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Easy Sudoku for 12/December/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Well I got BOPP without realising and so of course TOPP
12/Dec/18 11:13 AM
I'm going out now. Leave the grass to dry before I come back and mow the lawn. Just remembered not only did it rain but the reticulation went on yesterday morning. What do they say about it never rains but it pours And of course that's a CP
12/Dec/18 11:15 AM
Stomp stomp stomp
Ouch that hurts
Thanks Peter, thats hit the spot Ahhh
12/Dec/18 11:22 AM
I just realized that DorA's arithmetic works only for those whose birthdays are before today, for one thing, and that every year, one's age plus year of birth is the current year. Was that the point, DorA, that we don't pay attention?
12/Dec/18 11:23 AM
Rage, DoA and Arachnid went out to dinner. The meal cost them $25 in total - we won't talk about the drinks bill. They tendered $10 each to the waiter who, when he brought the change ($5) they kept $1 each and gave the waiter a $2 tip (generous buggers). Now, these jokers paid out a total of $9 each plus $2 tip which comes to $29......... Where did the other dollar go?
12/Dec/18 12:07 PM
In my pocket - I don't give tips unless its 'be good to your mother'
12/Dec/18 4:36 PM
As the three merry brothers had to pay $25 dollars between them their individual bills would be eight and a third dollars. Given a dollar back each, they would then have contributed nine and a third dollars, which would be a total of $28 which with the $2 tip makes $30. At least that is what I think!
12/Dec/18 6:01 PM
Peter, we must have been the victims of inflation...
12/Dec/18 6:12 PM
Thanks Wombat. My original answer was to be that it was the victim of the round up... (but I thought that was too easy)
12/Dec/18 6:18 PM
Well, Sarah, you made the point, that I failed to see before posting. Seems like I should have thought that one through before posting. Blindly forwarding email, like spreading gossip, can bite one in the bu**..............
12/Dec/18 6:29 PM
It looks like my internet is up and running (fingers crossed). Now I'm really peeved (stomp)
It appears that while I was off line I went out to dinner and had drinks and partied 'til dawn. (Stomp stomp). Must have been a good time, Can't remember a thing about it (stomp stomp stomp)
12/Dec/18 7:21 PM
1:54. Good evening everyone.
12/Dec/18 8:42 PM
Nothing to do with rounding as they each ended up with $1 in their pockets, and therefore had each paid $9 (a total of $27.) There is no missing dollar - the bill was $25, plus the $2 tip, equals $27.
12/Dec/18 9:12 PM
After reading Chris' solution it is obvious that Rage and DoA owe me 50 cents each. Please surrender your passports till all debts are settled
12/Dec/18 11:27 PM
DoA for that very interesting Birthday greeting! First time I've heard of this. Oh, and Happy birthday to you too!
13/Dec/18 6:12 AM
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