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Easy Sudoku for 12/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Susan, PDPETE, BLUEY......... Are we there yet ??????? (At Darwin to pick up Bill) I see we got Gloria - you just missed landing on that ferry - nice jump ! Wait for us Bill, Andre, HH, (we're going to have 2 Bill's on this trip) we'e on our way !
Hi mohammed & tjbird. Nice one, Jean! lol :) and please, what's a Moreton Bay Bug? (sounds that might be all that's left by the time Lady Sudoku gets to me and Bill (W)! Am also slightly concerned that Pete seems to be turning into Teddy's alter ego ;) Where are you, Teddy? and andre for that matter?
tjbird: the picture & puzzle changes about 6.00pm Eastern Australian time every night, not sure what time that is in US but I think you're about 14-16 hours behind us. Approx 150 commentors will see the old picture from the day before and 100 the new one which carries over to tomorrow.
Last post from Andre was on hard (i think) she was going to sleep. Morton Bay Bug - very very nice - perhaps someone from QLD might like to take up the explanation - They're still a big delicacy and very expensive down here. I've only had them once - but all that will change on the Lady Sudoku As for Pete ... be afraid, be very afraid !
Lynne - where on Earth (literally) is Kanahooka ?
HH - What time (and day) is it there ?
HH, are a type of crayfish found in Queensland, don't worry, i'll make sure that there are some left for you when we get there.
I may have to chase up some Mudcrabs to go along with the rest of the Seafood??
What do you call a fish with no eyes
MON - Put BOM in my favourites. Looks like it's dried up a bit your way !
HH, Moreton Bay Bugs are a shellfish. I first tasted them about 24 years ago in Surfers Paradise, Qld at a seafood buffet. While my (now ex-)husband kept going back for more king prawns (lip-smacking good too!!), I kept putting more of the bugs on my plate. They taste a bit like a cross between More...
Damn, I hate it when I write too much and run out of space. What I was going to say was:
Hope there is not too much swell on the sea tonight - don't feel like losing my bugs :o()
Bill - Darwin, Yummmmmmy we will be there (how long does it take to sail from Sydney Harbour to Darwin minus about 1 hour) Maybe I'll bring some Yabbies. That ought to give the tastebuds something different !
Col(Vic), now your talking my language. mmmmm, Havent had yabbies since last christmass. (and that was an interesting day)
Don't know. let me know when you round Cape York, that's about 2 hours out???
And it should be smooth sailing up this way.
G'day everyone.
Bit slow today 5:05
5:01 tonight. Hello Lynne and thank you. Hi Susan, yes and yes please. So it's ever so slightly left hand down a bit out of Sydney! Shall I bring the Bacardi and Coke? JH, is the Aurora Borealis visible in August? We are visiting Alaska at that time next year.
Basil - Oh Dear, we've just headed up to Darwin to pick up Bill - never mind we'll just trip on over to NZ to collect you. Its going to be quite a crowd - LOTS of bacardi & coke. Lucky the good Lady Sudoku is a fine piece of machinery with a good many berths.
I got the bug as well. Any chance you guys can swing on by WA and pick me up on the lady Sudoku Please please it sounds like a blast and I really need a break thanks xxx
Hey! We're here, Darwin Harbour, jump on (the boat)Bill. Now let me check, yep, still got 10 fingers. Um, I think you were supposed to turn the croc into finger food BEFORE you got on. Never mind, put it in the Ted's cabin. (whispering)Every time Teddy's naughty on this trip, we'll send him to his More...
Suan you were gone for so long I thought you'd jumped overboard or gone to Teddy;s cabin ! lots of requests for passage from down this way. Can we head over to NZ now to pick up Basil??? The we've got a request for Western Australia to get Kathy - other side of the continent, but what the hey.... what's distance when you're cyber sailing hey ?
BILL !!!!!!!! Would you please do something about those Morton Bay Bugs and those Mud Crabs, we're going to end up with some mightly strange seafood if you dont ! Oh no - who put the yabbies in with them.
I had cathy/SA + gourmet chocolate cakes flown over to WA where we're going to pick up Kathy/WA. What food/drinks you got Kathy? Jean's gone to bed so once we hit WA it's straight to NZ for Basil. Bacardi and Coke sounds perfect, but some of the people on this cruise can put away quite a bit, so don't be too skimpy. You should have seen them drink in Trinidad at the virtual wedding!
I do hope the orange bikinis have been retired ! Do we have a 'uniform' for our lazy hazy sunny sunbake-on-the-deck days
Hi Guys,
Happy to be aboard,
Better pass some of that Pavlova this way now.
:o)) So....by the time we rescue andre from the rock pick up Bill/London and HH, we're going to have Moreton Mud Yabbies????
Don't worry, I also brought along some chilli and other spices to cook the shellfish in?

And I'll separate the Yabbies shortly. If I have any fingers left.

Lots of sugar first. (enjoying Pav)
Hi Col - Kanahooka is a suburb of Dapto (G from D is my other 1/2) about 15km south of Wollongong & exactly 100km south of the Sydney Town Hall(I know 'cause I travel to Sydney each day). I can almost see where Bluey lives from my house right on Lake Illawarra.
Bill - here's the pav - this one's got strawberries and kiwi fruit - OK ? Sorry, we don't have any Bacardi yet - going to NZ soon to get Basil and Bacardi ! I hope you took care of that little matter with the Bugs and Crabs (the seafood Bill) Susan, which cabin's mine - going to need a snooze soon.
Amazing isn't it - they way we can all chat from all over the place. I don't get to NSW much - we're off to QLD next year. while the Commonwealth Games are on in Melbourne, we're escaping and doing to whole Surfers Paradise/Theme Park trip with the kids (cringe). Next holiday will be Sydney/Blue Mountains etc etc.
Wow PDPete, you weren't exaggerating!! I can see Perth just off into the distance. Is that Kathy and cathy (how will we tell them apart) waving? Col, they're in charge of uniforms (I forgot to tell them that) so Kathycathy what are we wearing? Ted, stop that!!!! Go to your room!!!!
Susan - did u just send Ted to his room - remember if he comes out talking about the big snakey sort of thing - we put the crocodile in there ! Ted - I saw that - didnt Susan tell you to go to your room ?
That was meant to be 'ONE LEG HANGING OUT OF THE HAMMOCK' - see it changes the whole visualisation thing doesn't it !
Col, Thanks for the Pav. Don't panic, Crustations all sorted, and some cooking.

Lynne, you got me, I had no idea where Kanahooka was either and i've spent some time around the southern suburbs of Sydney, and down to Canberra.

Col, Blue Mountains is a great place to visit for a peacefull and very scenic holliday.
Basil.... BAAAASSSSILLLL (Sorry had to do a Cybil Faulty) Are you there ??? We'll be there soon - get ready !
Sorry col, I've been marking exams all day (got to earn a living). Cabins are on a first in first served basis, which explains why I got the ...is it called a stateroom? Just don't go in Ted's or even next door.
Lynne, assuming you work in Sydney, how long do you spend on daily travelling. I walk to work (part time) takes 2-3 min
It doesn't matter how old you are you'll still have a good time at the theme parks,I know I did last year, particularly the polar bears & marine life at Sea World & the virtual attractions at Movie World. I'm not one for the rides but there's heaps of other things to do. If the kids are old enough More...
I think I'd best retire now. Wake me when we get to HH and BIll (W)'s stop. Quick look behind you, there's Ted - What IS he wearing ??
André you were always on the list to be picked up, but in the meantime I have been busy catching fresh Coral Trout today for the ever growing list of passengers. The list of pickup destinations has been growing by the day so I have contacted my friend Captian Kirk for a loan of two Hyper Drives to More...
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