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Easy Sudoku for 12/November/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Good Maen all.
12/Nov/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people.
12/Nov/10 12:00 AM
Hi Grass-hopper and Plum. Have you recovered from the flooding? I have thought of you and Mister several times. Seems like you had a rough patch get through when you arrived home.
12/Nov/10 12:07 AM
Forget me not. Beautiful when naturalized over a large area.
12/Nov/10 12:08 AM
a beautiful picture of a beautiful flower. I lone that colour of blue.
12/Nov/10 12:12 AM
Hi GmaJackie, Thank you for your kind thoughts,We are over the flooding and all is returned to normal.The builders have still not finished the renovations yet so we are debating what to do next. Mister is not a renovator (unless it involves cars) We have been informed our camper is arriving in Brissy next Wednesday so looking fore ward to being able to pick it up.
12/Nov/10 12:14 AM
Good morning Plum & GmaJackie!
Good evening, Grass-hopper!
My computer is not cooperative this morning!
(It rather matches the weather... a bit too foggy!)
12/Nov/10 12:22 AM
Sounds a bit like my hubby, Grass-hopper. He's not a renovator, either. However, he's not a car renovator, either.
Funny thing, though! My younger son is fantastic at renovating houses! Have no idea where he got it from. Maybe from my father, but he died when my son was in high school, so there was no direct passing-on of knowledge.
12/Nov/10 12:27 AM
Good Morning Shiela, it looks like the site belongs to the ladies this morning. My mouse isn't doing well this morning. I gave it new batteries and it is still slggish. ? Grass-hopper, that has to be exciting to think about going to pick up the camper. You will always have good memories as you travel around Australia. Will you go along to bring the camper back home?
12/Nov/10 12:29 AM
Grass-hopper, My Mister said, "that's a long wait!" Tell your Mister we each say, best wishes for a safe trip and may you enjoy your camper for many years.
12/Nov/10 12:33 AM
a flower within a flower - pretty
12/Nov/10 12:38 AM
It's time to get on with my day. Today is Veterans Day here. I sing with a choir and we will sing this evening at a Veterans Day service. We sang yesterday at one of the elementary schools for their program. No school today.
12/Nov/10 12:40 AM
Mister has suggested we take the camper to either Fingal beach NSW or Byron Bay NSW for the weekend and then bring it home on the Monday so yes I will go down with him to pick it up. After it arrives on Wednesday it will take a week to clear customs and the quarantine process. Yes it has been what More...
12/Nov/10 12:41 AM
Yes it's late here so its time to head off to bed.
12/Nov/10 12:42 AM
Even though poppies are the flower for Veteran's Day, today's "Easy" photo could have been another.
12/Nov/10 12:47 AM
For everyone that arrives later, have a wonderful day.
12/Nov/10 12:49 AM
Dare I intrude on the girl talk?
12/Nov/10 12:53 AM
My chicken is a sad match to Shiela's swan.
12/Nov/10 12:54 AM
U. S. Veteran's Day. Many thanks for all you've done.
12/Nov/10 12:56 AM
Remember, ...you said it, Keith!
12/Nov/10 12:56 AM
Guess I'm here all by myself.
12/Nov/10 12:56 AM
12/Nov/10 12:57 AM
Thanks Shiela, for helping me along the way.
12/Nov/10 12:58 AM
& saving me from a CP.
12/Nov/10 12:58 AM
About the chicken, I meant.
(Hoping I waited long enough for the chicken to hop on 22!)
12/Nov/10 12:58 AM
Ta-dah! It's 'Mighty Chicken'!
12/Nov/10 12:59 AM
Happy Veteran's Day. Thanks to all that have served and those currently serving.
12/Nov/10 1:00 AM
12/Nov/10 1:06 AM
Just looked back through the end of yesterday. Grats to Jamie for joining the best club there is.
12/Nov/10 1:12 AM
maen all Y'all
12/Nov/10 1:15 AM
Good Maen
12/Nov/10 1:15 AM
A Cool Morning here 34° F. (1.1° C.) and overcast.
12/Nov/10 1:16 AM
12/Nov/10 1:16 AM
Many came home. Many did not. Some may yet... Thanks to all veterans AND those who support them.
12/Nov/10 1:20 AM
Fresh pot. Help yourselves...
12/Nov/10 1:21 AM
Thanks, Jerry! Don't mind if I do!
12/Nov/10 1:25 AM
Jaimie's club is THE best!
12/Nov/10 1:27 AM
from So. Oregon

Shiela - I was thinking the same thing: "Forget-me-nots" - Veteran's Day - "Lest we Forget".

Will be leaving in about 2 hours (after getting cleaned up and dressed) for the first of several events going on today.

Yesterday would have been my husband's 72nd Birthday - It was also the Marines' Birthday.
12/Nov/10 1:31 AM
This is for Jerry (when I read this I thought of you - just had to share).

Cletus is passing by Billy Bob's hay barn one day when, through a gap in the door, he sees Billy Bob doing a slow and sensual striptease in front of an old green John Deere.

Buttocks clenched, Billy Bob More...
12/Nov/10 1:35 AM
and everyone
12/Nov/10 1:44 AM
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