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Easy Sudoku for 12/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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all - it's dark outside. It looks to be warmer today it is 28° out this morning rather than 22°. Rain forcasted.
12/Jan/11 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
12/Jan/11 12:00 AM
Eve it is colder here and 28 degrees.
12/Jan/11 12:02 AM
Good Maen Sudoku folks!
Hi Eve and Karen...rain predicted here, too, Eve - was cold enough for snow all weekend, but just warmed up enough so that we get rain.
12/Jan/11 12:03 AM
Off to get the Things ready for school.
12/Jan/11 12:03 AM
Hello everyone!
You're the top of the heap today, Eve! Congrats!
Does that mean you didn't sleep well?
12/Jan/11 12:06 AM
Good morning.

My mother and the neighbour and her sons have moved into another lovely families' house in Ipswich.
I will need to visit all these lovely people when the water drops.
12/Jan/11 12:08 AM
Hubby has just left to go to work. I'll wait for him to ring when he arrives before I head for bed.
12/Jan/11 12:10 AM
Good Morning!

It is warmer here today, also! 21° (F) Snow is due to arrive early this afternoon. Winter storm? 2" to 4" Come on! This is Michigan!
12/Jan/11 12:13 AM
This looks like a fun place to visit!
12/Jan/11 12:14 AM
22°F here, Debby. Not snowing... yet!
12/Jan/11 12:17 AM
I think I'm going to have to move to Michigan! Have to finish our house first so we can sell it - but both Mr. VV and myself want to move north for a harsher climate. We both LOVE the cold and the snow.
12/Jan/11 12:19 AM
Hubby has arrived safely at work. I think I'll head to bed. Goodnight all!
12/Jan/11 12:28 AM
Vicki - Good News! Sweet dreams!

Vibrant Vici - This is a good time to buy in Michigan! The homes are selling cheap!
12/Jan/11 12:36 AM
It sounds like Atlanta is just about snowed in!
12/Jan/11 12:37 AM
Jane - How are you doing down there?
12/Jan/11 12:37 AM
Morning! We have no temperature here -aka 0* Vici, I saved the other side of the driveway for you to snowblow. It was such a nice change to get to do it myself...with honey and two neighbors out on trips there were no men to "take over that" for me.
12/Jan/11 12:56 AM
Debby, so glad to hear someone who is rational about the weather thing...2"-4" cannot reasonably be considered a storm in the midwest. We're becoming a nation of weather wimps
12/Jan/11 12:58 AM
maen, all Y'all
12/Jan/11 1:23 AM
coffee's on
12/Jan/11 1:23 AM
12/Jan/11 1:24 AM
12/Jan/11 1:24 AM
2:20 Good evening all. I've just got home from a lovely evening spent with Rolanda and Mr R at their caravan. Their new caravan is absolutely great. It has everything that opens and shuts and no wasted space. Very noice!
12/Jan/11 1:26 AM
We are, Shannon, not just becoming "weather wimps". Our govt. mandated educational system is brainwashing our young to believe that it "the govt., will take care of them, instead of teaching them to be self-sufficient, responsible for their own actions, adults...
12/Jan/11 1:27 AM
Anyone who brings us coffee each day deserves 22!
Congrats, Jerry!
12/Jan/11 1:29 AM
Off to pour another cup and read the news.
12/Jan/11 1:29 AM
Caravans can be very comfy, it seems, Anne. Usually they are very well thought out in terms of the small space available.
12/Jan/11 1:32 AM
Hello Shiela - it's quite compact even thought it's a decent size van. It even has a shower, wash basin and toilet in it and cupboards everywhere. It's amazing what they can fit in them these days.
12/Jan/11 1:38 AM
everyone. The snow/freezing rain/rain has stopped. Temp: 32/0. Cloudy. Streets are still a little dangerous. I hope that this was the 'once-a-year' ice/snow storm that we normally get.

Are things looking up in NE Oz?
12/Jan/11 1:46 AM
Jerry - I believe you hit the "old nail directly on the head!"
12/Jan/11 1:50 AM
Jerry I blame the people who said you cannot hit your kids under any circumstances. The kids think they can do anything and get away with it. Even if you send them to jail, they get rights that most of their parents can't afford.
12/Jan/11 1:52 AM
Good Maen
12/Jan/11 1:58 AM
A nation of: It's always somebody else's fault/responsibility,...sigh....So yesterday we had a slushy day as the bright sun was melting our 10" on the pavement. I'm walking into a store behind a lay in completely inappropriate shoes and ...down she goes. As I'm trying to help her, she's More...
12/Jan/11 2:00 AM
Amen Dorthea, hope you're warmer today.
12/Jan/11 2:00 AM
Hal, is that like the '100 year flood' that my parents have gone through numerous times?
12/Jan/11 2:03 AM
Good . We did not get the ice storm that was being predicted on top of the snow. It is 30 degrees F this morning.
12/Jan/11 2:04 AM
HalT, did you hear cracking trees all night?
That's what I remember about the ice storms here and in North Carolina. Since the trees near us in NC were long-needled pines, it happened to a lot of them. Rather eerie!
12/Jan/11 2:18 AM
Well, another attempt has been made on packing up Christmas decorations, in a neat orderly fashion.
Thing II has other plans. She has unraveled all the nicely packed lights. I thought all the breakable oranments were all broken. She has proved me wrong.
Way too much fun here today.
12/Jan/11 2:30 AM
We really do not need to hang out way down here, today.
12/Jan/11 2:31 AM
So, I will just move us along.
12/Jan/11 2:31 AM
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