning here for Albany and my hands are having trouble typing.
to Lynne from Kanahooka

(belated?) to Lynn from Tasmania

Hope you both have a great day.
11/Jun/07 9:56 AM
Fiona - just wish I could be there with you and André. I'd love to put faces to names... Is GrannieMo joining you? By the way, could Pete & I join you for a meal at:near Pau, as we are passing that way (towards N Spain, Atlantic side) at the end of August.
11/Jun/07 9:59 AM
Jim/Jupiter - here is le chat! The one in the photo was hiding!
11/Jun/07 10:13 AM
Morning all - quiet here today. Sunday for the USA and a public holiday on the east coast of Oz.
11/Jun/07 10:23 AM
1:57. I was there only around 7 weeks ago! It isn't one of my photos though but there are a few waiting in the queue.
11/Jun/07 10:59 AM
Needed my to get motivated today. I have this picture as a jigsaw looked great when it was done. Congratulations Mo on your 3rd placing at golf and I do think the feather boa might be over the top.
11/Jun/07 11:16 AM
2.53 A personal best!
11/Jun/07 11:24 AM
Must be an easy one today. Looks like a lot of beople have beaten their best times.
11/Jun/07 11:27 AM
Lynne ,Lyn and LynnDee
11/Jun/07 12:15 PM
Was CG leaving town and I missed it? Maybe he got the camper running and is up in the mountains? Or maybe he ran out of cyber gas.
11/Jun/07 12:27 PM
New photo and video in my page. Nat King Cole (remember him?) singing Stardust.

Tomorrow I go back to work.

11/Jun/07 12:27 PM
Jamie - or maybe his internet service was down!! then he went shopping, etc.
11/Jun/07 12:45 PM
True - you never know.
I am headed to bed - need to be at the hospital by 6 in the morning to see my dad before they take him to surgery.
11/Jun/07 12:47 PM
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