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Easy Sudoku for 12/February/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Can I
12/Feb/08 12:37 AM
Sorry the devil made me do it! Goodnight for real this time.
12/Feb/08 12:37 AM
Angie...you are still up? and you CynB...time for b e d ...nite all!I am still celebrating...
12/Feb/08 12:42 AM
Who is the winner???.
to Meijse .
to Veronica .

Have a very nice time everyone.
12/Feb/08 12:47 AM
Already to page two! Have a good night's sleep Oz!
12/Feb/08 12:49 AM
Best time yet, 1:57!
12/Feb/08 12:51 AM
quite cold here today - -21 and snow is coming once again - off to teach my water classes this morning -- think I'll spend some time in the hot tub. Keep warm and enjoy your day, Mary
12/Feb/08 12:52 AM
Hi Orianne, keep on celebrating!
12/Feb/08 12:53 AM
I intend to visit all of you individually, meanwhile I want to all very much for the lovely wishes and visiting my place...You made my day! Just super...I hit the 100 mark...with all of your comments...feels great!
12/Feb/08 12:58 AM
its a spring like day here in england another few days like this and the daffs will be outwith there bright yellow flowers
12/Feb/08 1:03 AM
Still here Orianne..and better change that to 108! LOL

12/Feb/08 1:05 AM
I didn't realise it was your 100th Orianne. You don't look that old in your avatar piccy. Did you get a telegram from the Queen?
12/Feb/08 1:12 AM
everyone! We are back from Egypt and had a wonderful time! My husband, Bruce, and I met Wagdy, who showed us around Cairo. What a nice gentleman he is! Thank you, Wagdy, for an exceptional experience! More...
12/Feb/08 1:19 AM
Before I go:

to Sudokuland's sweet little Veronica!
12/Feb/08 1:25 AM
all, Veronica and Meijse
12/Feb/08 1:28 AM
Great to have you back Kathy! Wagdy has kept us up to date with posts. You'll have to go back and read them now.

Who has a daughter called Elle? don't remember ever coming across that name.
12/Feb/08 1:29 AM
I've had my SUDOKU fix now time for bed. have early start. Nite all
12/Feb/08 1:31 AM
Oops! VB!!
12/Feb/08 1:32 AM
Ray ray you're too much...only you would think of that...not quite 100 yet but getting there...
12/Feb/08 2:26 AM
2:11 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering.
12/Feb/08 2:44 AM
Happy first birthday Veronica and to Meijse Happy birthday too.
12/Feb/08 2:45 AM
Hi Jake!
12/Feb/08 2:51 AM
1:46 Maen! Ready... set... GO, Elle, GO!!!!
12/Feb/08 3:30 AM
jake, where/..ohh, Jeb, what a memory..
Hi Jake..
G'day/nite guys..
12/Feb/08 3:32 AM
André that TFTD could have been written just for me,LOL
12/Feb/08 3:39 AM
2:01 to all who celebrate today, and those whose special day came on the weekend.
It's cold, cold, cold here, but cheery and sunny.
12/Feb/08 3:39 AM
& here I am again, having finished the puzzle and read all today's posts. Again I post just a few after andreé's tftd.

to dear little Veronica.

also to meijse from Melborne. Who are you? I don't remember you ever posting.
12/Feb/08 3:46 AM
Veronica. Have lots of fun on your special day!

12/Feb/08 4:13 AM
I think Paul McCartney is weird.
12/Feb/08 4:18 AM
12/Feb/08 4:47 AM
Good afternoon to all! Did anyone else notice that the child on the far right has a super charger on their bike?
12/Feb/08 4:59 AM

Regardless of the site date, it is Monday here in my little world. By request, a repeat of the Mamas and the Papas singing "Monday, Monday." Enjoy all!
12/Feb/08 5:05 AM
André, I had a beautiful thought about your thought for the day but I forgot it.
12/Feb/08 5:10 AM
Good choice, CG!
12/Feb/08 5:11 AM
Good Monday late Maen, all!

Baking some Black Forest Cookies (chocolate with dried cherries) as a Valentine's present for my sis & her family (she and André are hocolate soul sisters) that I saw on a TV cooking show a couple of weeks ago...

Then off to work!
12/Feb/08 6:13 AM
Aileen - could you pass some of those cookie down here - they sound great -- chocolate and cherries - what more do I need in life
12/Feb/08 6:31 AM
I just have the standard - peanut butter cookies and oatmeal raisen - I can go make those today...
12/Feb/08 6:32 AM
Aileen - send some this way too!
12/Feb/08 6:41 AM
12/Feb/08 6:44 AM
Yesterday I cooked - I actually cooked - not like me at all. I made Anzac biscuits, banana bread and meatloaf...
12/Feb/08 6:44 AM
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